Governor John Rowland Checks in to Otisville Prison

Governor John Rowland Checks in to Otisville Prison

In this Thursday Sept. 18, 2014 photo, former Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland arrives at federal court in New Haven, Conn. A jury convicted Rowland Friday, Sept. 19, 2014 on all charges that he conspired to be paid for work on two political campaigns while disguising those payments in business deals. It is the second felony conviction for Rowland, who resigned as governor a decade ago in a scandal over illegal gifts he received while in office. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

The former Governor of Connecticut checked into the Otisville prison camp yesterday.  He is a two time felon.  He did a few months in a Federal prison in Pennsylvania over ten years ago, when he got busted for political corruption and got defrocked as governor of Connecticut.  “Dis-graas’d” as Big Sal would say.

His new bust stems from political related activities he did for the Republican husband-wife crime team that ran for Congress.  Wilson and Foley ratted out Rowland and got probation.  John couldn’t catch a break.  The Feds had it in for John Rowland.

Rowland was supposed to check into Otisville when I was locked up.  But Rowland filed an appeal.  The Feds let him stay out of jail while his appeal was pending.  His name came off the list of incoming inmates.  I blogged about it from jail in 2015.

Rowland’s inmate number is 15623-014.  His release date is 11/27/18.  He may get out ten months early to go to a halfway house in Waterbury or Hartford.  But then he would have to spend 10 months in a halfway house, which isn’t pleasant.  He will be locked up with mostly drug dealers.

Rowland will have a few guys from Connecticut to shmooze with while he is locked up.  One of my co-defendants, Andy the Greek, from Southington, is still stuck in Otisville.  Andy got a five year sentence.  He appealed but didn’t catch a break with the Second Circuit.

Andy and I were locked up with a few other Connecticut co-defendants, a guy named Lester from Waterbury and a guy named Wiseguy from New Haven.  Wiseguy took a few stray kittens home with him that were hanging around the prison. I guess he wanted a couple of souvenirs from Otisville.  He named the cats “Otis” and “Ville.”  Head Blueboy in Charge Scalboni should give away a cat to every inmate as a parting gift.  That will take care of the stray cat problem.  There is a female officer who likes to take care of the stray cats, much to the consternation of Officer Scalboni.

A bunch of Connecticut guys busted as part of the political scandal involving the campaign of Democrat Christopher Donovan were locked up with me in Otisville.  They each got about two or three years.  The guys who ratted them out did a couple of months in different prisons.  The Feds try to avoid a situation where a three month rat get locked up with the guy he ratted out.  There was Benny the bookie, and a few others, including a former cop.  All of these guys already got released from Otisville.

There is a guy from Connecticut who started yoga classes named Bob.  Yoga master Bob is doing close to ten years for mortgage fraud. His big mistake was going to trial.  You get hammered if you lose at trial.  I don’t see Rowland as the type to sign up for a yoga class, but you never know.  In jail you have a lot of free time on your hands.

Rowland will have a few political wheeler dealers to shmooze with in Otisville.  Carl Kruger, the former powerful Democratic State Senator from Brooklyn is still locked up.  Hassan Nemazee, a behind the scenes Democratic operative and big donor to the Clintons is still locked up for running a $300 million ponzi scheme.  Herman Jacobowitz is still locked up. He runs the Jewish quarter of the camp.  He keeps the Jewish inmates under control for the blueboyz.  He was not locked up for anything having to do with politics, but he is close with Rabbi Niederman, a powerful political wheeler dealer from Williamsburg, the headquarters of the Satmar Hasidic sect.

Rabbi Ben Haim, who was busted as part of a big political corruption case in New Jersey is long out of prison.  Ben Haim said he was close with the Jewish side of Donald Trump’s family.  Ben Haim said that he would make sure Trump gave us all pardons as soon as Trump became President.  I can’t see Trump giving out any pardons after the debate last night.  Trump may want to round us all up and put us back in jail.

John Rowland shouldn’t have much to worry about.  He has spent some time in prison already, he knows the rules of the game.  Plus Rowland can tap into his “secret network of benefactors” who have financed his $500,000.00 legal defense.  They can help Rowland pay for anything he needs in prison.  A few bucks goes a long way in jail.  But if Rowland comes in with too much money he will drive up the price of a tomato from 50 cents to a dollar, which would make it hard on other guys who don’t have access to spending money.

If the guys think Rowland has access to cash they will treat him like a king, hoping Rowland will spread the wealth.  The Black Muslim who runs the kitchen, ie., Abdul, will prepare Rowland a special dish of fried chicken.  I used to work with Abdul in the kitchen.  I told him we should hook up on the outside and open a restaurant called, “Abdul’s Soul Food.”  Abdul may be getting out soon.  He caught a break with Obama or some other new law to reduce long drug sentences.

When you first check into Otisville you are assigned to sleep in the dorm, which is a small room with about 20 bunk beds practically on top of each other.  Big Sal from Southington used to run the dorm.  Big Sal recently got transferred out of Otisville and placed in another prison in the ARDP drug and alcohol program, which can take about a year off your sentence.

Big Sal’s brother Vinnie is still locked up in Otisville.  But Vinnie was too classy for the dorms.  He lived in a more upscale cubicle.  For some reason the Head Blueboy in Charge let Sal stay in the dorms and not move to the cubicles in the other building.  I could never figure out the reason.  Big Pete, from Connecticut, also occupies the dorms, and was never asked to leave, for whatever reason.

Rowland will probably not spend too much time in the dorm.  He will be transferred to the main building with cubicles, and assigned a bunk mate.  The head blueboy will talk to his inmate assistant Dana Banana, and try to figure out which guy would be a good match for Rowland.  Dana Banana has already been locked up for a couple of years and knows the inmates pretty well.  When he was first locked up he nearly lost his mind and had some rough patches.  At one point he used my winter hat as his personal toilet. I had to throw out the hat.  At another point he almost killed inmate Artie with his tennis racquet.

Now Dana Banana is a veteran and has reached the top of the prison food chain.  He was appointed the assistant to the Head Blueboy in Charge, Scalboni.  Above Scalboni is a blueboy named Keating.  Keating was one of the few blueboyz who was impressed with my blogs.  He had a certain actor in mind to play him when I make a movie, but the name escapes me.

Right now the camp is being run by Bad Boy Russell, a drug dealer who violated his probation and is back in jail.  I was locked up with Russell.  There were not many guys who stood up to Russell.  But even Russell knew it wasn’t worth it to get into a fist fight with anyone, especially with a guy who is also big and strong.  Guys like Russell would pick on old white collar guys in their 60s.  That’s what bullies do.

Rowland will probably lose weight while he is locked up.  The prison food is not very appealing.  But Abdul can only do so much with the bargain basement priced food that the Feds buy in bulk.  Some guys actually gain weight in jail.  Some guys supplement their daily rations with disgusting frozen microwave oven kosher meals.  Meals that the Jewish guys throw out.  Imagine a  piece of tilapia, swimming in some kind of a sauce, with a small side of mashed potatoes and peas, all frozen and wrapped up in a flimsy plastic container.  When you cook this concoction in the microwave it gets super hot.  Sometimes it would fall apart in the microwave and you had a boiling hot mess of smelly fish to clean up.  Some guys, like Big Joe Benedetto, would eat their regular prison dinner ration, and then gobble up three or four of these tilapia meals.  Big Joe left prison about 100 pounds heavier than when he entered.







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