Greer Cited For Lead Paint

Greer Cited For Lead Paint


Back in 2008 the Greer goat and his non-profits were sued by the Environmental Protection Agency for massive amounts of lead paint found in the goat controlled buildings.  The old goat ended up shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for cleanup and fines.

The old goat at the time was worried about criminal charges being filed.  He hired the best attorneys money could buy.  After he reached a settlement with the EPA the old goat celebrated at his annual fundraising dinner.  He honored himself at the dinner.

At the time the old goat was sued by the EPA the New Haven Jewish community rallied against him.  I still recall rabbis and others give speeches about how the old goat was poisoning children.  Little did they know that this disgusting individual was poisoning Christian children and raping Jewish children.  Nice guy.

The old goat has not learned his lesson from 2008.  It is now 2016 and he is still getting in trouble for poisoning children.  The Department of Health of the City of New Haven just cited the old goat for lead paint at an Edgewood Village building located at 213 Norton Street.  What will it take to stop this monster from poisoning and raping defenseless children?



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  1. Let me see if I correctly understand this writing in your blog. Sarah Greer is going to court for a deposition concerning the assets from the ” non profit” properties and organizations that her husband owns and is involved with because Mirlis also wants that money too.
    Now, we all know how “Non Profit” stuff works…….The People At The Top Always Make The Money!!! It’s going to be interesting to see how her attorney lies to get her/ him out of this mess. Greer needs to be arrested and face a trial! Mirlis and other victims need to awarded all the money the Greers have, including hidden! It’s that simple!

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