Goatberg Nephew Preparing For Otisville Federal Prison

Goatberg Nephew Preparing For Otisville Federal Prison

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Ira Malkin is scheduled to turn himself in to Otisville on the second day of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, or October 11, 2018.   Judge Janet Hall issued her judgment a few days ago.  You can read the judgment by clicking this link.  Judge Hall gave Malkin six months in the slammer and stated that she “strongly recommends the Otisville facility to accommodate family and religious needs.”

After he gets out of Otisville Malkin gets another 6 months of home confinement.  During home confinement Malkin is allowed to punch in and out of Goat Copy Printing every day and work.  Malkin’s young attractive co-worker Arlene will be very happy that Malkin will be back on the job making money for Goat copy.  Arlene cried her eyes out before Judge Hall asking that Malkin be spared prison.  Malkin’s wife also groveled before Judge Hall.  Malkin’s wife didn’t cry as much as Arlene. The Goat Copy website has numerous testimonials from clients praising the work of “Ira and Arlene.”   Hmmm.

Malkin’s scam with Comcast Cable ran like this:  Comcast paid Malkin directly for postage costs.  Comcast paid Goatberg for the copies.  Goatberg reduced Malkin’s W-2 by the amount of money Malkin got from Comcast.  Goatberg must have picked up the costs of the postage on the Comcast account.  Goatberg would expense out the costs of the postage.

What did Malkin do with the cash he got from Comcast?  Comcast didn’t send him a 1099 or a W-2.  Having lived with some of the greatest, and worst, criminal minds in Otisville, I can smell a bigger scam a mile away.  In your typical criminal conspiracy Malkin would kick back the money he got from Comcast to the people at Comcast who gave Goat Copy the account.  Or Malkin would kick back some of that money to Goatberg, as Goatberg was also involved in the conspiracy.  The US Attorney stated at sentencing that Goatberg had his own legal problems with the Department of Justice, separate from Malkin.  Did Malkin spend any of that money on his loyal co-worker Arlene, who begged Judge Hall to spare Malkin at sentencing?

I was locked up with an attorney named Roman Empire, who was involved in a massive mortgage fraud scheme, back in the easy mortgage money days.  Roman worked with an attractive mortgage broker who was feeding him business.  Eventually Roman had an affair with the mortgage broker.  They broke off the affair after the mortgage broker agreed to cooperate with the Feds and rat out Roman.  Roman got ten years.  Roman was pretty good at working the system at Otisville.  He stole a few items from the jail gym, ie., a jump rope, and gave them to his kids in the visitors room as a present.  He got caught by the guard in the visitors room.  The head of the Otisville camp, ie., Scalboni, let him off the hook, no discipline.  Scalboni was suspended for some period of time recently for allegations of corruption.  I am not sure if he got fired or got his job back at this point in time.

Prison life is not easy.  You have to follow different sets of rules that are often inconsistent.  The rules are land mines set up for disaster.  You have to follow the written rules of the Bureau of Prisons, the unwritten rules of the correctional officers on duty which change when their shifts change, and the rules made up by the inmates in charge.  If you have any moral character or sense of humanity you need to leave that at home before you self surrender.  When you get out of prison and go home you will be unable to locate your sense of humanity.  You will live the rest of your life despising authority figures and mistrusting fellow human beings.  But if you keep up the exercise program you learned in jail you will be a much stronger and healthier human being.  You will get to live many long years hating society.

Judge Hall went easy on Malkin.  The Feds were looking for two years in Otisville. Instead he got six months in Otisville, six months home confinement and 3 years probation.  One condition of Malkin’s probation was that he answer all questions posed by the Department of Probation “truthfully.”  The Department of Probation gives you a list of questions to answer, in writing, when you first check in after you leave jail.  To see the list of stupid questions and my answers to these stupid questions, click this link.

Malkin won’t have much time to make friends in Otisville.  Malkin is only going to be locked up for 6 months. Nobody is going to want to talk to him too much.  He won’t be there long enough to get involved in a smuggling operation or other scam. Prison scams take time to develop.  It takes time to gain the trust of co-conspirators.   Some guys will label Malkin a rat because he got such a short sentence.   I read his file, he is not a snitch.  But guys will avoid him anyway.  Malkin can’t be trusted to not rat out other guys in prison if he gets caught in a scam.  By the time he gains their trust he will be going home.

Tax evader Pasquele Furano is scheduled to be sentenced before Connecticut Federal Judge Jeffrey Meyer in about a week.  Pasquele’s case is very similar to Malkins.  Pasquale ran a successful landscaping business in Greenwich and failed to pay the IRS hundreds of thousands in taxes.  Judge Meyer is a Jewish judge who graduated from Yale University and Yale Law School.  Meyer is a former United States Attorney.   Meyer lives in Branford, CT, the same town that Law Professor and Yale Grad Ed Zelinsky is attempting to grab waterfront property in a lawsuit against his neighbor, who is dead.

I don’t think Meyer will go easy on Pasquele.  Meyer is a former United States prosecutor.  Former cops tend to side with the prosecutors. Plus Pasquele is a goy.  Malkin is a member of the chosen people.  Members of the Hebrew tribe are supposed to get special privileges. Unless your name is Larry Noodles.  Judge Hall told me at sentencing that I would get pretty much the same sentence as co-conspirator goyim attorneys Brad Reiger and Genevieve Salvatore, even though they “did double and triple the number of closings and had double and triple the amount of losses.”   Go figure.


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  1. So who gave Ira up and why? And how is the employer (Lou) who facilitated the underreporting and underpayment not on the hook here? Seems to be more going on….

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