Greer Drags His Wife Into Child Rape Case

Greer Drags His Wife Into Child Rape Case


How low can the goat go?  The old goat has managed to drag his own wife Sarah into the child rape case.

Back on October 18, 1971, Sarah Bergman, the daughter of a New York diamond merchant married the old goat.  The marriage was reported by the New York Times.

The New York Times reported that Sarah Bergman was a teacher at the Great Neck Hebrew Day School, in Long Island.  Ironically, her son, who fled the compound after the lawsuit, is now a rabbi at a synagogue in Long Island not far from Great Neck.  Sarah Greer is listed as an adjunct instructor of Jewish studies at Yeshiva University.

The attorney for Mirlis just filed a subpoena to compel Sarah Greer to appear at a deposition and provide documentation, such as receipts for hotel rooms the old goat used to rape teenage boys.  It looks like Mirlis will compel Sarah Greer to testify against the old goat.

In Federal court spousal privilege only applies in criminal cases.   In a criminal case the wife can refuse to answer questions about what her defendant husband said to her during the marriage.  The purpose behind the rule was to prevent a situation where the husband is afraid to talk to his wife out of fear that whatever he says may incriminate him.  The wife shouldn’t be required to constantly warn the husband that whatever he says to her can and will be used against him in a court of law.

I don’t believe the old goat will be able to prevent his wife from testifying against him in a Federal civil case.  In a civil case, or a divorce case, the husband cannot hide behind this privilege.

Sarah Greer and the old goat were married close to 50 years, about the same amount of time that child molester Jerry Sandusky was married to his wife Dottie Sandusky.  The prosecutor in the Sandusky case told the Washington Post that wives of pedophiles either call the cops to rat them out or live a life of denial and protect the pedophile.  Dottie Sandusky supported her husband throughout the trial and even after he was convicted.

The victims in the Sandusky case stated that Dottie must have known what was going on, as they were raped in the Sandusky home while she was home.  The victims said Dottie must have heard the screams coming from the basement.

Sarah Greer is no different than Dottie Sandusky, or Carmela Soprano, as the Washington Post described Dottie.  Carmela Soprano knew that her husband was a mobster and a killer, yet she didn’t want to know anymore than she had to.

Sarah Greer was married to her monster husband for almost 50 years.  Sarah Greer ran a home with a number of children.  She ran a real estate business with her partner Doris “spite fence” Zelinsky.  Plus she taught at Yeshiva University.  She knew exactly what was going on in the compound at all times.

Sarah Greer knew that the old goat took teenager Avi Hack to Cape Cod for overnight stays in a hotel.  She knew when the old goat took boys from the Greer yeshiva out on Sunday afternoon “field trips.”  She knew that the old goat took Mirlis on overnight trips out of State.  Yet she remained silent.

Sarah Greer is now going to be forced to answer questions about why she didn’t do anything while her husband was molesting children for decades.  She can answer these questions in one of two ways.  She can answer honestly and express sympathy for the victims and regret that she didn’t do anything.  Or she can lie and continue to protect her degenerate husband.

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