Goat’s First Shabbos As a Convicted Felon

Goat’s First Shabbos As a Convicted Felon

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The Goat spent his first Shabbos as a convicted felon at his shul where he raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis, and probably this crash test dummy, at the Nightmare on Elm Street

Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” spent his first Shabbos in New Haven with an ankle bracelet firmly attached to his ankle. The Goat gave himself a heter to wear the ankle bracelet on Shabbos. If the Goat takes off his bracelet the goat would trigger an alarm at the New Haven Police Department. The Goat didn’t want the New Haven Police to tackle him to the ground during his silent reading of the Shemoneh Esrei, right in front of his wife, ie., the Ewe. That would have been embarrassing for a goat of his stature.

After the Goat was found guilty of four counts of risk of injury to a minor, four felonies with the Goat exposed to 20 year on each felony, the Goat was taken away in handcuffs. The Goat tried to delay the marshalls from whisking him out of the courthouse. The Goat loudly bellowed, “Can I speak with my wife first?” The Goat’s wife sat silently with a dazed look on her face. The Goat remained defiant even after the guilty verdict was read. What did the Goat have that was so important that he had to speak with his Ewe about anyway? What was there to talk about?

During the Goat trial the attorneys frequently met privately in chambers with Judge Alander. During these meetings the Goat frequently asked the court clerk to interrupt these closed door meetings because he wanted to speak with his Attorney the Dow about something important. The Clerk would knock on the door and pop her head in and tell Judge Alander that the Goat wanted to speak with the Dow. Did the Goat really expect Judge Alander to stop his meeting, come out of chambers, and apologize to the Goat?

The Goat had a bond hearing in the afternoon after he was found guilty. During the bond hearing Judge Alander ordered that the Goat be placed on an ankle bracelet. The Dow argued that he has practiced criminal defense for years and an ankle bracelet was an unusual condition. Judge Alander told the Dow that ankle bracelets were not so unusual these days. The Dow was down 500 points. State’s Attorney Wilensky argued that it was not uncommon for Orthodox pedophile Rabbis to flee to Israel. I wanted to stand up and object to the State’s Attorney resorting to Jewish stereotypes to make an argument. Haven’t the Jews suffered enough at the hands of the goyisha Government? Wilensky could have simply argued that Mr. Goat has four legs and runs much faster than your average human and will need four hoof bracelets, or an invisible electric fence.

Judge Alander ordered that the Goat be placed on an ankle bracelet until his sentencing on November 20th. If the Goat is sentenced to a period of incarceration the Goat will ask that he be released on an appeal bond. Judge Alander will conduct another hearing. Judge Alander doesn’t have to release the Goat while his appeal is pending. Judge Alander could order the Goat to be locked up during his appeal. In most Federal cases the Federal judges lock up the Defendant during his appeal. In Federal cases the Defendant has to show that he has good issues on appeal to be released on an appeal bond. State Judges are not as tough. It is more common for State Judges to release a defendant pending an appeal.

The Goat has no good issues to argue on appeal. Judge Alander conducted his trial in such a way as to make it appeal proof. Judge Alander denied the State’s request to introduce the transcript of the testimony of Avi Hack. If Hack’s transcript was allowed before the jury the Goat could claim on appeal that too much prejudicial evidence was presented which resulted in an unfair trial. The only issue I can see the Goat appeal is when Mirlis testified that he spoke to Avi Hack about “what happened to him.” Mirlis stopped short of saying that he discussed how Avi Hack also got raped by the Goat. Judge Alander ruled that the jury could interpret that statement in a number of different ways. How would the jury know that Mirlis was referring to Hack getting raped? Judge Alander also kept out evidence of the $20 million dollar civil verdict entered against the Goat. The Goat cannot claim on appeal that evidence of the $20 million verdict caused an unfair trial. Judge Alander dismissed four charges of sexual assault because the State of Connecticut filed the criminal case under the wrong statute. Judge Alander didn’t allow the State to amend the charges to file the sexual assault charges under the correct statute. If Judge Alander allowed the State to amend the charges the Goat would have had another issue for appeal.

Post trial analysis by armchair bench warmer still suspended attorney Larry Noodles: The State committed three big fumbles. They misread the Connecticut General Statutes and caused the sexual assault charges to get dismissed. The other two fumbles were when the State waited two years to start looking for Avi Hack and Ezi Greer. By the time the State finally tried to subpoena them on the eve of trial they disappeared. Ezi and Avi knew that the State was looking for them. The State didn’t have to tip them off. I could call that an interception. I did a lot of work tracking down very good witnesses and telling them to call the State’s Attorney, which they did. The State could have called numerous witnesses to testify, but these people were never brought in, for whatever reason. I would call this three missed field goals. I don’t think I could have tracked anyone down without Facebook. Thank you Mr. Zuckerberg, l’shana tova to you and your tiger mom wife. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg reads Larry Noodles? I know that the Zuckerbergs made dumplings for Chinese New Years. I wonder if they make noodles.

Team Dow committed a few big turnovers of his own. Detective Cuddy admitted that the New Haven Police Department “dropped the ball” when they delayed their Goat investigation for 10 months during the Goat’s civil trial. A few days after the $15 million verdict the cops got in their squad cars and served the Goat with a search warrant of his goat body. Do you really think the cops would have arrested the Goat had the jury found for the Goat in the civil case? The cops were obviously waiting for the civil verdict. The Dow never argued this issue to the jury.

The Dow kept hammering away about the criminal case following the civil case did not fit the normal pattern. The Dow argued that in most cases the civil case is filed after the criminal case. The Dow argued that Mirlis was using the cops to get money from the Goat. I have a feeling that the Dow scored some points with the jurors with this argument. The State didn’t offer a good response to the Dow’s argument. The State failed to explain to the jury that in most cases the civil case is an afterthought to the criminal case. After the criminal case you might as well try to get money from either the pedophile or the institution that harbored the pedophile. The civil case is usually delayed until the criminal case is resolved. If the pedophile pleads guilty the civil case is a slam dunk. In most cases the pedophile is a deadbeat and nobody files a civil action. In very rare cases, such as with Mirlis, the civil action is filed first because pedophile is wealthy. In these cases the plaintiff usually declines to bring criminal charges. Michael Jackson paid off numerous victims who didn’t end up bringing criminal cases. Mirlis followed through and filed criminal charges against the Goat. Mirlis wasn’t just in it for the money. The State should have made that more clear to the jury.

The State also failed to hammer away at Rabbi Notis about his personal bankruptcy filing just before he came to the compound. Notis testified that Orthodox Jews must go to the beit din before going to secular court. I highly doubt that Rabbi Notis went to the Beit Din before filing his bankruptcy petition. The State could have asked Notis whether the Goat bailed him out of his financial troubles as Notis came to New Haven right after his bankruptcy. The State could have also hammered away at Notis about how much money the Goat was paying him for his testimony. I’m sure that Notis was not testifying for free. Notis was named as an expert witness. The jury never was never told how much Notis was paid to shlep all the way from Lancaster, PA to testify in New Haven, CT, with two of his sidekicks in the bleachers watching. Notis testified that he has never heard of a single case where a molestation victim repeatedly returned to his molester as an adult, which was a lie. Notis knew all about Avi Hack. The State could have asked Notis, “Without naming names, you are are aware of a victim of abuse, other than Mirlis, who returned to his abuser as an adult, isn’t that correct Rabbi Notis?”

The State failed to cross examine Jean Ledbury about her role in the Goat’s non-profits. Ledbury testified that she was an administrative assistant in one of the non-profits. The State could have easily asked her why she was added to the Board of Directors of one of the other non-profits after the Goat was sued and arrested. The State could have asked her if she got a bump in salary as a member of the Board of Directors.

The State failed to thoroughly prepare Mirlis for his testimony. Mirlis testified on direct examination that the Goat touched his crotch during his first sexual encounter. The Dow hammered away at the fact that Mirlis never mentioned the crotch touch to the police, or in the civil case. The State’s attorney should have thoroughly reviewed every prior statement made by Mirlis so that Mirlis was clear about what he was going to say before he took the witness stand. The State also didn’t thoroughly review what Mirlis was going to say about DeRosa. DeRosa stated that he never saw Mirlis in class, he didn’t like Mirlis and that he never would even have a glass of tea with him. Mirlis testified that he had pizza with DeRosa every Thursday and that he enjoyed his classes. Mirlis testified first. The State’s Attorney knew what DeRosa was going to say before he took the witness stand. The State’s Attorney should have never let Mirlis testify to a story that was completely opposite of what DeRosa testified to. Mirlis should have said that he was rarely in class, and he was not well disciplined. He was getting raped by the Goat, you can’t blame him.

The State failed to haul in critical witnesses to the case. The State failed to haul in the young couple whom Mirlis first confided in about the Goat. Mirlis warned his friends Esther and Ben about the Goat and told them that their children were in danger. They pulled their kids out of the Goat school and called Ezi, Dov, Avi and Noah Muroff and were irate that these people, other than Muroff, knew that the Goat was a pedophile. Speaking of Muroff, the State could have hauled Muroff into court or took his deposition, as he lives out of State. The State only had two years to do this. The State could have also hauled in Mr. Green, who was a non-Jewish guy who taught at the Goat school for years. Mr. Green lived two miles from the courthouse. Mr. Green would have testified that the Tikva school was not operating in 2002.

The Dow dropped the ball when he failed to argue to the jury that a verdict in the criminal case would have helped Mirlis in his civil collection cases against the Goat. The Dow could have argued that Mirlis would not have much credibility in his civil cases if he blew off the criminal case.

Its easy to second guess the performance of attorneys from the sidelines. The Dow didn’t have much of a defense. The State had every opportunity to destroy the Goat, yet failed to do so. It should not have taken the State two days to get a conviction. It should have taken two minutes.

People are asking me about my prediction on the Goat’s sentence. I’ve had many cases before Judge Alander. Alander is a tough Judge. I don’t think he will go easy on the Goat, especially after the Goat put the State through a lengthy trial, when the Goat knew he was guilty. Unlike the jury, Judge Alander knows all about Avi Hack. Alander knows that the Goat is 1000% guilty. Alander knows that the Goat has no remorse for his crimes. The Goat hasn’t voluntarily paid Mirlis a dime. Mirlis has had to file numerous lawsuits to get money from the Goat, while the Goat has fought collection attempts tooth and nail, hiring the most expensive lawyers in town, ie., the Sklarz boyz. I predict that Judge Alander will sentence the Goat to between five and ten years incarceration, even taking into account the Goat’s age. The Goat thinks he is immortal. The Goat’s age is meaningless. John Gotti died in jail unrepentant for his sins. In jail Gotti continued to run the mob and boast that he was never a rat. The Goat will also die in jail unrepentant for his sins. The Goat will continue to boast that he is the Greatest Of All Time.

The State’s Attorneys impressed upon the jury that the Goat had complete mind control over 14 year old Mirlis. Mirlis was no match for the devious Goat. The State’s Attorneys kept telling the jury that everyone thought of the Goat as rich, powerful, and smart Goat, a “genius.” The Goat must have been very happy when the State’s Attorney kept referring to him as a genius.

I believe that the Ewe refused to testify for the Goat because the Goat wanted her to lie for him. The Goat was overheard in the hall yelling at his wife on his cell phone for her failure to testify. The Goat’s secretary Jean Ledbury testified that the Tikva School was operational in 2002-2003, which was a lie. Ledbury also testified that the Gettingers moved from 784 Elm Street to 777 Elm Street after Rabbi Gettinger broke his arm, which was also a lie. I spoke with Rabbi Shligenbaum, ie., the Undertaker, who saw Rabbi Gettinger almost every day in New Haven for over 30 years. He told me that Rabbi Gettinger never broke his arm. I spoke with graduates of the Tikva School who told me that Tikva was closed down in 2002. Tikva closed after Mindy Hack was there for a year. The Goat wanted the Ewe, who ran the Tikva School to lie for him. I guess the Ewe has more morals than the Goat, although her continued support of the Goat defies logic.

The Office of Probation is letting the Goat go to his nightmare on Elm Street shul for Shabbos. Judge Alander ruled that the Goat is allowed to leave his house for medical appointments, lawyer appointments and for shul. The Goat’s minivan was spotted at the shul. The Goat’s routine is to drive there on a Friday afternoon, and then walk home after evening prayers. The lights were on in the shul. There were no guys from out of town at the Goat shul. The Goat must have prayed alone with his Ewe. The Goat won’t be spending much more time at his shul. Mirlis started foreclosure proceedings against the shul building two years ago. That case is down for a final hearing on October 21st. If the Judge grants the motion for strict foreclosure the judge will set it down for a law date, at which time the title will transfer to Milris. Law dates are usually set down within three months. The Goat could lose his shul building in early 2020. The Goat would have to find another shul to daven in New Haven. I don’t think any shul would want to have the Goat as a member.

The Goat’s defamation case he filed against me is scheduled for trial on October 31st. I filed a counterclaim against the Goat because he kicked me down the stairs when I tried to daven at his shul on Shabbos. I’ve informed the Goat’s attorneys William Ward and David Grudberg that I would be willing to settle if the Goat paid me $100K. I haven’t heard back from the Goat’s attorneys.

Jewish news outlets have still remained silent on the Goat verdict. The Connecticut Jewish Ledger has not reported anything about the Goat verdict. The Ledger reported about child molestation cases in New York, but nothing on the Goat. Does the Ledger want readers to think that goats only live in New York and that Jews in Connecticut don’t engage in such goatlike behavior? The Ledger wants Connecticut Jews to believe that they are the chosen people, superior to the goyim. Myths mean fundraising money for the Jewish mafia, ie., the Federations. It’s all about the Benjamins baby.

I got a few comments from a guy named Joe Orlow, on Facebook, which I think are insightful: “I think it’s hard to gauge the response at this point because not all responses to the verdict would appear online, or if online, in search engine results. That being said, it is essential to discuss the seeming lack of response. What was the reaction, by way of contrast, when a few years ago a Rabbi was found to have taken pictures of people surreptitiously? That might be a baseline of comparison. That crime was covered extensively. I note that the Rabbi taking pictures was seemingly the only one who knew about his activity up till he was caught. His crime did not propagate to others. I find it unlikely that he inspired others to emulate his picture taking. He was never accused of touching any of the people he photographed. They were unaware of what he did until he was exposed. Daniel Greer physically molested students in his school. Evidence has been presented here suggesting Daniel Greer had been molested as a student, and that one of his molested students went on to be an educator and in turn molest students if not to the same degree yet to some degree, if only by being passive and standing by as Daniel Greer continued preying on one or more students. In particular, this student went on to work for Daniel Greer as a teacher, and to ignore Daniel Greer’s molestation of a student which the teacher did not directly witness but which he figured out was occurring, and which Rabbi Greer explicitly told him was occurring. While we are on that subject, apparently others in Rabbi Greer’s sphere who were not victims learned of his molesting behavior and did not out him, including it seems at least one Rabbi. I’ve been telling people that Daniel Greer ran his school as if the male students were sex slaves in his harem. I don’t mean all the students. What I mean is that he seems to have considered any student fair game for his advances. Larry Noodles has made the point that the abuse could not have gotten to where it did without some protecting and/or facilitating of Daniel Greer’s behavior. To me, a protector is someone who learns of the abuse and does not act to stop it, or who actively runs interference for the abuser when complaints against the abuser are brought up. A facilitator is someone who knows of the abuse and actually provides the means for the abuse to take place. Both protectors and facilitators thus have the power to make it difficult for the abuse to continue, if not to stop it altogether. An example of a protector is someone who finds out about abuse and doesn’t report it when a victim confides in them. An example of a facilitator is an administrator in a school who knows a teacher is abusing students yet doesn’t bar the teacher from the campus. These are not exact definitions; what one might call a protector another might call a facilitator, or vice versa. These are just my working definitions. Nowadays there are laws in many places requiring, say, teachers, to formally report abuse they’ve become aware of. But oftentimes it may be others who are not covered by the law that learn of the abuse, and become de facto protectors and facilitators. The Noodles has written in the above linked post that he considers the loss of future fundraising revenue as a factor in some not openly discussing Daniel Greer’s conviction. I think it goes beyond money. Concern over money is the symptom. The underlying cause, as I’ve written about before elsewhere online, is the desire to be perceived as perfect. The post touched on this aspect, speaking of “organizations” that are “mired” in “insecurity.” I have tried to start Jewish organizations. I am currently trying to build a Jewish community supported in part by agriculture. My goal has been to generate income by the sweat of our brow specifically so that we can speak our minds about cases like the one under discussion without fear of losing donations that might otherwise keep the community afloat. Furthermore, each member of the community must have financial independence so that they are not beholden to anyone who can control their speech or behavior by cutting off support. I have found that what I’m doing really cannot be done, at least not by me. The reason is that the only way to do it would be to radically change the way students are educated and for people to radically lower their expectations as far as a standard of living. In conclusion, I’m onboard with Larry Dressler. I like his style of writing, his perseverance, and his ability to identify and root out the evil in our midst. He is correct in pinpointing money as a culprit as far as the lackluster communal reaction to the conviction (not that he needs my agreement to be considered right.) I want to coordinate my efforts with his so that we can put a crimp in the activities of facilitators and protectors of abusers. During the part of the service known as the N’sana Tokef, we say charity removes the decree against us. Is giving to Larry’s non-profit considered giving to charity in this sense of the word? I don’t know. But I believe it is. Larry is doing nothing less than ensuring the Jewish community in America continues. While so many are silent about the affront to man and G-d that went on in New Haven at Daniel Greer’s compound, Larry’s work here on Earth I think must resonate and echo throughout Heaven. It is possible Larry is shielding all of us in the U.S. Is there any greater charity work than that? Another significant factor in regard to the underwhelming response to the conviction has to do with how some Jewish leaders exert mind control over their followers. Daniel Greer ran his school and community with a methodology that was way too familiar to some of us who have spent our lives in the Torah observant community. Apparently, he exuded the air of one who does not suffer fools lightly which in this context means he did not abide any questioning of his actions. This attitude is toxic and contrary to the Torah. But it is found all too often in the Torah observant community. Now, Daniel Greer used this “I’m always right by definition” approach to build and rule over his community. It led for many years to a kind of success in that world that values this top down style of ruling. But that “do as I say” practice is what led to Daniel Greer getting away with abusing students for many years. If not for the fearless Larry Noodles, Daniel Greer might still be a free man. Thus, there are those who are reluctant, perhaps, to dwell on Daniel Greer’s conviction because of what it says about their own communities and their own use of this all encompassing demand to followers that the followers submit themselves to the total unthinking control of their Rabbi.”

A man was selected, preferably a Kohen, to take the goat to the cliff in the wilderness and he was accompanied part of the way by the most eminent men of Jerusalem. Ten booths had been constructed at intervals along the road leading from Jerusalem to the steep mountain. At each one of these the man leading the goat was formally offered food and drink, which he, however, refused. When he reached the tenth booth those who accompanied him proceeded no further. When he came to the cliff he divided the scarlet thread into two parts, one of which he tied to the rock and the other to the goat’s horns, and then pushed the goat down. The cliff was so high and rugged that before the goat had traversed half the distance to the plain below, its limbs were utterly shattered. Men were stationed at intervals along the way, and as soon as the goat was thrown down the cliff, they signaled to one another by means of kerchiefs or flags, until the information reached the high priest. During the forty years that Simon the Just was High Priest, the thread actually turned white as soon as the goat was thrown over the cliff: a sign that the sins of the people were forgiven. In later times the thread did not always turn white: proof of the Jew’s moral and spiritual deterioration, that was on the increase, until forty years before the destruction of the Second Temple, when the change of color was no longer observed.

For G-d, For Country, For Yale, For Rosh Hashanah. Yechi Noodles!

FYI Noodles will be on Rosh Hashanah vacation for the next several days. Mark Zuckerberg will be fielding all inquiries.


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