Goat Verdict Climbs to $22 Million

Goat Verdict Climbs to $22 Million

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The attorney for Mirlis filed documents in court the other day asking Judge Shea to render a final judgment in the case.  The jury had awarded Mirlis $15 million plus punitive damages.  The amount of punitive damages will be set at $5 million, which is one third of the judgment, the contingency fee charged by Attorney Ponvert.

Mirlis is also entitled to interest at $4,383.56 per day for each day that the Goat refuses to pay the $20 million judgment.  Interest through the end of May is $1,722,739.68.  The Goat gets charged 8% per year in interest on the unpaid judgment.  The $15 million verdict, plus $5 million in punitive damages, plus $1.7 million in interest comes to a current bill of $22 million that the Goat owes to Mirlis.  Going forward the Goat gets tagged interest at $4,383.56 per day that he doesn’t pay this bill.

The paperwork reveals that Mirlis made a settlement offer in the amount of $2.9 million, in December of 2016.  Because the Goat refused to accept the settlement offer, the Goat gets hit with the $4,383.56 bill a day charged as  interest on the judgment.  The Goat will have 30 days to appeal the judgment filed by the Court.

The Goat doesn’t seem to care about the fact that he owes Milris $22 million, and is charged almost $5K a day in interest.  The Goat had Shavuot services over the last two days at his compound filled with wayward teenage boys imported from Lakewood.  You could hear these Lakewood Boys singing with the Goat throughout the neighborhood.  Plus the Goat has Lakewood Rabbi Notis to assist him at the restructured compound.

The Goat had his devoted Ewe Sarah Greer to support him at the compound over Shavuot.  The Ewe probably doesn’t realize that she was sloppy seconds.  The Goat was previously engaged to one Bleema Rubin in January of 1969.  Check out page ten of the Lincoln Square Synagogue newsletter from 1969.  A warm mazel tov is extended to “Mr. Daniel Greer, Chairman of our Hebrew School Committee on his engagement to Miss. Bleema Rubin.”

Is it possible that young Daniel Greer was raping children in the Lincoln Square Hebrew School back in the 1960s?  Who is Bleema Rubin?  Did she ditch the Goat after learning that he was a pedophile?

6 thoughts on “Goat Verdict Climbs to $22 Million

  1. Great job again Larry. Ponvert was really thinking when he made an offer of judgement at 2.9 mil. It was low enough to tempt the career pedo Greer to settle, but high enough to really ream him with interest acruing from the offer date after trial. Like a magic trick but better- it’s no illusion.

  2. i am just wondering who makes the decision to “import” those “wayward boys”? who is backing this rabbi notis and how is this new school or center connected to lakewood or any other rabbis? i guess the reasoning is that being in the company of a pedophile and corrupt jew (greer) is way preferable to having them associate in any way with non-jews AND also solves the problem of them not “contaminating” the jewish boys on the derech. i guess that makes it a win-win from a rabbinic perspective! AND their families can be assured that they are doing the right thing, because as we know” rabbi knows best”.

    1. Nodis sees opportunity. The old goat is worth close to $10 million, without any heirs to the non-profit cash cow. Most of his non-profits are protected against the Mirlis judgment. The goat gets monthly checks on 40 properties. Who is going to take over when he goes senile and is locked up in a mental hospital or incarcerated? Nodis figures that the kids know that the Goat is a pedophile, so they can be on guard. But Nodis is blind to the fact that at risk kids are easier targets for a rich goat. I lived in a New Haven apartment some years ago that was next door to an elderly Yale professor of Greek philosophy. He was an alcoholic and eventually died of liver disease. Before he died teenage boys from the streets were always coming and going at all hours of the night. He must have been giving them drugs and alcohol in exchange for sex.

  3. Are you aware that Greer has (had?) a home in Newport, RI? He frequently attended the Touro synagogue. I have it on very good authority that he was a royal pain in the ass, frequently dissing and disrespecting the Rabbi-in public, complaining to the board about whatever he didn’t agree with. Typical a-hole behavior. He always exited the sanctuary on Shabbos when the prayer for Medinat Yisroel was recited by the congregation. He probably wanted to figure out a way to take over the place. What a schmuck.

    1. I have been invited there by anonymous members for the sole purpose of heckling the goat, and chasing him out of there.

  4. Bleema Rubin is lucky that she bailed out on Greer when she did. She appears to be married to Simon Posner in Englewood NJ where they are members in the shul of the OU’s Rabbi Genack. She runs a business called Rimonim Booksellers. Maybe she should get first dibs on any forthcming book about the compound. Rimonim can start a new “horror section”.

    As far as Lincoln Square, Rabbi Stevie (Shlomo) Riskin currently in Efrat, Israel, should have to answer some hard questions about what he knows regarding Greer and when he knew it.

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