Goat’s Properties Scheduled For Inspection This Week

Goat’s Properties Scheduled For Inspection This Week

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Rabbi Daniel Greer, aka the Goat, is currently in default on the $21 million jury verdict rendered against his goat hide in May of 2017 in Federal court.  The Goat has stonewalled collection attempts by the attorneys representing Eli Mirlis, the victim of the Goat’s depravity.  The Goat is currently defending himself against State criminal charges.  The Goat’s criminal case in which he is charged with rape is down for April 12th, Yom Hashoah.  The goat’s criminal case in which he is charged with violating lead paint laws is down for June 5th. Here is a copy of the Goat’s criminal  docket:

Defendant (Last, First) Birth Year Court Next Activity/Status Next Activity/Status Date Docket No.
GREER DANIEL New Haven Housing Awaiting Plea 06/05/2018 10:00 AM XNH -CR17-0005854-S
GREER DANIEL 1940 New Haven JD Pre-Trial 04/12/2018 10:00 AM NNH -CR17-0177934-T
GREER DIRK 1968 Enfield GA 13 Awaiting Disposition 03/28/2018 10:00 AM H13W-CR17-0173366-S

Dirk Greer is charged with criminal mischief in the second degree, a misdemeanor.  I have not determined whether Dirk is related to Dan.

The docket for the Goat’s lead paint case indicates that the Goat is “awaiting plea.”  This means that the Goat is going to plead guilty to a crime when he arrives in court on June 5, 2018.  In his entire life the Goat has never admitted he was guilty of anything.

The docket for the Goat’s criminal trial rape case indicates that the Goat’s case is in the pre-trial phase.  The Goat’s attorney, Willie the Dow, has been requesting “Brady” materials from the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Connecticut.  Brady materials include all evidence that the State plans to use against the Goat in his criminal trial, including documents, records, and any other relevant information.  The State is also required to turn over any information that could aid the Goat in his own defense.

The attorneys in the civil case where the Goat owes the $21 million, filed a status report today indicating that the Goat has turned over “substantial” financial records, which are currently being reviewed by the attorney for Mirlis. The status report also indicates that the Goat’s residence and his shul building are scheduled to be inspected by an appraiser hired by the attorneys for Mirlis.  Finally, the status report indicates that the Goat made a proposal to settle the ongoing collection activity in some way.  I don’t know what the Goat proposed, but I would assume Mirlis would demand that the Goat pay substantial sums of money to stop the collection activity, as Mirlis has to pay one third of every dollar to Attorney Ponvert, who got the jury verdict, and another one third of every dollar to Attorney Beatman, who is handling the collection.  Mirlis will only be left with a third after the attorneys get their cut.

The 40 other properties controlled by the Goat’s non-profits will not be inspected.  The Goat managed to shield them from the $21 million verdict.  The Goat is no fool.  The Goat knew that there was always a chance that his life of crime would catch up with, unlike his goniff friend William Gallagher, who stole $2 million from his client’s trust accounts.  Gallagher died before he was able to answer for his sins.  The Goat is still alive and kicking, with teenage boys attending classes in his school building with the Goat lurking about.  These teenage boys sleep in the Goat’s dorm building. The Goat has the master keys to all their bedrooms.

These teenage boys enrolled in the Goat school are being recruited by Rabbi Notis.  Avi Hack used to be the Goat’s recruiter.  Not anymore.  Avi is long gone, living in a big house in Providence, RI.

Avi failed the Goat.  Avi recruited Eli Mirlis, whom the Goat repeatedly raped.  Mirlis eventually threatened to sue the Goat.  Avi wouldn’t back Mirlis so Mirlis threatened to sue the Goat and Avi Hack.  Mirlis served a lawsuit on the Goat and Avi Hack in December of 2016.  Mirlis never filed it with the court.  Mirlis sat on it, hoping to negotiate a settlement.  The Goat refused to pay a wooden nickel.  Avi stayed by the Goat’s side, hoping that Mirlis was bluffing.  Mirlis had 60 days to file the case with the State court.  60 days came and went.  The Goat and Avi privately claimed victory.  They celebrated with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts. Nobody knew about this lawsuit that was never filed with the court.  This was around February of 2016.

On April 14, 2016 I broke the news that the Goat was a child rapist.  The Goat immediately threatened me with a defamation lawsuit.  A week later, Erev Pesach, the Greers and Hacks fled the compound.  A week later the Federal lawsuit was filed against the Goat.  The Federal lawsuit didn’t name Avi Hack as a defendant.  Avi Hack finally agreed to help Mirlis put down the Goat.  Avi agreed to help Mirlis put down the man Avi described as a “religious guidepost, superlative in every way.”  It must have been a tough decision for Avi.  Avi said he kept up the charade for 25 years out of family loyalty.  Avi didn’t want to bring down “everything my father worked so hard to build.”

I would really like to know the nature of the relationship Harold Hack had with the Goat.  Harold was by the Goat’s side for close to 40 years.  Harold sat 15 feet from the Goat in the Goat shul three times a day.  Harold watched numerous families flee the compound and drag their kids out of the school in the middle of the school year.  Harold viciously attacked the Chabad community for many years, calling the New Haven authorities with bogus complaints.  Harold had many goat like qualities.

The teenage boys currently enrolled in the Goat school come from all over the world.  These boys knew nothing about the Goat until they arrive at the school.  They soon find out that they got scammed by Notis.  They would have never enrolled in the school had they known that the Goat would be lurking about in the buildings, and have the master key to their bedrooms.  These boys should sue Notis for fraud and misrepresentation.  Notis should be taken to the beit din and excommunicated.

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