Greer Calls Larry Noodles a Reprobate in Sabbath Sermon

Greer Calls Larry Noodles a Reprobate in Sabbath Sermon

(May 15, 2016)  Rabbi Greer gave his weekly sermon at Sabbath services at the Greer shul yesterday at 765 Elm Street, known by locals as “the nightmare on Elm Street.”  Sources have told Larry Noodles that Rabbi Greer read from the weekly Torah portion, but skipped the verse that says, “A man who lies with a man as one lies with a woman, they have both done and abomination, they shall be put to death.”  Rabbi Greer focused on verse 16: “You shall not be a gossip monger among your people.”  Rabbi Greer spoke to the 10 men left in his congregation.  Rabbi Greer said that the New Haven Jewish community used to be very respectful of people’s privacy, until now.  Rabbi Greer said that he does not use the internet, but he is aware that there is a man in New Haven who has been blogging about him.  Rabbi Greer did not mention anything about the Federal lawsuit that accused him of repeatedly raping two teenage boys.

Rabbi Greer lambasted the dreaded “blogger” as the source of all his problems.  He said that this “blogger” is a “reprobate.”  The first definition that pops up on the internet for “reprobate” is: an unprincipled person (often used humorously or affectionately), a rogue, rascal, scoundrel, miscreant, good-for-nothing, villain, wretch, rake, degenerate, libertine, debauchee, cad, knave, rapscallion;  The word “reprobate” is used often in Christian Theology to refer to a sinner who is predestined to damnation.  Larry Noodles is not sure whether Rabbi Greer flattered him or insulted him.

Rabbi Greer exhorted his congregation on Shabbos not to visit the Larry Noodles blog because this will cause Larry Noodles to get more “hits”, and only encourage Larry Noodles to blog more, and cause this blog to hit the top of google search engines.   I would advise Rabbi Greer to tell the 10 remaining men at his synagogue to use search engines that provide users with anonymity, like DuckDuckGo.  Rabbi Greer is fond of animals, he has a farm in his garage filled with ducks and goats. DuckDuckGo will allow Greer congregants to read this blog without ever having their hits register on Larry Noodles counter.  But Larry Noodles has been getting many thousands of hits since he started writing about Rabbi Greer.  Apparently people are very interested in the life of a serial child rapist.   Larry Noodles doesn’t think that ten less people reading his blog each day will make much of a difference.

Larry Noodles heard from reliable sources that Rabbi Greer’s wife gives a weekly class to the bubbies (grandmothers) of the compound.  They gather each week to learn Torah and pray with Rebbetzin Greer.  Larry Noodles heard that these women are avid readers of this blog.  They are not big fans of Larry Noodles, but they read it religiously.  Sources have advised Larry Noodles that this nice little group of Jewish ladies have come to the conclusion that Larry Noodles needs to be “shot.” Larry Noodles did not report this threat on his life to the New Haven police. Larry Noodles would rather that the New Haven Police use their limited resources to lock up Rabbi Greer.  Plus Larry Noodles learned in law school that it takes more than mere talk to incur criminal liability.  There needs to be mens rea (intent) and actus reus (action) in order for one to be guilty of a crime.  In Rabbi Greer’s case, he had both mens rea and actus reus when he repeatedly raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis.

There is no law in this country that requires one to save another’s life, contrary to laws in other countries, and contrary to the Jewish law that Rabbi Greer read yesterday, “you shall not stand idle and watch the shedding of your fellow’s blood… you shall surely rebuke your fellow…”    Members of the insular, walled in Greer compound must have known that Rabbi Greer was a child rapist.  The Mirlis lawsuit lists two students who were repeatedly raped over many years.  I know of a third student who went on private “field trips” with Rabbi Greer every Sunday.  It may have been possible for Rabbi Greer to hide the rape of one child from members of the compound for a short period of time.  But to hide the repeated rape of three children, over many years, if not decades? And who knows how many other victims are out there?   You can’t go to the bathroom in the compound without everyone else knowing about it.  What goes on in the compound stays in the compound.  For decades members of the compound watched Rabbi Greer run his school like Abu Ghraib, with Rabbi Greer constantly yelling, humiliating, torturing and berating children, which included Greer’s own grandchildren.  I know one child whose mouth was covered with duct tape.  For many years they watched families come and go, not staying for more than a year.  Rabbi Greer is still in charge of a school for children.  Rabbi Greer’s family members have finally decided to follow this Jewish law and leave the compound, and not stand by while they watch Rabbi Greer continue to abuse children.

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  1. Number 1 he did NOT skip that verse period.
    And number 2 I don’t blame him if he called you such things I would do the same if some stalker was on my back all day. so maybe you should find a new occupation other than revealing all the lashon hora of klal yisroel!
    There is a special place in hell for such people and it might not feel that special in there

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