Greer Claims He was Black Mailed by Avi Hack

Greer Claims He was Black Mailed by Avi Hack



Greer’s attorney filed a motion this past Friday in which he asked the Court to order Avi Hack to answer questions at a deposition that took place back on July 25, 2016.  Ward asked Hack questions about whether he had a sexual relationship with a student at the Greer school while the student was enrolled at the school.  Hack denied he had such a relationship.  Hack’s attorney instructed Hack not to answer questions about whether he had a sexual relationship with a student after the student graduated.  Greer’s attorney wants answers.

Hack was also asked about conversations he had with prominent Rabbi Hillel David.  Apparently Hack consulted with Rabbi David about Greer, Mirlis, sexual molestation and other issues involving the Greer case.  Hack’s attorney instructed Hack not to answer any questions about any conversations he had with Rabbi Hillel David.  Hack’s attorney claimed the priest-penitent privilege.  Hack claimed he consulted with Rabbi Hillel David seeking advice as a rabbi for spiritual and personal counseling.  Such conversations would be not be admissible in court and would be protected by the priest-penitent privilege.

Hack was also asked whether he nibbled on a student’s ear while he was principal of the Greer school.  Hack admitted that he nibbled on a student’s ear.  Larry Noodles was the first to report that he heard rumors that Hack had nibbled on a student’s ear.  Ward took this information from the Larry Noodles blog and used it against Hack.

Greer’s attorney also asked Hack questions about conversations Hack had with Greer.  Hack’s attorney claims he was prevented from fully asking questions about Hack’s conversations with Greer.

Hack was also asked about Rabbi Muroff.  Rabbi Muroff was the man who found $98,000.00 in cash in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist when he was a rabbi working for Greer in New Haven.  Muroff made the national news after he returned the cash to the seller of the desk.  Muroff was the one who told Larry Noodles about Greer’s sexual molestation of Hack and Mirlis, which prompted Larry Noodles to start blogging about Greer.  Nothing much was asked about Muroff, other than whether Muroff had witnessed any hanky panky between Hack and other students.  Hack denied that Muroff saw Hack inappropriately touching students.

The most outrageous claim made by Greer’s attorney is that Greer was blackmailed by Avi Hack.  He claims that Greer was “threatened by Aviad Hack that the former student would make the alleged allegations of sexual molestation if Greer did not turn over the control and / or assets of the school to Hack.  Shortly after Greer refused to succumb to that threat, Mirlis retained an attorney and brought the lawsuit.”  Ward argued at the deposition, “Perhaps it was Hack who was sexually molesting Mirlis, or perhaps he created or fabricated this claim… Hack, in an attempt to divert attention from his sexual molestation of students at the Yeshiva of New Haven and diverting them to Rabbi Greer…”

Greer’s attorney is pointing the finger at Avi Hack and Mirlis.   He accuses Hack and Mirlis of blackmail and extortion.  But the whole point of blackmail is to force someone to pay up. If they really were blackmailers and Greer refused to cave, they would go away quietly.  Why would they sue Greer and subject themselves, and their families, to years of litigation?  Why would they subject themselves and their families to such scrutiny?  Hack’s sister is married to Greer’s son.  Greer’s sons have abandoned their father.  If this was truly a case of Mirlis and Hack blackmailing Greer, then Greer’s sons would have stayed in the compound and defended their father against these blackmailers.  Instead, they left town and refuse to be seen in the compound.








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