Greer Drives The Undertaker Out of the Compound

Greer Drives The Undertaker Out of the Compound


The Undertaker has been a fixture in New Haven for close to 30 years.  He arrived here from Queens to teach at the local religious school.   The school dissolved, but the Undertaker stayed on, taking on a prominent role in the Jewish Burial Society.

The Undertaker rents an apartment in the Greer compound from old goat.  He has lived in this apartment for close to 30 years.  The Undertaker has been a regular at the Greer religious services for close to 30 years.  Now the old goat wants the Undertaker out of the compound.

The Undertaker was served with nasty legal mail authored by Dictator Greer’s eviction attorney Margolis.  The letter claims that the Undertaker is in violation of the lease and Greer wants him out.

In reality, the old goat wants the Undertaker out because the old goat thinks that the Undertaker is a double agent.  The old goat thinks that the Undertaker is revealing secrets about the compound to people outside the compound.  The Undertaker claims he was unaware that information in the compound is top secret and marked classified.  After all, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t realize her emails were marked classified and she never got kicked out of the compound.

These are a few of the secrets the Undertaker revealed to persons outside the compound:  1.  A locked safe in the basement of the Elm Street compound contains Donald Trump’s tax returns and Hillary Clinton’s computer with the 33,000 missing emails;  2.  Jimmy Hoffa’s head is buried under Greer’s house on 133 West Park Avenue.  Jimmy Hoffa’s body is buried under the Nightmare on Elm Street building; 3.  Tupac Shakur’s head and body are buried under Greer’s barn.

A few weeks ago Dictator Greer yelled at the Undertaker about revealing these top secrets.  A week later the Undertaker got a nasty legal letter from Attorney Margolis, the same attorney who handles Greer’s evictions.  I had posted an earlier blog about how Dictator Greer evicted a woman and her 87 year old elderly mother out of the compound.  Attorney Margolis tried to work with the woman and her elderly mother but he told her that Greer calls all the shots and he didn’t have a choice but to throw her out in the streets.

In Greer court news, the old goat has been trying to get his deposition postponed until eternity.  The old goat tried every trick in the book.  Greer claimed he had a doctors appointment when he really didn’t.  Motions were filed and a hearing was just held on Oct 18.  Greer and his attorney should have been sanctioned for all the games they have been playing, but the Judge went easy on them.  She ordered that Greer must appear for his deposition on the date of October 31, ie., Halloween.  How appropriate.  What could be more scary than being stuck in a deposition room with the Monster Greer, the Queerest Greer, the Monster Greer, Stay far and clear, the Monster Greer, watch your rear….



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