Goat’s Summer School For Sodomy Opens For Business

Goat’s Summer School For Sodomy Opens For Business

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The minor Goat Boys above were recently spotted in the compound.  They just enrolled in the Goat’s summer school that trains boys in the Jewish laws of sodomy.  The Goat personally teaches all sodomy classes, ie., Sodomy for Beginners, Intermediate Sodomy, and Advanced Sodomy.  The Goat does not allow Rabbi Notis “the Goat’s Joke” to teach any of these classes.  The Goat recently added a lab to his sodomy program, where the Goat can conduct hands on experiments with his students.

These boys are taking a giant container of water into their dormitory at the compound located at 249 Ellsworth Avenue.  The record owner of 249 Ellsworth Avenue is Friends of Hagan, a Goat non profit entity.  The Goat has the keys to this dorm.  The Goat can enter the dorm at any time, day or night.

The Goat’s son Ezi Greer used to live at 243 Ellsworth, two houses away from the dorm building.  During the Goat child rape trial Eli Mirlis testified that while he was getting raped by the Goat in one of the dorm rooms Ezi Greer was outside the door banging on the door to try to stop his depraved father from raping Mirlis.

Ezi lived at 243 Ellsworth for many years.  243 Ellsworth is a house owned by the Goat’s non profit known as FOH, Inc., or Friends Of Ha-gan.  Yet for many years Ezi claimed that he owned his own house and did not rely on his Goat father for sustenance and support.  I still remember Ezi’s wife, who is Avi Hack’s sister, also talk about how Ezi owned the house because he wanted to be independent of the goat who sired him. For many years the compound was an incestuous S & M cult led by a depraved, deranged monster.

The Goat will try to hook one of his goat claws into one of these boys over the summer.  Rabbi Notis, the Goat’s Joke, will do nothing to stop the Goat, just as Avi Hack, Harold Hack, Dov Greer and Ezi Greer did nothing before him.  I don’t think the Goat’s Joke would even have the betzim to bang on the dorm room door to stop the Goat from raping a teenage boy.

Since this blog started I have been contacted by a number of male victims of child rape.  The consensus is that victims of child rape would rather see the enablers locked up than the actual rapist.  Child rapists are only able to get away with their crimes because people like the Goat’s Joke, Harold Hack, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, and Avi Hack sat around and did nothing.

The Jewish community continues to sit around and do nothing while Rabbi Notis, the Goat’s Joke, runs the Goat’s defunct school and minors continue to reside in properties owned by the Goat.  The Goat has a key to every building.  The Goat used to have a key to Avi Hack’s heart, Avi described the Goat in his deposition as his “religious guidepost, superlative in every way.”

Avi decided to flip on the Goat after Mirlis filed his lawsuit against Avi and the Goat.  Avi was named as a defendant for his failure to protect Mirlis from the Goat as school principal.  After Avi decided to help Mirlis against the Goat, Mirlis dropped his lawsuit against Avi.  Too little too late.  Avi could have saved Mirlis, and other students, from a lifetime of PTSD, Goat flashbacks, and post-Goat trauma.  Adults who graduated from the Goat’s Yeshiva and the Ewe’s school for girls, ie., Tikva, still get the chills when they read this blog.  Most will never set foot in New Haven.  The Goat’s own daughters haven’t passed through New Haven in years.  Ezi has been spotted in New Haven now and then, he works for a property management company that has real estate in the city.  Dov Greer hasn’t been spotted in New Haven in years.  The Goat’s grandchildren, the half Greer – half Hacks, ie., the Gracks, haven’t set foot in New Haven in years.

Rabbi David Bleich sits on the Board of the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc., and was even named as a supporting witness by the Goat.  Rabbi Bleich has done nothing to warn Jews about this depraved monster.  When Larry Noodles speaks a few felons and reprobates listen to what he has to say, and nod their heads and shrug their shoulders.  When Rabbi Bleich speaks thousands of Jews in the metropolitan New York area intently listen to him and hang onto his every word. Someday I hope to learn this trick of mass hypnosis.

You can ask Rabbi J David Bleich why he has chosen to remain silent: bleich@yu.edu.   Bleich does not have a Facebook page so you won’t be able to send him pictures of your kosher dinner you had last night at the 92nd Street Y cafe.  If you want to send Larry Noodles pictures of your dinner I will gladly view your photos.

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    1. I believe Notis is still there running the show, recruiting new boys all the time, there is a high turnover. Nobody knows about the Goat until they get there.

  1. Ok done

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    As a fellow Jew why do you remain silent on rabbi Greer

    I can’t believe a scholar like you is still on Greers board

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