Greer Evicting Elderly & Impoverished Jews

Greer Evicting Elderly & Impoverished Jews

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July 13, 2016  Rabbi Greer recently filed two eviction cases against Jewish tenants living in the compound.  One case is Edgewood Village v. Andrea Riskin.  The other is captioned Edgewood Village v. Adam Greenblatt.

In the case against Andrea Riskin, Ms. Riskin is being evicted along with her 87 year old elderly mother Irma Riskin, who suffers from dementia.  Andrea Riskin tried to defend herself against heartless landlord Rabbi Greer.  She filed the following answer to Rabbi Greer’s eviction complaint:  “I spoke with the landlord and explained that the nursing home where my mother was residing kept her social security check despite the fact that she has dementia and I have power of attorney.  My landlord never said we would be evicted.  When I recevied the notice to quit I was shocked.  I contacted the landlord’s attorney explaining the social security situation.  I emailed confirmation of our conversation and the social security paperwork.  He never said this would be a problem.  I then received a summary process summons, again surprised.  I tried to contact Attorney Margolis.  No one at his office returned my calls for days.  Finally I reached Margolis, who said Rabbi Greer didn’t authorize him to return my calls, and that if it had been him, he would have made a different decision.  I am baffled as to why this happened.  My 87 year old mother lives with me, I am her caretaker, and we are Jewish.  My landlord is a rabbi.”

Rabbi Greer dragged Ms. Riskin into the New Haven Housing Court to get the housing judge to order her, and her elderly mother who is suffering from dementia, kicked out of the Greer apartment in the Compound.  Rabbi Greer ended up reaching an agreement with Ms. Riskin where Ms. Riskin, and her 87 year old mother, would pay rent arrearages and move out by August 31, 2016.  It will be very difficult for Ms. Riskin to find another apartment for herself and her elderly mother.  The Greer eviction will show up on Ms. Riskin’s credit report and no landlord will want her as a tenant.  Rabbi Greer could care less if Ms. Riskin and her elderly Jewish mother end up in that rat infested and bedbug infested homeless shelter on Grand Avenue where all the drug dealers hang out.

In the eviction case against Adam Greenblatt, Rabbi Greer took Mr. Greenblatt to the housing court.  Rabbi Greer ended up reaching an agreement whereby Adam would pay past rent arrears and be reinstated as a tenant in good standing on August 1, 2016.  A court clerk by the name of Suzanne, for Judge Avallone, signed off on these agreements, which are now court orders.

Rabbi Greer also recently tried to evict a tenant by the name of Anthony Morris.  Not sure if Mr. Morris is Jewish, but Rabbi Greer treats everyone the same, no compassion for anyone.  Rabbi Greer took Mr. Morris to Housing Court and reached an agreement with Mr. Morris where Mr. Morris would pay back rent arrears and be reinstated as a tenant in good standing on the date of January 1, 2017.  Mr. Morris never made the arrearage payments.  Mr. Morris is currently in the process of being physically ejected from the Greer apartment.  Rabbi Greer will probably enlist the services of State Marshal John Barbieri Jr., who Greer used to serve Larry Noodles with the defamation complaint.  John Barbieri Jr. is the grandson of infamous political strongman and mob connected Arthur Barbieri, who ruled the New Haven Democratic political machine for many years, back in the day when Greer was also on top of the political trash heap in New Haven.  Rabbi Greer’s son is now trying to climb the political trash heap, as a member of the Mayor’s Community Member police task force, and was just  featured in a New Haven Independent article about a change in Police Department rules where people will be able to carry cameras to record police officers.  Greer’s son should have put a video body cam on Rabbi Greer to catch him engaged in his numerous criminal activities.

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  1. ‘Rabbi’ Greer sounds like a Jewish version of Scrooge, evicting elderly fixed income tenants.

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