Greer Attacks Larry Noodles at Beit Din; Rabbinical Court Equates Greer to Pork Fresser

Greer Attacks Larry Noodles at Beit Din; Rabbinical Court Equates Greer to Pork Fresser


Some months ago Greer brought a defamation lawsuit in Connecticut Superior Court.  Greer alleged that Larry Noodles defamed Greer because Larry Noodles mentioned that Greer paid “hush money” to keep a student quiet.  Larry Noodles responded to Greer by filing a claim with the Beit Din of America requesting that Greer appear before the Rabbinical Court to resolve the defamation dispute, rather than have secular court run by the State of Connecticut decide the matter.  The Beit Din of America sent a letter to Greer requesting that he appear before the Beit Din to resolve the claim.  In response, Greer penned a slanderous letter to the Rabbinical Court, using many big words, in which he engaged in a vicious attack against Larry Noodles.

In his tirade to the Beit Din, Greer refused to mention Larry Noodles by name.  Instead, Greer referred to Larry Noodles as the “individual” who “posts on his various ‘blogs’, updated several times a week, and at times daily, false, hateful, vituperatively defamatory filth and preposterous slander about me and also, albeit less so, regarding others in our kehillah.”

In his letter Greer rants, “I have had only the most casual relationship with this individual and have never given him any reason for his unbounded venom.  Each of his postings issues new attacks and the deleterious consequences are ongoing.  He has single handedly torn apart the frum New Haven community.”

Greer defended his reason to avoid rabbinical court and instead file his defamation claim with the Superior Court of the State of Connecticut:  “my purpose in having recourse in the secular court is to obtain immediate injunctive relief.”  Yet nowhere in Greer’s complaint filed with the State of Connecticut does he seek or mention “injunctive relief.”  Greer only seeks monetary damages in his civil complaint against Larry Noodles.  Greer thus made a false statement to the Beit Din when he stated that he sought recourse in the secular court in order to “obtain immediate injunctive relief.”

Towards the end of his rant Greer made the following demands:  “I demand of this individual that he purge his ‘blogs’ of all references to me and my congregants and to the Yeshiva of New Haven, refrain from all further statements and post a full, complete and unqualified apology on his various ‘blogs.'”

Greer eventually concluded his tirade in the following way:  “I hope this letter adequately explains my position.  In no way is this letter to be understood or construed as my submitting to the Beit Din of America’s jurisdiction in this matter.”

The Beit Din of America has the following informational page on its website:   “What happens if the person who is summoned to a Din Torah refuses to come?  Jewish law forbids the defendant to refuse. It is a violation of Torah law, similar to eating non-kosher food or violating other Jewish laws.”  Greer’s refusal to appear before the Beit Din is thus equivalent to Greer eating a bacon double cheeseburger at McDonald’s.  Greer could really use a happy meal, he has serious anger management issues.

After the Beit Din reviewed Greer’s screed they advised Larry Noodles that another request will be made to Greer that he appear before the Rabbinical Court.  Stay tuned….



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