Greer Files Answer in Child Rape Lawsuit

Greer Files Answer in Child Rape Lawsuit

(June 24, 2016) Rabbi Greer’s attorney filed an official answer to the Federal child rape complaint filed by Eli Mirlis.  The answer denies that Rabbi Greer raped Eli Mirlis.  You wouldn’t expect Rabbi Greer to admit that he raped Eli Mirlis.

The answer denies certain allegations concerning Greer’s non-profits.  In the answer Rabbi Greer’s attorney clarifies a few points about the non-profits, for example, Edgewood Elm Village, Inc. was changed to Edgewood Village, Inc. Greer also claims that there was no high school for girls at the time Mirlis was a student at the Greer high school.  Greer further claims that The Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc., was never “The Yeshiva of New Haven AKA The Gan School.”   Mirlis will have to amend his complaint to correct these technical errors.

The most unusual part of Greer’s answer can be found in paragraph 18.   In paragraph 18, in response to the Mirlis claim that Greer raped Mirlis in the Branford Motel, Greer’s attorney wrote, “The Defendant Greer, had become aware, however, that the Plaintiff was at the Branford Motel with another person or persons who are not named defendants in this matter.”

Who is this other “person” or “persons” who were at the Branford Motel with Mirlis?  And how did Greer get this information?  Does Greer have witnesses who are will testify on his behalf against Mirlis?    The Attorney for Mirlis will have the right to obtain information about these potential witnesses and take their depositions.  Unfortunately the public usually doesn’t have access to these depositions unless they are filed with the Court, or unless the attorneys make them public.

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