Greer Closes, Then Reopens His Boys School the Next Day

Greer Closes, Then Reopens His Boys School the Next Day

(April 28, 2016)  Rabbi Muroff, the man who returned $98,000.00 in cash in a desk he purchased on Craigslist, named “the most honest man in America”,  told me that Rabbi Greer paid a former Greer student “in the millions of dollars” to settle a sexual molestation claim.  Rabbi Muroff, as a mandated reporter, has a duty to report what he knows about this student to the authorities.  Connecticut General Statutes, Sec. 17a-101a states the following:  “Any mandated reporter… who in the ordinary course of such person’s employment or profession has reasonable cause to suspect or believe that any child under the age of eighteen years has been abused or neglected… or is placed at imminent risk of serious harm, shall report or cause a report to be made… Any person required to report under the provisions of this section who fails to make such report or fails to make such report… shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor…”

Rabbi Muroff became aware of a child molested by Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Muroff has a duty to report this information to the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Rabbi Muroff is also aware that Rabbi Greer is currently running a Yeshiva with two students.  Rabbi Greer is not charging these students tuition.

Six months ago Rabbi Greer shut down his Yeshiva for teenage boys, which consisted of four students, two of whom were Rabbi Greer’s grandchildren. Rabbi Greer was told to shut down his Yeshiva by Torah Umesorah, the largest Orthodox Jewish educational organization in the United States.  Torah Umesorah acted as a mediator between Rabbi Greer and the student Rabbi Greer molested and paid millions of dollars in hush money. Torah Umesorah also worked hard to keep everything quiet. I wonder how many millions in “donations” Rabbi Greer gave to Torah Umesorah to keep things quiet.

Rabbi Greer’s two grandchildren transferred to a different yeshiva located in New York.  Rabbi Greer reopened his New Haven yeshiva the next day with the other two teenage boys.  Rabbi Greer somehow convinced these boys to stay at Greer’s “new” yeshiva.  Rabbi Greer was not truthful with these boys about what was going on with the molestation case. The only reason Rabbi Greer opened this “new” yeshiva is because Rabbi Greer has an ego the size of Brooklyn.  Being in charge of a yeshiva makes Rabbi Greer feel important.  Running a yeshiva is a sign of prestige in the Orthodox Jewish community.  These two teenage boys are currently being taught every day by child molester Rabbi Greer.

Under Section 17a-101a Rabbi Muroff has a duty to report to the authorities that these boys are currently “placed at imminent risk of serious harm.”  Rabbi Avi Hack resigned his teaching position at Rabbi Greer’s yeshiva after it was closed down for a day.  He left under mysterious circumstances.  Rabbi Avi Hack, who was molested by Rabbi Greer as a teenager, is currently looking for a job at a different yeshiva.  Would you want Rabbi Avi Hack or Rabbi Greer teaching your teenage boys?

Torah Umesorah, the organization that kept Greer’s molestation case under wraps, has Rabbi Greer’s “Yeshiva of New Haven” listed on it’s website as one of it’s schools!  Shouldn’t Torah Umesorah be warning potential students about the dangers that lurk inside the Greer Yeshiva rather than referring teenage boys to his school?

At the time Greer shut down his yeshiva because of the molestation case, Greer’s two loyal sons, who still reside in the Greer compound, convinced Rabbi Greer to move his office across the street to a building Greer rented to the City of New Haven Police Department for a police substation. Rabbi Avi Hack, who might as well be Rabbi Greer’s third son, took part in these discussions. Part of the Greer and Hack strategy of “damage control.”  Keep the old chomo (child molester) out of the compound until things settle down.

Greer’s daughters abandoned Rabbi Greer many years ago, moving far away, rarely setting foot in the City of New Haven.  Greer’s only sibling also left New Haven many years ago and moved to the other side of the country.

After Rabbi Greer shut down his Yeshiva for a day, Rabbi Greer started to work out of the office that he rented to the New Haven Police Department, located across the street from the Greer yeshiva.  Talk about letting the fox watch the hen house.

Greer always prided himself on developing relationships with New Haven politicians and the New Haven Police Department.  His son serves on a number of City of New Haven and Police Department boards and commissions, and drives around in a beat up retired police vehicle.  Greer’s other son drives around the city with a police scanner, getting to the scene of a crime before the New Haven Police Department.

US Speaker of the House and serial child molester Dennis Hastert, much like Rabbi Greer, was a law and order get tough on crime conservative.  He believed in life sentences for child molesters.  He also paid millions in hush money to a man he sodomized when the man was 14 years old.  Rabbi Greer should share a jail cell with Dennis Hastert, they have a lot in common…. Stay tuned, more to come…

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