Greer Delays Federal Rape Case

Greer Delays Federal Rape Case




A status conference was scheduled before Federal Judge Shea for Monday October 3, the first day of Rosh Hashana.  Only the attorneys were required to attend.  Today Judge Shea cancelled this status conference.  The status conference was cancelled because Greer’s attorney succeeded in delaying this case with his frivolous motions and dilatory litigation tactics.

Rapist Greer has been hiding from the Federal marshal trying to serve him with a subpoena to appear at his deposition.  Greer did the same thing when the marshal was trying to serve him with the original lawsuit.  Greer’s attorney has been rescheduling Greer’s deposition every time it gets put on the calendar.  Greer had one deposition rescheduled, falsely claiming that he had a doctor’s appointment.

The attorney for Mirlis was forced to file motions to compel the deposition of the old goat.  The Attorney for Greer filed motions seeking to ask Hack all kinds of information about events that happened long after Mirlis was sodomized by Greer.  Judge Shea referred all these motions to Judge Martinez, a former United States Prosecutor, for resolution.

A typical Federal Judge has a large docket of cases.  Who knows how long it will take for Judge Martinez to rule on the Greer motions.  Greer is hoping that Judge Martinez will not put the Greer file on the top of her pile.  Hopefully Judge Martinez will see the games the old goat is trying to play on the Federal judiciary, and quickly rule on these motions.

Greer is 75 years old.  Who knows what will happen in few years to his physical and mental health. Greer’s mental health is clearly deteriorating. He recently went berserk and kicked me out of the compound, literally and figuratively.  He used his little left foot to kick me in the buttocks.

If Greer were in State court the case would be put on a special fast track to trial.  In State court your case is put on the fast track if one of the litigants is over 64 years old.  Greer wouldn’t be able to get away with all these shenanigans.   But the Federal court has no similar provision.

Greer probably feels that he can rest easy for awhile.  He can tell Gremlins Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw, Roffman, Arnie, Lou Goldberg, The Undertaker, Jerry Paley, and the rest of the gremlins to hang in there, things are proceeding as planned.  Greer’s minions will follow him into the nursing home.  The gremlins will be there to stroke his beard while he gets fed goat food by his aides.

But Greer will not be able to rest easy as long as I am alive.  I recently sent a letter to the head rabbis of the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva of Queens, ie., Rabbi Dovid Harris, and Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt.  These rabbis have been sending yeshiva students to the Greer asylum every Sabbath.  I informed these rabbis of the child rape lawsuit and all of the people involved.  I told them that all of Greer’s children have abandoned the old goat.  I told them that there are no Orthodox rabbis in New Haven, Waterbury or any other town in Connecticut who support Greer or who would recommend that their congregants go to the asylum.  I encouraged the rabbis to verify all this information.   I urged them to contact Rabbi Noach Muroff and the rabbis from Torah Umesorah, who forced Greer to close his yeshiva last year. I also told the rabbis that the boys from their yeshiva were witnesses to Greer’s physical attack on me.   If anyone wants to contact these rabbis directly, the phone number to their yeshiva is  (718) 268-4700.

In other news, Rabbi Dov Greer has secured rabbinical employment at Eitz Chaim of Dogwood Park, West Hempstead, Long Island.  This is according to the synagogue web site.  In spite of the web site, I got conflicting reports that Rabbi Dov Greer set up shop in Philadelphia.  Wherever he is, I am sure that he is happy to be far away from the compound.

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  1. How do you know T u M forced greer to close, i thougth you previously reported the school is still open? their website is still up. Do you ahve T u M’s letter or furhter info?

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