Greer Cop Friends Mired in Scandal

Greer Cop Friends Mired in Scandal


(August 3, 2016)    New York City Police Chief William Bratton was given his walking papers yesterday by the City of New York yesterday.  He retired amidst a rampant bribery scandal that has rocked the New York Police Department for the last year.  Top cops bribed with diamonds, hotel rooms, basketball game tickets, video games and prostitutes.  And a Federal investigation into campaign election fraud of Mayor De Blasio.  Two Orthodox Jews got caught up in this ongoing scandal. Rechnitz and Reichberg.  At the present Rechnitz and Reichberg are rats helping the Feds get others indicted.  Larry Noodles would never lower himself to rat out another criminal.  Larry Noodle is old school.  He believes in honor among thieves.

Reichberg and Rechnitz are not cops or politicians. Reichberg describes himself as a Boro Park “community liason.” Boro Park is home to tens of thousands of Hasidic Jews.  Similarly, Greer and his crew are not cops or politicians.  The closest the Greers have come to a police badge is when they were children playing cops and robbers in the compound.

The Greers have been described by the local New Haven news rags as “community activists”   It’s not clear what “community” the Greers represent.  Most of Greer’s “community” has abandoned the compound.   Greer has to pay people to show up at his synagogue to make a minyan.  At least Reichberg has some substance.  He can back up his claim that he is the capo of a large gang of Hasidic Jews.  Greer can only claim that he leads a gang of goats in his garage.

Chief Bratton was a good friend of Greer.  He was honored at Greer’s annual fundraiser.  When asked about the scandal plaguing the New York Police Department, Bratton said that the corruption was far worse during the days of the Lindsay Administration, when it was “pervasive throughout the department.”   Rabbi Greer served in the Lindsay Administration.  He was called Lindsay’s top Jew.  Things haven’t changed.  Greer always seems to be in the center of corruption whether it is New York or New Haven.

The NY Times reported that Reichberg and Rechnitz were “motivated by more than just the thrill of meddling in police politics, they wanted the department to serve as a private police force for themselves and their friends, they got cops on call, senior police officials were quick to play the roles of chauffeur, bodyguard and concierge for them, driving them around town and to the airport, with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Other times, the police sent underlings to help them, who were involved in the diamond trade, against a business rival or to retrieve gemstones that were the subject of disputes over payment.”

Reichberg and Rechnitz sound like the Greers in New Haven.  The Greer listen to their police scanners every night and drive out to the scene of a crime before the police even arrive.   I once was at the scene of a shooting at a laundromat.  I didn’t hear the shooting as I was inside, but when I got outside I saw a lot of police activity. Then I saw the Greer boyz drive up in their pick up truck.  It was part of a Greer undercover investigation.  They should have been so thorough in investigating their father when he was sodomizing Jewish children at his Jewish school for boys.

But Reichberg and Rechnitz were not into having forcible sex with children.  They had their own “Mile High Club” in which they flew top cops on a private jet to Las Vegas with prostitutes dressed up as stewardesses.  For the uninitiated, you become a  member of the Mile High Club when you engage in intimate relations on an airplane that is at least a mile up in the air.

Greer’s cop buddy, New Haven Police Chief Esserman is also on the ropes.  Esserman was also honored at one of Greer’s fundraisers.  Esserman has a bad habit of having fits and tantrums in which he  publicly berates and humiliates people, like women, the elderly, waitresses, low ranking cops and other easy targets.  Sounds much like the way Rabbi Greer runs the compound.  The police union is trying to get rid of this low class, crude behemoth of a man.  The Greers, as far as I can tell, are standing behind Chief Esserman.  Birds of a feather flock together.

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