Greer Back In Jail After Months Of House Arrest

Greer Back In Jail After Months Of House Arrest

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On December 2, 2019 convicted pedophile Daniel Greer was sentenced to 20 years of incarceration, suspended after 12 years. Daniel Greer was taken into custody and locked up in the courthouse basement holding pen, and then eventually transferred to Cheshire Correctional Institution. In the spring of 2020, when COVID19 broke out, Greer’s attorneys filed motions for Greer’s temporary release from prison due to the COVID19 epidemic risk to Greer’s life. Greer’s son Ezi submitted a letter to Judge Alander requesting that Alander have mercy on Mr. Greer and release him from prison. Greer was ordered released on April 24, 2020, but was ordered re-incarcerated on July 30, 2020. On December 10, 2020 Greer was ordered released so that he could get the COVID19 vaccine. Greer got his vaccine and was scheduled to return to prison on April 8, 2021. Greer filed numerous petitions with the Court requesting that he remain out of jail until his appeal was decided. Greer’s motion to stay out of jail after April 8, 2021 was DENIED by the Court.

Greer turned himself in to jail at 10 AM on April 8th. Greer was transported to the courthouse by his loyal secretary of 25 years Jean Ledbury. Greer was accompanied by his wife. When Greer turned himself in on July 30th he was transported to the courthouse by his son Ezi Greer. Ezi Greer was nowhere to be seen when Greer turned himself in today. During the civil child rape trial the Plaintiff victim presented the testimony of an expert doctor who testified that there was some evidence that Greer raped his son Ezi.

Greer wore brand new white sneakers and a suit when he turned himself in. His usual attire is a suit and black dress shoes. I would imagine Greer has a letter from his podiatrist recommending that he be permitted to wear special orthotic shoes rather than the jail slippers most inmates wear. Greer runs the risk that another inmate will beat him up and steal his fancy new sneakers, although Greer is in solitary confinement for his own protection so he doesn’t get to interact much with the other inmates. I’m not sure why Greer wore a suit that he would have to immediately take off as soon as he was in the custody of the Department of Corrections. Its possible that he wanted to look sharp for the media, but there was no media in sight. I was the only member of the media armed with a cell phone camera. He looked down at me and sneered, as usual. His wife used to tell members of his small community that people were jealous of her husband’s wealth and success, the reason for his legal troubles. Greer was more concerned about his public image than having to spend the next 12 years living in a cage the size of a closet. He must be planning to rebuild his compound upon his release on his 90th birthday.

Greer’s lawyers submitted a lengthy emergency motion requesting that “Rabbi” Greer be permitted to stay out of jail while his appeal dragged through the courts. The State’s Attorneys Office indicated that it would take no position on Greer’s motion. The Prosecutor’s Office is supposed to notify the victim about these types of motions filed by the defendant in order to get the victim’s input. I don’t believe the victim was ever contacted by the State’s Attorney’s Office with regard to this emergency motion. Had the State contacted the victim, the victim would have indicated that he objected to the Court granting Greer’s motion.

Greer’s lawyers argued that Greer suffers from following medical conditions: congestive heart failure, macular degeneration, and fluid congestion in the lungs. Greer’s lawyers submitted a letter signed by a Department of Corrections physician Dr. Johnny Wright, who concluded the following: “It is clear the Mr. Greer, at 80 years of age, suffers from many significant health issues. None are immediately life-threatening, but all require regular monitoring by primary care providers and most in importantly specialists, in order to preserve his health. Dealing with the medical needs of elderly inmates is always a challenge to, and burden on, the correctional system. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased that challenge, as travel restrictions make it harder to arrange the type of periodic monitoring that Mr. Greer’s conditions require. I do not know all the factors the court must take into account in deciding whether to allow a defendant to be released pending appeal. From a purely medical perspective, though, the Department of Corrections preference would be that he continue to be treated at his own expense, while on release during his appeal period.” I’m not sure how to interpret Dr. Wright’s letter. Is is asking that Greer be released pending appeal or is he asking that Greer pay for his own doctors if he is released on appeal? Are there any doctors out there who can translate this medical jargon for a simple man like myself? More importantly, are there any doctors out there who can explain Dr. Wright’s phrase “most in importantly?” Is this also medical terminology? Dr. Wright also stated in his letter the following: “the records high light history of periodic choking episodes at night.” What does this mean? Is there a “high light” that shines on Greer that causes him to choke? See Greer’s emergency motion, which was denied, below:

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