Greer Blaming Avi Hack for his Crimes

Greer Blaming Avi Hack for his Crimes

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Greer’s attorney William Ward filed a motion today seeking to delay the scheduled deposition of “Rabbi” Greer.  Ward claims he doesn’t have enough time to gather together the documents requested by Mirlis’ attorney to be reviewed at the deposition.  Mirlis requested that Greer produce records of property transfers, a list of assets, credit card receipts for motels and hotels in which Greer booked rooms with teenage boys, and insurance policies that could possibly pay for Greer’s one man crime wave.  Greer’s deposition is scheduled for tomorrow.

Attorney Ward asked in his motion that Greer’s deposition be “rescheduled after the Jewish Holidays at the beginning of October, 2016.”  Greer forgot to give his goyisha attorney a copy of the Hebrew calendar.  Rosh Hashana falls on the dates of October 3rd and 4th.  The Fast of Gedaliah is on October 5.  Ward is asking the Judge to order that Greer be deposed on either Rosh Hashana or on a fast day.  This is what happens when you try to save money and hire a cheap attorney who works out of his basement in Litchfield.  Greer’s attorney should have asked the judge to schedule the depositions for early November.  But throughout his motion Ward refers to October.  Larry Noodles told Greer early on to hire a big name attorney like Hugh Keefe. Hugh Keefe wouldn’t make such a stupid mistake like this.  See what happens when you don’t listen to Larry Noodles.  If Greer is deposed while he is fasting he will probably pass out.

Cry baby Ward is also asking that the deposition of Greer rape victim Rabbi Avi Hack finish up before starting the deposition of Greer. Ward started taking Hack’s deposition but Hack’s attorney objected to some of the questions.  The deposition was stopped until the judge decides which questions should be allowed.  Ward has no legal grounds to argue that Hack’s deposition should be completed before scheduling Greer’s deposition.  The scheduling of one deposition has nothing to do with the scheduling of the other.  To make such a ridiculous argument will only cause Ward to lose all credibility with the Federal Judge.  Greer’s goose is cooked.  Greer already cooked and ate his pet goat Yankee.

Larry Noodles can only speculate as to what sort of questions that Hack’s attorney has refused to let Hack answer. Most likely Ward is trying to ask Hack questions that would implicate Hack as the perpetrator.   Rabbi Hack was Greer’s right hand man when Mirlis was enrolled at the Greer asylum as a teenager.  Ward filed documents early on in this case in which he stated, “The defendant Greer denies the allegations to the extent that it alleges that Greer raped, sodomized, sexually assaulted, abused and molested the plaintiff at any time or place.  The defendant Greer had become aware however, that the Plaintiff was at the Branford Motel with another person or persons who are not defendants in this case.”   Greer must be referring to Rabbi Avi Hack as the person who is not a defendant who was at the Branford Motel with Mirlis.

It takes a lot of chutzpah for Greer to try to turn Rabbi Avi Hack into the bad guy.  Trying to blame Avi for the rape of Mirlis?  You have got to be kidding!   If, for argument sake, Avi Hack did indeed rape Mirlis, then Greer would be the victim of a major injustice.  Greer’s family would be standing behind Greer and shouting out to the world that their father is innocent and it was Rabbi Hack who is the real villain.  Please!    Greer’s family skipped town.  Greer’s sons, who have lived and worked in New Haven for almost their entire lives, have moved out of the compound.

According to court documents filed over the summer, Rabbi Avi Hack was supposed to have moved to Virginia already and took a job down there.  But Larry Noodles is getting reports that Avi Hack is settling down in Rhode Island with his in-laws.  At least Hack is away from outlaws like Greer.

The crux of the Greer defense is to blame everything on Avi Hack. It just goes to show you what kind of a psychopath Greer really is. For Greer’s attorney to advocate such a defense is ludicrous.  Does Ward have any moral fiber in his entire body?   No jury in the world will believe Greer.  Greer needs to settle this case.  The more this case drags on the deeper the hole Greer digs for himself.  The legendary, and always entertaining, attorney Joe Mirsky used to tell me in the Bridgeport courthouse, “You gotta know when to hold and you gotta know when to fold.” Greer has no cards to play.  He gotta fold.  It’s too bad Joe Mirsky is no longer around. He would provide Greer with a better legal defense.  Ward is clearly doing Greer a disservice and making a mockery of the judicial system.

Greer would throw anyone under the bus in order to save his own depraved soul. Blame the victim. In court documents Greer denies raping anyone.  Greer suggests it was Avi who was the rapist.  Or that Avi had some kind of homosexual relationship with Mirlis.  Some time ago Larry Noodles reported that a former student said that Avi Hack said he was raped by an “old Jewish man” from New Haven.  Why would Avi Hack tell this former student such a thing, years before the Mirlis lawsuit was filed.  It must be true. This student also said that Hack’s wife knew about the rape.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Greer’s sons knew about the rape of Avi Hack, they were all like brothers.  Probably the reason the Greer sons left town.  If  Greer’s sons thought that Avi was a predator they certainly would not have left New Haven.  They would have  stayed in town and defended their father’s name and reputation. They would have directed all their anger at Avi Hack, for having caused Mirlis to sue their father.

Greer’s legal strategy to point the finger at Avi Hack causes shame and humiliation to the entire Hack family, not to mention Greer’s own children, as Greer’s son is married to Avi Hack’s sister.  Greer raping Avi Hack wasn’t enough shame and humiliation for the Hack family to endure. Greer now takes it to a new level.  Despicable.  Outrageous.  Disgusting.

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