Goat’s Bankers Sign Court Agreement

Goat’s Bankers Sign Court Agreement

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The Goat conducts most of his banking with Start Community Bank.  Start Community Bank is located across the street from the Goat’s office building on Whalley Avenue.  The Goat’s office is located in a Goat owned building located on the corner of Whalley and Norton Street.  Across the street from the Goat office is the Goat child rape school, known by locals as the Nightmare on Elm Street, located on the corner of Norton and Elm.  The blocks located northwest of the Nightmare on Elm Street, up until Edgewood Park, contain about 40 properties owed by the Goat’s non-profit entities.  The Goat’s personal residence overlooks Edgewood Park.

Every day after morning prayer services, and after a large breakfast, the Goat walks across the street to his office building on Whalley in order to conduct his affairs.  Most of his day is spent counting  the rental monies he receives from over 40 properties owned by non-profits that he controls.  He has an assistant named Abby who does his bidding.  I once met Abby when I returned a key on behalf of a woman whom the Goat evicted.  I think I am the only person in the compound who has ever actually met Abby.  Most people who have rented from the Goat have received letters from Abby or have spoken to Abby, but nobody has ever met this mystery woman.  She seems to be a normal person, but most people seem normal when compared with the Goat.

For many years the Goat rented part of his office building to the Police Department of the City of New Haven.  How ironic.  Politics and power are the root of all evil.  During the years that the Goat rented his building to the cops, the City of New Haven was run by Mayor DiStefano, and the Police Department was run by Dean Esserman.  Both men left the City in disgrace, mired in corruption, lawsuits and controversy.

DiStefano went on to become Executive Vice President at Start Community Bank, after the New Haven Savings Bank went public in 2004 and merged into Start.  Even after DiStefano went on to become a banker he was mired in controversy.  Locals didn’t want New Haven Savings Bank to go public and then fold.  To make matters worse, just before the New Haven Savings Bank went public Hasidic Jews from New York swarmed into branch offices and harassed local account holders. If you had a bank account with New Haven Savings, you were entitled to buy preferred stock just before the bank went public.  The Hasidim solicited account holders to get them to agree to have a million bucks wired into their accounts, which would be used to buy the stock, and then the stock would be sold at a huge profit after it went public.  Paul Bass wrote about the scam back in 2006, but didn’t mention that most of the solicitors were Hasidic Jews.  These Jews were an embarrassment for the local Jews at the time, unlike the Goat, who has been taken in with open arms by big Jewish machers like Sklarz.   The Feds eventually busted one high profile goy named Lucarelli who graduated from the Yale business school.  Hundreds of guys in New Haven got served with Federal subpoenas but only a few guys got busted.  The Feds don’t have the time or the manpower to bust everyone.  They make a few busts in order to show that they actually serve some kind of purpose.

Approximately a year before the child rape cases came to light the Police Department decided not to renew their rental agreement with the Goat.  The Goat was enraged.  The Goat was trying to control the rumors swirling around about sodomy and abuse at the compound.  How dare the Police Department give credibility to these victims of rape!   The Police Department is supposed to be loyal to the Goat.  After all, the Goat was a Police Commissioner at one point, and the Goat’s son Ezi was on community policing boards. This son of the Goat has always been referred to as a “policing activist” by the local rag, ie., the New Haven Independent, which is run by Paul Bass, the man who could have shut the Goat down twenty years ago.  Ezi was also referred to as a “Rabbi” by the New Haven Register, even though he is not a rabbi.

Start Community Bank is run by former Mayor John DiStefano.  On the Board of Directors of the parent company to Start is none other than Goat attorney Mark Sklarz.  The Sklarz boyz are defending the Goat against collection attorney Matthew Beatman.  Beatman is trying to collect on the $21 million child rape verdict.

Start Community Bank was served with a subpoena by Beatman and ordered to produce the Goat’s banking records.  Start produced the wrong records.  The Goat’s records of his sleezy non profits were not supposed to be produced.  Rape victim Mirlis did not obtain a judgment against these non-profit entities.  Non-profits are not owned by the Goat.  They are independent entities with the board of directors who control the flow of money.  If they sell assets they have to transfer the funds to another non-profit.  They cannot just waste assets or use their income to enrich the board of directors with inflated incomes.  The Ewe is paid about $50K a year by the non-profits for her work in real estate management, although the Ewe has long retired from her days as a wheeler dealer in rental properties, back when she was partners with Doris “Spite Fence” Zelinsky.  The IRS should shut down the Goat’s sleezy non-profits.

Start Community Bank, the Goat, and rape victim Mirlis signed an agreement in the Federal rape case the other day.  Start agreed to provide Mirlis with the correct banking records.  Mirlis agreed to return the wrong records and destroy whatever records he had.  Attorney Mark Sklarz signed the stipulation on behalf of the Goat.  Attorney Thomas J. O’Neill signed on behalf of Start Community Bank and Attorney Matthew Beatman signed on behalf of Mirlis.  If you added up the time spent by these attorneys preparing motions, reviewing documents and drafting agreements, there is a lot of money that could have been paid to the rape victim.

The Goat is not subjected to the same type of scrutiny as Hollywood moguls.  When the New York Times found out that their high powered attorney David Boies hired Black Cube, a team of Black Op Israeli Mossad hit men hired to protect Harvey Weinstein, the Times fired Boies on the spot.  The Times was not going to be associated with such sleeze.  Yet Mark Sklarz, a big macher in the Jewish community, has no qualms about protecting the Goat from collection activity on a $21 million jury verdict.  That blood money flows into the pockets of wealthy attorney Sklarz rather than compensation for Jewish rape victims.  Mark Sklarz and Mayor John DiStefano gladly take deposits from the Goat’s sleezy non-profits, which flow into the coffers of Start Community Bank, and into the bloated paychecks of Sklarz and DiStefano.  Start Community Bank is not just an ordinary bank.  Start bills itself as a member of the local community, there to help the locals, even the local pedophiles.  This is the official mission statement for Start Community Bank:

We’re here to stand up for New Haven.
For people with talent, hopes, and dreams.
Our lives, our families, our community…
Are all connected.
And we know the key to success is simple:
You win. We win.
You thrive. We thrive.
We cannot succeed unless you succeed.
New Haven deserves a bank like this.
Start Community Bank is that bank.
The bank that will rally around, and for, New Haven and you.
The bank that puts you on the path to ‘yes’.
It Starts now. It Starts here.
This is our community.
This is your bank.

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