Gov Rowland Gets Transferred to Lewisberg Prison

Gov Rowland Gets Transferred to Lewisberg Prison


Former Connecticut Governor Rowland was sentenced to 30 months because he worked for the Congressional campaign of Lisa Wilson-Foley and didn’t file the proper disclosure forms.  Rowland was paid $5K a month by Lisa’s wealthy husband Brian Foley.  The payments to Rowland were listed as an expense of Brian’s chain of health care facilities.  Foley didn’t want anyone to know Rowland was helping the campaign due to his previous felony conviction from 2004.  Bad press.

It is against the law to get paid to work for a campaign and not disclose your name to the government.  But it is not against the law to hide the names of wealthy donors to Super PACs and non-profits who donate to campaigns.  Hundreds of millions of dollars of this “dark money” flows into Presidential and Congressional campaigns each year.  The laws protect the names of mystery men who spend hundreds of millions of dollars to influence campaigns. Yet the US Attorney’s Office is more concerned with guys like Rowland.

Lisa Wilson Foley didn’t have a chance of winning the election, with or without the help of Rowland.  Lisa lost the Republican primary to a guy name Andrew Rorabach.  Rorabach was supported by a former FBI agent turned politician named Clark.  Clark was one of the G men who put away Rowland the first time he was indicted back in 2004.  Clark declared he was out to get Rowland for working for Lisa Wilson Foley.

If Lisa Wilson Foley had won the Republican primary she would have run against Democrat Christopher Donovan.  But Donovan dropped out of the race because of bad press caused by the indictments of a bunch of guys who attempted to bribe Donovan to get him to exempt roll your own cigarette shops from high tobacco taxes.  These guys didn’t bribe Donovan with cash in brown paper bags.  They gave him campaign contribution checks that totaled about $27K on a campaign that raised close to a million bucks. Donovan never got indicted.  The US Attorneys Office instead prosecuted guys whose campaign contributions represented only about 2% of the total cash raised for the campaign.

Three of the guys in the Donovan case spent time with me in Otisville Federal Prison.  The guy who ratted them out got six months in a halfway house.  John Rowland was supposed to join me and these guys in Otisville.  I even wrote a blog about it while I was in prison.  Rowland’s name went up on the whiteboard of Officer Scalboni.

Rowland never made it to Otisville.  He filed an appeal. He stayed out of prison while his appeal was pending.  Rowland’s name came down from Scalboni’s whiteboard.  Meanwhile, I became friends with the guys from the Donovan case.  I worked in the warehouse with one guy and was in the yoga class with the other guy.

Rowland checked into Otisville prison in September 2016.  I was long gone.  A month ago Rowland was transferred to a Federal prison in Lewisberg, PA.  The Feds did not tell the press the reason why Rowland was transferred from Otisville to Lewisberg.  I have a theory as to why Rowland was transferred to Lewisberg.

Rowland probably requested Lewisberg because Lewisberg has a Residential Drug Treatment Program or RDTP, “ar-dap”, as it is called in the clink.  Otisville does not have RDTP.  Many guys from Otisville transferred to Miami Federal prison in order to get into the RDTP program there.  Then they came back to Otisville after they completed the program, and got a nice tan.  RDTP allows you to get 6 months to a year off your sentence, plus extra time in a halfway house or home confinement.

Does this mean that John Rowland was a drug addict or alcoholic? In order to get into RDTP your Pre-Sentence Investigation report (PSI) has to mention that you had substance abuse problems around the time you committed your crime.  The PSI is sealed from public view.  Sometimes you can get into RDTP after you are sentenced if you get a doctor to write a good letter that says that you had some kind of drug or alcohol problem problem.

In Federal prison RDTP has a reputation for being easy to get into.  I would guess this is because the Federal employees who run the prisons want to get rid of inmates as soon as possible.  The longer you stay in prison the greater the odds are that you will lose your mind and become a danger to yourself and other inmates.  The lawyers who work in the US Attorneys Office, and the Federal Judges, want to appear tough on crime, and don’t care much about the Federal employees who must babysit hundreds of thousands of inmates.

I don’t believe Rowland had a substance abuse problem.  Rowland’s first wife filed domestic abuse charges against him, but he was never prosecuted.  The police report was never released.  Drinking and domestic violence usually go together.  But I heard from sources who have seen Rowland on the campaign trail.  They told me that he used to chug a lot of Diet Coke, and never saw him do shots of Irish whiskey.  Abuse of Diet Coke can be more dangerous to your health than alcohol.

After Rowland was sentenced, his second wife told the prosecutor to burn in hell.  If Rowland gets 6 months off for the RDTP program, another 3 months off for good behavior, and ten months of halfway house and home confinement, he could be out of jail as early as the fall of this year, in time to have a toast of egg nog with his wife.  Hopefully Rowland will grant me an exclusive interview when he gets out.


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    1. Maybe the Old Goat will get RDAP when he goes to prison. Nah molesters don’t qualify. They qualify for the RBAP. Residential beating and pimped out.

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