Greer Brings More Lawsuits Against the City of New Haven

Greer Brings More Lawsuits Against the City of New Haven

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It takes a lot of chutzpah to bring three lawsuits against the City of New Haven looking for tax breaks on non-profit entities that already pay less taxes to the City of New Haven because of their status as non-profits.  The Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis just filed a lawsuit on behalf of Edgewood Corners, a lawsuit on behalf of Edgewood Village, and a lawsuit on behalf of FOH.  Margolis is looking for a Superior Court Judge to order the City of New Haven to reduce the values on Greer properties so that the Goat will pay less in property taxes.  “Rabbi” Greer is looking for tax breaks on buildings he utilized to rape Jewish children.

The Goat also recently brought a lawsuit on behalf of himself and his wife to get the taxes reduced on his residence located on 133 West Park Avenue.  With these four lawsuits filed by Attorney Margolis, the Goat is looking to get reductions on almost 40 properties valued at close to $10 million.   The Goat wants to stick it to the City of New Haven, the Internal Revenue Service and the American taxpayers.  The City of New Haven will have to raise taxes for everyone else if the Goat succeeds in getting his taxes reduced.

The leaders of the Jewish community, the leaders of Yale University, and the leaders of the LTGB community continue to remain silent while this homosexual Yale grad, and mentally deranged pedophile, continues to roam the streets of New Haven dressed up as a disheveled rabbi looking for more children to rape.  Where is the outrage?

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  1. More chutzpah from the Goat who started a propaganda blog in Feb.

    To counter Larry Noodles exposing that virtually everyone is running for their lives from the compound the Goat has a very upbeat sales pitch to attract new victims.

    And then in another post, the Goat tries to carpetbag & jump on the coat tails of a real yeshiva that once existed in New Haven, insinuating he is the continuation of the yeshiva, when there is no connection whatsoever. The yeshiva actually moved out of New Haven to Cleveland more than 8 decades ago in 1931. Between all of his grunting, the Goat can’t even get his facts straight as Rabbi Ruderman is not the son in law of Rabbi Levenberg. He is son in law of the other yeshiva head, Rabbi Kramer.

    Posted on July 4, 2017 by rabbidanielgreer

    The Yeshiva of New Haven Synagogue is a thriving congregation, presided over by Rabbi Daniel Greer.

    Yeshiva of New Haven Synagogue and its affiliate elementary school, also called ‘The Gan School’, participated in celebrate Connecticut 350, in 1986 during the trisesquicentennial (three hundred fiftieth anniversary) of New Haven colony. As one of only two private schools in New Haven to participate, the students chose to interview elderly residents who personally knew Rav Yehuda Levenberg, the founder of the original Yeshiva of New Haven. The final report written by the students was deposited both at the New Haven Jewish Historical Society and at the Archives of Agudath Israel of America. The project was headed by Rabbi Dr. Mordecai Biser, then a second-year student at Yale Law. As one of the students noted, there were contradictions amongst the people interviewed, but much was learned from speaking to all of them. Among the New Haven residents interviewed at that time were: Sol Govrin, Al Margolis, Eli Shapiro, Sam Shapiro, and Eli Zimmerman.

    The outstanding fact of Rav Levenberg’s Yeshiva was that it was the very first Yeshiva outside of New York when it was founded in 1923. Al Margolis recalls that there were about 60-70 boys who learned at the Yeshiva including Dr. Belkin (who later became the president of Yeshiva College in New York). Rav Levenberg and his wife Devora had several children; Al Margolis married one of Rav Levenberg’s daughters, another daughter married Rav Ruderman, and another married Rav Yitzchak Ever who wrote a Yiddish biography of his illustrious father-in-law.

    Today, Yeshiva of New Haven Synagogue builds on the pioneering work of Rav Yehuda Levenberg of a century ago.

    The Goat had Biser interview the old timer Eli Shapiro.

    Do you know who this illustrious family is?

    He was the father of Cantor Ephraim Shapiro who the family claims is Orthodox but he lives in neighborhoods with no Orthodox Jews because he likes the salaries that non-Orthodox temples pay to Cantors to pray in non-Orthodox mixed seating while desecrating the Sabbath with a microphone.

    The Cantor’s daughters, Eli’s granddaughters, are now behind a sex scandal of their own as outlined by this NY Post article.

    How many sex scandals are connected to the Goat, both directly & indirectly?

    Maybe Larry Noodles can find out from Producer Bivins if there were any ploys involved utilizing peanuts or cashews with low end alcoholic beverages.

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