Greer Compound Hit With Graffiti

Greer Compound Hit With Graffiti


June 9, 2016

Two days ago Rabbi Greer’s compound buildings were hit with graffiti.  The building that Greer used to rent to the City of New Haven for $1,200.00 a month to house a police substation was hit with graffiti, along with the eight foot high fences that are behind this building next to the parking lot.  Rabbi Greer sent his loyal Eastern European goy to paint over the graffiti.  Larry Noodles couldn’t help but notice Greer’s goy and stopped his car and greeted him.  Greer’s goy was friendly and showed Larry Noodles the graffiti attack that he was cleaning up.  Larry Noodles jokingly told Greer’s goy to give his regards to Rabbi Greer.  This happened two days ago.

Today Larry Noodles was advised by a third party that Rabbi Greer requested access to information about the Mirlis case from Larry Noodles.  Rabbi Greer has also reached out to others for information.  At this time Larry Noodles is not at liberty to reveal the name of the third party, or how this third party heard from Rabbi Greer, or further details of how Rabbi Greer has been reaching out.  Only a VIP gold club membership in the Larry Noodles blog would allow access to this information.  Anyone else will have to bribe Larry Noodles with a dinner at Prime Grill in Manhattan.  Larry Noodles cannot be bribed by Rabbi Greer.  Larry Noodles has to maintain some moral standards, even for a convicted felon.

In other news,in the sexual harassment lawsuit against GOP Senate candidate August Wolf, a man with a similar bully personality to Rabbi Greer, the young woman amended her lawsuit to add a claim that Wolf slandered her by saying she tried to extort Wolf for money to drop her case.  The Wolf is claiming to be the victim of an extortion attempt.  Rabbi Greer tried to turn himself into the victim too,  when his lawyer said that the Mirlis lawsuit puts many “innocent adults at risk” of false allegations.  These “victims” ignore the evidence that most rapes go unreported.  The very reason Greer was able to commit his crimes over decades.

Raymond Douglas, a Professor at Colgate, wrote a book “On Being Raped” and recently described to the NY Times how male victims cope with rape, which does not get as much attention as female rape:  “People respond to things like this in different ways. Some engage in a great deal of sexual activity, often risky sexual activity which can frequently lead to re-victimization. Another common way out is to withdraw into oneself. This was, as you know, my first sexual experience. It wasn’t of the nature to make me look forward to the next one with keen anticipation.”

Greer’s lawyer questioned why it took so long for Mirlis to bring his case.  It took Professor Douglas 30 years to come forward and discuss how he was raped by a priest.  Mirlis was raped by Greer as a teen, most likely his first sexual experience. What could be more traumatizing that losing your virginity to Rabbi Greer?

I heard from one source that marital problems may have spurred Mirlis to bring the case against Greer.  Whatever the reason, your life is never the same.  Douglas was raped once by a priest.  He said he will never be able to put it in his past. Mirlis was repeatedly raped by Rabbi Greer on many occasions.   The fact that he was able to get married and raise a family is a big accomplishment.

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