Goat’s Mystery Witness & Attorney Ward Threatened With Defamation Lawsuit

Goat’s Mystery Witness & Attorney Ward Threatened With Defamation Lawsuit

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Attorney Ponvert, who represents child rape victim Mirlis, just filed an objection to the Goat’s Motion to Set Aside the $21 million jury verdict.  The Goat’s attorneys had filed a motion to set aside the verdict based on alleged statements made by a mystery witness to the Goat’s attorney William Ward.

Ward is the sleeziest attorney on the Goat’s wet dream team of lawyers who are on the Goat’s payroll.  Ward signed an affidavit claiming he spoke to this mystery witness.  Ward claims that this mystery witness was a former chemistry teacher of Mirlis back in 2004 at the Goat school.  Ward said that this witness told him that Mirlis sat on the desk of Avi Hack, that Mirlis yelled out “Kill all the Christians!” and that this mystery witness had to change the grade of Mirlis from an F to an A at the urging of Avi Hack.

I conducted an investigation and actually spoke with one of the math teachers of the Goat school from 2004.  This man told me he did not contact Ward.  I was told that there was one science teacher and two math teachers at the Goat school back in 2004.  The science teacher was Avi Hack.  The other math teacher went on to teach a few classes at NYU.  I have determined the name of the man who currently teaches at NYU who used to teach at the Goat school.  I do not believe that this man called Ward. In any event, this man does not wish to involve himself in the Goat case.  If this man does not come forward, the affidavit of Ward is completely irrelevant to the Goat case.  Judge Shea will deny the Goat’s motion in a New Haven minute.

Ponvert’s objection to the Goat’s motion argues that Ward’s affidavit is complete hearsay, irrelevant, and does not contain any newly discovered evidence.  The Goat knew the identity of the teachers in his school long before the child rape case was filed.  This mystery witness is not newly discovered evidence.  The Goat could have contacted these teachers and asked them about Mirlis.  The Goat never contacted any of these teachers.  I spoke with many former students of the Goat after the child rape case was first filed. I was told that the Goat contacted most of his former students and asked them to come back to the compound and support him.  The Goat told these former students that they would be well compensated.  None of the Goat’s former students took the Goat up on his offer.  The Goat was forced to pay minors from Lakewood, New Jersey to move into the compound.

Attorney Ponvert made a veiled threat to sue this mystery witness, along with Attorney Ward, for defamation.  Ponvert argued in his motion:   “Not only does the defendants’ refusal to provide this basic information cast serious doubt on Attorney Ward’s Affidavit and on the witness himself, it is profoundly wrong of a party, especially in a high-profile case, to publicly accuse a person of being a liar and of wanting to kill members of a religious group while refusing to support such defamatory accusations with admissible evidence or to otherwise stand behind them. Indeed, inasmuch as the ‘kill all Christians’ accusation is entirely irrelevant to any claim or defense in the case, it does not qualify for the ‘published in the course of judicial proceedings’ privilege, and may subject the witness and Attorney Ward to a suit for defamation if they fail to prove that it is true.”

The strongest proof that the affidavit is a scam is that Ward stated that this mystery witness has a PhD in Chemistry.  The science classes at the Goat school were all taught by Avi Hack.  Avi Hack certainly didn’t call William Ward to question the credibility of Mirlis.  There was a teacher who taught Math at the Goat school back in 2004.  This teacher went on to teach math at NYU.  Ward’s affidavit says that the mystery teacher is a “chemistry professor at a University in New York City.”  Ward’s affidavit should have referred to the mystery teacher as a Math teacher, not a chemistry teacher.  Ward can’t even get his facts straight.  Ward would have got an F at the Goat school.

I don’t believe chemistry was even taught at the Goat school.  The Goat school has been operating without a license for over ten years.  The Goat school was known to have a very poor academic program in secular studies. The Goat school didn’t have a chemistry lab or anything even close to resembling a room in which chemistry was taught.  I have been in the classrooms in the Goat school many times over the years.  You will not find any classroom with beakers, Bunsen burners, chemicals, or other materials that you would typically find in a high school chemistry class.  The students at the Goat school were too wild to be trusted with such dangerous equipment.  The Goat marketed his school as an institution that reformed problem kids.  Many students who enrolled at the Goat school were students who got kicked out of other yeshivas. The Goat wasn’t going to risk having the Nightmare on Elm Street get burned down in a chemistry class.

I was told by one former student that Ezi Greer, the Goat’s son, started a fire in one of the classrooms while he was a student at the Goat school.  As an adult Ezi Greer went on to start large bonfires in the basketball court in the back of the Goat school on the holiday of Lag B’Omer, where it is customary to have a bonfire and a barbecue.  Ezi used to build a giant pile of wood, douse it with gasoline, and set it ablaze.  At one point the sparks were getting into the backyard trees of Dov Greer’s house.  Ezi said they were young trees and would not catch on fire.  Ezi assured the crowd that his connections with the Police Department would prevent any legal problems with the City of New Haven.  Ezi also got away with his annual  slaughterhouse that he set up in his backyard every Passover.

Another strong proof that the affidavit is a scam is that it stated that Mirlis shouted out that he wanted to “kill all Christians.”  Most Jewish Orthodox yeshivas, including the Goat school, fall on the right wing of the political spectrum.  Teachers and students are very pro-Israel.  If you were not pro-Israel you were not going to last at a yeshiva for very long, let alone 4 years like Mirlis.  The biggest supporters of Israel in this country are the right wing Christian fundamentalists.  I cannot imagine someone at a Jewish yeshiva yelling out he wanted to kill supporters of Israel.  In Yeshivas the common term to refer to non-Jews is “goyim” not Christians or Muslims.  Nobody uses the word “Christians.”  The very word “Christians” contains the name of the man whom Jews believe was responsible for hundreds of years of persecution.  You will never hear such a word, or one of it’s variants, shouted out in a yeshiva.  It is considered taboo to even utter such a word.  It is obvious that this mystery witness is a ruse, a fraud, a fake, a complete scam, just like the Goat.

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