Goat Website Posts Blog About “The Verdict”

Goat Website Posts Blog About “The Verdict”

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Over a year ago the depraved child rapist Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat” started a website to improve his image.  It’s not easy to improve the image of a child molester, but he tried nevertheless.  You can click this link and see all of his postings.

The Goat did not personally create his website.  The Goat hates technology.  The Goat wants everyone to believe that he is strictly focused on religious matters, such as sodomy and gemora.  One of the Goat’s jokes must have created the website.  It was either Rabbi Notis or one of the flunkies Notis hired to fill the pews of the Goat’s shul.

The Goat eventually obtained a cell phone.  I saw and heard him talking on his cell phone when he was at the criminal courthouse at 235 Church Street hiding on the 8th floor near the law library.  The Goat didn’t want to go out the front of the courthouse and face reporters trying to take his picture.  He was hiding out on the 8th floor waiting for everyone to leave.

I overheard the Goat on his cell phone talking to his secretary Jean Ledbury.  I heard him ordering Jean to pick up something at Walgreens.  In the police reports Eli Mirlis told the cops that the Goat’s preferred anal lubricant was KY jelly.  I wonder if the Goat was telling Jean to pick him up a container of KY jelly at Walgreens before he came back from court.

On July 6, 2018 one of the Goat’s jokes posted an article entitled “Daniel Greer:  The Yeshiva, its Controversies and The Verdict.”  I cut and pasted the blog posting below.  I did not change anything in the Goat’s article.  I left all the spelling mistakes made by the Goat’s joke, even where the word “Rabbi” is spelled “Habbi” and where “sexual favors” is spelled “sexual Favours.”

The Goat recently updated his Facebook page.  You can see the Goat’s Facebook page by clicking this link.   The Goat stole many pictures from my website to post on his Facebook page.  The pictures that I posted of the Goat leaving the courthouse, the Goat muttering to himself, the Goat wearing the king crown hat with dollar bills attached to his suit, the Goat shaking his attorney’s hand, the Goat walking with his Ewe, and the Goat running from my video camera are all copyright protected.  If the Goat uses these pictures I can sue the Goat for copyright infringement.  I posted some comments to the Goat’s facebook pictures, such as “scumbag”, “LOSER”, “Lowlife”, and “Degenerate.”

Whoever wrote the Goat’s article about “the Verdict” must be illiterate, which is ironic because the Goat always boasted about how all of his children attended Ivy League Schools.  Even Ezi Greer went to the Brown University.  If you ever met Ezi Greer you would be surprised if a community college would accept him as a student. If you met Dov Greer you would be shocked that he got into Yale University.

Dov got into Yale because Yale has a set aside program for “legacies” or children who had a parent or two parents who graduated from Yale.  Up to ten percent of the incoming class at Yale is made up of morons who would never get into Yale on their own merit.  If you wish to check whether a Yalie is a set aside legacy all you have to do is ask him to produce a copy of his acceptance letter from Harvard.  If he can’t prove that he was accepted into Harvard there is a 99% chance that he only got into Yale because one of his parents graduated from Yale.

Yale graduate Ed Zelinsky, who has lived in the compound for the last 40 years, got all his kids into Yale.  Two Zelinsky kids went into law like the old man.  One is a United States prosecutor and is on the Mueller team of snitches, misfits and lowlifes.  There is a Zelinsky daughter who graduated from Yale who became a lowly blogger like Larry Noodles.  Jacoba Zelinsky Urist writes for such Communist publications as the New York Times.  You can click this link to read about how she forced her husband to convert to Judaism and wear a “skullcap” at their wedding.  She also takes a few shots at her Catholic mother in law.  I can’t believe she would embarrass herself to the entire world with such personal information.  I would never do such a thing in my blog.

Goat buddy Dr. Sieve, who used to live in the compound, got all his kids into Yale.  Dr. Sieve moved out of town about a year ago after he was named by the Goat as a character witness expected to appear at the Goat trial and testify on the Goat’s behalf.  Sieve never showed up to court.  Neither did Rabbi J. David Bleich, who was named as an expert witness expected to be called to testify on Jewish law and ethics on behalf of the Goat.  There are a lot of holes to Dr. Sieve’s story, which I have been trying to investigate.

Rabbi Bleich works at Cordozo Law School along with Professor Ed Zelinsky.  Bleich focuses on Jewish law and ethics.  Bleich is still listed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Yeshiva of New Haven.  In recent court filings the Goat indicated that there have been resignations from the Board of Directors of some of his non profit entities.  I would imagine the Hack family defected, along with the Roffmans.  The Ewe and Rabbi Bleich still remain by the Goat’s side.

Here is the original posting I cut and pasted, with it’s original headline, from the Goat’s website:

Daniel Greer: Yeshiva, its Controversies, and The verdict!

The Journey of Yeshiva

Rabbi Daniel Greer is best known as the founder of the Yeshiva of New Haven, which was started as a small orthodox day school but gradually grew into a few full Yeshivas with elementary school and high school for boys and girls. After studying to be ordained as Rabbi with Yehoshua Neuwirth, Daniel Greer moved to New Haven. It is then when he thought that there were not enough Religious schools in New Haven, so he set up the Orthodox day school. To make Yeshiva and its surroundings better, Daniel Greer set up various organizations to redevelop the neighborhood around Yeshiva, including the fight against prostitution in the locality. Greer also worked as a lawyer for 14years in New Haven and had also served as the New Haven Commissioner of City Police.

The Case and the controversy

After a life which people appreciated and acclaimed, Rabbi Daniel Greer’s image hit several Walls when a former student of Yeshiva, Eliyahu Mirlis, accused Daniel of repeated sexual assaults. He sued Greer stating that his high school journey from 2001 to 2005 was miserable because of Greer’s demand and pressure for sexual Favours. The suit also mentioned of a second student who was also abused and tortured by the Habbi.

The Verdict.

The verdict for the suit came out in 2017 wherein the principal of Yeshiva, Rabbi Daniel Greer was found guilty of sexually abusing and raping of his male student from Yeshiva. In a civil trial, with the fear of self-incrimination, Greer chose to plead the fifth. With the verdict, Daniel and his Yeshiva were ordered to pay the victim $15 million on the ground of sexually abusing him hundreds of time.  Like what you read? Give Daniel Greer a round of applause.  From a quick cheer to a standing ovation, clap to show how much you enjoyed this story.



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