Greer Compound in Turmoil

Greer Compound in Turmoil

(May 3, 2016)

Since news broke that a former student by the name of Eliyahu Mirlis filed a lawsuit in Federal court against Strongman Rabbi Daniel Greer and alleged that Rabbi Greer, “anally raped, sodomized and in other ways sexually assaulted, abused and molested Eli dozens and dozens of times, with each incident lasting on average from one to four hours, and sometimes all night” the Greer compound has been in turmoil.

Mirlis has alleged that Daniel Greer forced Merlis “to engage in acts of sex with him, including forced fellatio, anal sex, fondling and masturbation, gave Eli alcohol at the time of said rapes and showed Eli pornographic films.”  Mirlis allged that “senior administrators and officials of The School, including The School’s assistant principal, actually knew and/or should have known that the Rabbi was raping, sodomizing and sexually assaulting, abusing and molesting the minor boy; and they did nothing to stop it.”  Senior officials and administrators would include such people as Rabbi Avi Hack and Rabbi Dov Greer.

Rabbi Avi Hack has been the assistant principal for many years at the Greer compound.  The modus operandi of the Greer criminal enterprise was to lure unsuspecting children into the school who had past disciplinary problems.  The small out-of-town Greer school was supposed to help these boys improve their behavior. What these families didn’t realize that the Greer school was a trap for the unwary. Rabbi Greer had no intention of helping these boys.  His only intention was to use them for his own sick pleasures.

Mirlis alleged that “administrators and officials of The School failed to safeguard the keys to the rental properties, providing Rabbi Greer with multiple places where he could rape and assault his child victim at his leisure without fear of being discovered or stopped.”  Failure to safeguard rental properties is clearly an allegation aimed at Ezi Greer, who manages the Greer rental properties.  Mirlis has made a direct attack against the entire Daniel Greer gang, and the Gang has scattered like roaches in a Section 8 rental unit.

Rabbi Avi Hack left town and is camping out with his inlaws.  Dov Greer is hiding out in Israel.  Ezi Greer’s whereabouts are unknown.  It is possible Ezi is at the New Haven Police Department getting a cell ready for his father, who now has the attention of the State’s Attorneys Office.  It is clear that a criminal investigation will be opened, where it leads to is anyone’s guess.  Eliyahu Mirlis will cooperate with the police investigation.

And where is Daniel Greer hiding?  Rabbi Daniel Greer runs a synagogue with about ten men, a “minyan,” who come to regular services in the morning and in the late afternoon.  Rabbi Daniel Greer has boasted that his minyan has been going strong for many years, and he has never “missed a minyan.”  That is until now.

News crews descended upon the school this afternoon.  They couldn’t find Daniel Greer.  Daniel Greer was probably hiding out in his home and farm, located on West Park Ave. Rabbi Greer has cancelled afternoon prayer services for May 3, and has cancelled morning services for May 4.  Now is the time, more than ever, that Rabbi Greer needs to pray.  Why is he shutting himself out?  He has ten guys who are so devoted to him that they are willing to overlook his sick transgressions and pray with him.  Talk about loyalty!  His own children have abandoned him, yet these ten strangers are willing to accept him.

I spent 18 months in jail and prayed with Jews with all kinds of criminal records.  In the 18 months I was locked up there was not a single person in the minyan who did not have a criminal record. There were tense moments with guys having physical altercations in the middle of prayers. The purpose of communal prayer is to gain strength in numbers.  When you pray alone you are all alone.  Group prayer shows G-d that you are able to put aside whatever differences you have with others and work together in order to better yourself and in order to better the community.

Having personally known Rabbi Daniel Greer for many years, I implore Rabbi Greer to return to his shul on Elm Street.  There are nine decent guys who rely upon you to open your building for daily prayer services.  And shame on Greer’s sons for abandoning their father. The command to “honor your father and your mother” is listed on the first tablet of the Ten Commandments.  I ask Rabbi Greer’s sons this question:  If you were in trouble how would you feel if your children abandoned you?   And what kind of lesson are you teaching your own children when you abandon your own father in the most difficult time of his life?

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