Good Chance The Goat Will Walk Free Tomorrow

Good Chance The Goat Will Walk Free Tomorrow

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Daniel Greer is happy that the jurors have been deadlocked all day and cannot decide whether the Goat is guilty or innocent

The saga of the Goat continued all day today in New Haven criminal court. The jury deliberated for most of the day and couldn’t reach a verdict. It doesn’t look good for the State of Connecticut. The Goat has already ordered a case of champagne to be delivered to the compound. I could tell that the Goat was happy because he completely ignored me when I filmed him outside the courthouse. When the Goat is mad he usually snarls at me. When the Goat is happy he is on the top of the world and I don’t exist, so he ignores me.

The Jury sent the following notes to Judge Alander during the day: Can we have someone show us how to play the DVD? Can we hear Eli Mirlis testimony of first encounter between the goat and Mirlis? Can we hear testimony of ritual baths and swimming? What years did DeRosa teach? Can we hear Eli’s testimony about Derosa?

Judge Alander had the court reporter play back the audiotape of Mirlis talking about his first encounter with the Goat at 777 Elm street on direct examination. The jury listened to testimony of Mirlis on direct talking about Dr DeRosa and how they went out for pizza every Thursday at Edge of the Woods and Mirlis said Derosa called pizza sauce gravy because he was from that part of Italy where they called it gravy. The jury listened to the testimony of Mirlis on cross examination where the Dow hammered Mirlis about his failure to mention the crotch touch to the police and in the civil suit, yet he mentioned the crotch touch during the trial. The jury also listened to the testimony of Mirlis describing a class trip to Nantucket with Avi Hack. Mirlis said they went bike riding and he never went swimming. He said he went to the mikva twice a year. He said he wouldn’t go to the mikvah with the goat. He had no idea whether the goat went to the mikvah. He said he never went to the mikvah with the Goat.

After listening to the audiotape playbacks the jury deliberated for a couple of more hours and then sent another note to Judge Alander asking for the date that Dr. DeRosa left his old job and went to work for the Goat. Judge Alander told the jury that Dr. DeRosa did not testify as to a date that he started to work for the Goat. Alander then excused the jury for the day. They will return to deliberate tomorrow.

The jury is obviously struggling with the testimony of Dr. DeRosa. Mirlis testified that he enjoyed DeRosa’s class and he went out to eat pizza with DeRosa every Thursday at Edge of the Woods. Mirlis said that DeRosa used to talk to him about pizza sauce, which DeRosa called “gravy” based on the part of Italy DeRosa was from. DeRosa testified that Mirlis never showed up for class at the Goat school and that he wouldn’t have a cup of tea with Mirlis let alone go out for pizza with him. DeRosa testified that Mirlis was out of control.

If the jury thinks Mirlis is being untruthful about DeRosa then the jury will think that Mirlis is being untruthful about the Goat. Mystery man Avi Hack has been mentioned throughout the proceedings. DeRosa testified that Avi Hack changed Mirlis grade from an F to a B. DeRosa testified that Avi Hack told DeRosa that Mirlis had better things to do than to go to DeRosa’s class. The jury must be speculating that something devious went on between Mirlis and Hack. The jury must be wondering why Avi is not in Court to back up Mirlis. The State’s Attorney’s Office should have hauled Avi Hack into court in order to clear up any confusion that the jury is now experiencing during deliberations.

The State’s Attorney’s Office made two very big blunders in this case. The State’s Attorney had two years to either haul Avi into court or into a deposition, and yet failed to do so. The State’s Attorney made a last minute, last ditch effort to haul Avi Hack into court, but Avi was sneaky enough to avoid all attempts to serve him with a subpoena. The State’s Attorney then made an attempt to obtain a copy of the videotape deposition of Avi Hack at the last minute. They lost their motion to get the videotape. The second blunder was when the sexual assault charges were dismissed because the State filed their criminal charges under the wrong statute. The State had no time to amend the charges because the Dow filed his Motion to Dismiss at the close of evidence, so it was too late to amend.

The fact that the jury wants to know when Dr. DeRosa worked at the Goat school is very significant. Mirlis testified that he saw DeRosa in the school in 2002-2003, when Mirlis was 15 years old. The State has to prove that Mirlis was under the age of 16 in order to get a conviction for risk of injury to a minor. If the jury cannot determine the age of Mirlis at the time of the assaults, there is enough reasonable doubt to acquit the Goat. The Goat will be a free range Goat tomorrow. I expect the Dow to reach new heights tomorrow, which will cause an uptick in world markets, the Nikki Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Exchange, the NASDAQ, the Chicago commodities exchange, pork bellies, soybeans, ethanol, goat kishka.

If Avi Hack were in the case he would be able to verify that Mirlis was 15 at the time of the assaults. But Avi is nowhere in sight. The State is now stuck in the Goat mess without a crucial witness. I’ve done everything I can do to help bring the Goat to justice. If the Goat case ends in an acquittal tomorrow it was not for the lack of my efforts. If the Goat goes free tomorrow, which I think he will, for whatever reason the Goat’s freedom was part of the Divine Plan, just as the Goat’s last 40 year reign of abuse and terror at his compound was also part of the Divine Plan. Why do the evil prosper? I don’t know. My noodle is not big enough to understand such things.

My Facebook Page is overflowing with comments about the Goat. This is the best one that was posted regarding Dr. DeRosa: A hypothesis. Dr. DeRosa’s testimony was not necessarily as unfavorable to the defense as it might have appeared. They learned that Avi hack let Mirlis blow off De Rosa’s class. Avi Hack got DeRosa to change Mirlis’ grade. Absent any sort of evidence about Avi Hack’s relationship with the Goat – and there was no live testimony and the transcript was ruled inadmissible – and if you believed Ms. Ledbury’s testimony that the Goat didn’t have day to day control over the school, a juror wouldn’t necessarily believe these actions originated with the Goat. They might instead conclude that they were all Avi’s idea, and that Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis had some sort of strange special relationship going. The pizza incident might thus open a window into a radically different alternative narrative that could potentially also explain the evidence the jury heard, one where Eli Mirlis was a delinquent, uncontrollable kid used to manipulating the adults around him to get his way. The jury seems to be looking at other alternative explanations on various points, such as how Mirlis came to know about the Goat’s anatomy.

I also got a comment from a suspended attorney who did some time in Otisville about Willie the Dow pulling the Rabbi out of his hat with the last minute Motion To Dismiss the sexual assault charges based on the expired statute of limitations: The felon attorney told me that the Goat figured out the Statute of limitations issue and told the Dow about it. This makes sense to me. The Goat is an attorney. When I got indicted by the Feds I tried to find any angle to help my case. The attorney you hire will not spend as much time on your case as you would for yourself. This was the reason the Goat was so happy in court all week. The Goat knew that he had foiled Larry Noodles.

A local New Haven criminal defense attorney told me that the State will definitely recharge the Goat under the correct statute if he is either acquitted or there is a mistrial. I told him that the Goat is 79 years old. He laughed and told me that the Goat is a depraved beast, no different than a 90 year old Nazi who is hunted down and deported out of this country.

We’re slogging on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, we’re marching merrily,goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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  1. For those reading this, please note that the issues regarding this case are issues with the justice system and the influence of wealth. The Jewish community in New Haven does not seem to approve of the person being tried.

    The Jewish religion does not approve of non-productive sexual actions (i.e. wasting seed) nor does it encourage abusing another Jewish person.

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