Greer Deposition Transcript – Inside the Mind of a Madman

Greer Deposition Transcript – Inside the Mind of a Madman

In court paperwork filed yesterday the attorney for Mirlis released the transcript of the deposition of child rapist Greer.  The old Goat’s answer to most of the questions was the following:  “On counsel’s advice, I invoke my right against self-incrimination not to answer the question under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Connecticut Constitution, and Connecticut General Statutes.”  But the Goat did answer a few questions.

The Goat testified that he has known Avi Hack since Avi was 2 1/2 years old.  He testified that Avi frequently came to the Goat house at an early age to hang out with the Goat’s son Dov.  (Page 38-39).

The Goat testified that he started a civil complaint against Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis alleging extortion and blackmail.  The Goat admitted that he had the complaint served on Avi Hack in the middle of Avi Hack’s deposition. (Page 50). The Goat never ended up filing the complaint.  He had it served by a marshal during Avi’s deposition in order to intimidate Avi.

Ponvert asked the goat: “Are you aware of anything Avi Hack has done in connection with the yeshiva or any of it’s students that you find or found to be improper in any way?”  The Goat’s reply:  “Nope”  The Goat was asked, “Do you find Avi Hack to be a trustworthy, honorable man?”  The Goat’s response:  “To an extent.”  The Goat went on to explain that he did not find Avi to be trustworthy in April of 2015, the time the Goat claimed that Avi, Mirlis and the Goat sons conspired to blackmail him into turning over the keys to the compound.  (Pages 70-72).

The Goat was asked whether he thought Eli Mirlis was an honorable or trustworthy person.  The Goat stated that he found Mirlis to be dishonorable in June of 2013 when Mirlis failed to pay $500 on a pledge he made to the Goat’s annual fundraising journal.  Every summer the Goat holds a fundraiser where he invites politicians from all over the State to appear and give speeches.  Senator Richard Blumenthal was a regular at these events.  They were called the “Gan Gathering.”  The Goat stated, “when he continually failed to honor a $500 obligation to the school I found that very troublesome.”  (Page 74)

The Goat was asked about whether he had spent any time with Mirlis at the Branford Motel.  The Goat responded, “Mr. Mirlis stayed with Shira Mirlis — she wasn’t Mirlis then, at that location, I was extremely upset with him about that.  Before their marriage.” (Page 61).

The Goat was asked whether he discussed the child rape allegations with his wife.  Ponvert asked, “You’ve never discussed them, even vaguely, with your wife?”  The Goat answered:  “No.”  (Page 65).  The Goat was asked about his sons:  “You’ve never discussed the allegations of this complaint with either of your sons?”  The Goat’s response: “No, because frankly they haven’t wanted to discuss it.” (Page 68).  The Goat is either lying through his fangs or he sired the most dysfunctional family known to man.  When asked about Rena Greer, the Goat refused to identify Rena as his daughter in law, rather, he stated, “she’s my son’s wife.”  (Page 68).

The Goat testified about his financial assets.  (Pages 18-20)  The Goat testified that he has access to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquid assets, including bank accounts, retirement accounts, money market accounts, brokerage accounts, etc…  Plus the Goat has numerous real estate holdings, including a building lot in Warham, Massachusetts, on the Cape. The Goat testified that he owns at least 40 properties, including his summer retreat in Newport, and his house on Edgewood Park in New Haven.  The Goat testified about hundreds of thousands of dollars of money transfers made between his various non-profit entities.  (Page 23).

The Goat submitted paperwork showing that he submitted the Mirlis lawsuit to his property insurance company and sought coverage.  The insurance company sent the Goat a form to sign before they would accept the claim.  The form stated, “Selective Insurance is willing to add sexual abuse coverage to the Yeshiva’s policy based on the assumptions that you will: (1) Formally adopt a sexual abuse policy (2) Confirm that to the best of your knowledge that Yeshiva has never had an incident which resulted in a claim or allegation of mental, physical or sexual abuse or molestation.”  The Goat testified that he refused to sign this form.  The Goat was denied coverage.  (Pages 24-25).






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  1. A rabbi takes the fifth on whether he had sex with young boys.


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