Goatberg Gets 1 Year Probation

Goatberg Gets 1 Year Probation

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Rabbi Daniel Greer’s long time friend and personal printer was sentenced today in Federal Court.  His guideline numbers were 10-15 months.  Because he ratted out his nephew Ira, who went to jail for 6 months, the US Attorney argued that Uncle Lou shouldn’t get the guidelines numbers because of his “substantial cooperation” with the Feds.  Ira is still sitting in Otisville Federal Prison, he won’t be out until April of 2019.

Uncle Lou was represented by legendary New Haven attorney Hugh Keefe.  Hugh has the luck of the Irish.  I have seen Hugh get all kinds of reprobates out of a jam.  Uncle Lou must have paid at least $50K in legal fees to Attorney Keefe.  Attorneys get to charge much higher fees in Federal criminal cases.  If you get charged with a Federal felony, no matter how small, the Feds will tell you that you are facing up to 30 years in jail.  The only way to get that kind of jail time in State Court is if you murder at least ten people.  Almost every Federal criminal statute has sentencing limits that are excessive.  No President, or Congressman, wants to be seen as lowering these limits, lest they appear soft on crime, and incur the wrath of law enforcement employees and voters.  Criminal defense attorneys are thus able to feed off the fear of defendants facing decades in the slammer.  Defendants will beg, borrow and steal in order to pay their lawyer.

Lou Goatberg must have told Hugh Keefe that he didn’t want to see me at the sentencing. Someone had the time for the sentencing changed at the last minute. Nobody notified Larry Noodles that the time was changed to 2 PM from 3 PM.  I arrived after the sentencing hearing was over, but I still got to witness some drama.  I watched Lou Goatberg and his supporters leave the courthouse.  They were all gathered outside the courthouse on the street in front of the New Haven Green celebrating.  Lou proceeded to give hugs to all his fans.  I didn’t see Senator Leiberman, who wrote letters in support of Lou.  I don’t know if he attended the hearing but I will find out.

As I was outside I watched Lou’s friend, whom I recognized as “Joan,” push a very heavy set African American woman in a walker on the sidewalk towards the courthouse.  The Black woman was smiling and sitting in the little tiny resting seat attached to the walker.  Joan was pushing this heavy woman very quickly on the little wobbly walker, she was practically running down the sidewalk. Joan shouted at pedestrians to get out of the way.  There were many people around because they were gathering on the New Haven Green for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  As Joan quickly pushed this woman in front of the courthouse she hit a crack in the sidewalk, which caused the heavy set woman to go flying off the walker and land on the ground, with Joan tumbling over her.  A crowd of people gathered and tried to help them get up.  Joan got up but the African American woman didn’t move for a while.  Neither one of them looked injured.  No ambulance arrived.  By the time they got up from the ground Lou and his gaggle of fans began descending on the sidewalk.  Hugh Keefe and his young blond associate slipped away while Lou held court for his fans in front of the Christmas carolers on the Green.  One of Lou’s employees wrote in his character letter that Lou was the only Orthodox Jew who sang Christmas carols in the Goat Copy office.

Joan wrote in her character letter the following words about Lou:  “He is deeply religious, attuned to the spirit, not just the letter, of the law. When he purchased a motel, he realized that the life style and clientele activities were inconsistent with his values. Although he had a family and children to educate, he sold the motel. It was prosperous; he sold it anyway.”

Lou’s in laws owned the motel and gave it to Lou and his wife after they got married.  Lou must have been renting the motel rooms by the hour.  I wonder if Lou rented rooms to chomos and diddlers (child molesters), like the owners of the Branford Motel.  Rabbi Daniel Greer “the Goat” used to check into the Branford Motel with teenage boys Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis.  This creepy bearded Goat wore a baseball cap and checked in as “Mr. Green.”  The Goat had a teacher for many years at his elementary school whose name was Mr. Green.  Was the Goat trying to pin his crimes on Mr. Green in case he ever got caught?  The owners of the Branford Motel must have seen the Goat check in at times with Avi Hack and at other times check in with Eli Mirlis.  A creepy bearded old man checking in with a 15 year old boy, without anyone from the motel saying a word to the police. Outrageous.

Joan wrote in her character letter that Lou sold his sleezy motel in order to go into an honest business, ie., printing for child molester Daniel Greer, and committing tax fraud and tax evasion for years with his nephew Ira.  Lou’s loyal supporters would be the first to condemn drug addicts and prostitutes hanging around the New Haven Green across the street from the Federal Courthouse.  Lock them all up.  But when it comes to Lou Goatberg, he is no criminal, he is a tzaddik, a saint.

Even Senator Joe Leiberman came to bat for Lou.  Has Joe Leiberman ever wrote a letter in support of any of his constituents who didn’t pray with Joe in Beaver Hill?  Of course not.  As a criminal defense attorney I don’t know how many complete nobodies I watched get sentenced.  Longer sentences always make the prosecutors look good.  Another notch on their belt.  The common people with no connections get longer sentences than those with the high priced lawyers or friends in politics.  A no name lawyer, like myself, standing next to a no name defendant, doesn’t have a chance in front of a judge who in many cases is a former prosecutor.  The criminal justice system is rigged against minorities and the poor, and does little to solve the problem of crime, which is rooted in homelessness, mental illness, drug addiction and unemployment.  The only guy who is trying to end the madness is former public defender and recently elected District Attorney of Philadelphia Larry Krasner.  Larry revamped the entire D.A.’s office by firing 30 prosecutors and hiring in experts in homelessness, drug addiction and social work, drawing the ire of the police union.  You read about his rational, not radical, approach by clicking this LINK.

You can read Lou’s sentence imposed by the Federal Court by clicking this LINK


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  2. and La Kosher Nostra just keeps on winning. At least the goy Hugh got to wet his beak with that long, strong, yiddish doe.

    Happy extra oil day! For such an old religion, that sure is a modern holiday. lmgao

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