Greer Gets Busted By New Haven Police

Greer Gets Busted By New Haven Police

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Daniel Greer, the depraved child molester, was arrested today by the New Haven Police Department.  The cops were kind enough to allow the Goat to turn himself into the Police Department at 11:00 AM in the morning. The Goat posted a $100K bond.  The Goat didn’t actually come up with $100K.  He probably paid a bail bondsman $10K, and the bondsman got an attachment on the Goat house.  The Goat probably turned in his passport.

The Goat hired criminal defense attorney Willie Dow to represent him in the criminal case.  Dow was on vacation, so David Grudberg escorted the Goat out of the police station.  Willie Dow is well known in New Haven for representing Yalies who get themselves in trouble.  The Goat is a Yale Law School graduate.  Dow is also a Yale graduate.  Dow represented a guy who killed a Yale graduate student and hid her body in the wall of a lab at the Yale medical campus, and then went about his life as if nothing happened. This sick man got 44 years and is still locked up in Cheshire.

The New Haven Police Department did not tip me off of the impending arrest of the Goat.  It appears that only Paul Bass was privy to this information.  The same Paul Bass who dropped the ball thirty years ago when he first exposed the evil Goat and his compound.  Paul dropped the ball by not following up with the Goat.  Paul could have saved the lives of many children.

After I took that video the cops showed up at my house and said the Ewe called the police complaining that I was trespassing on her property.  I tried to explain the boys in blue that I was not trespassing and that I had a blog, and I was Larry Noodles, and I was a famous reporter, etc…  The officers didn’t know anything about Larry Noodles, the Goat or the children who were raped in the compound.  The cops left without throwing me in the paddy wagon.

The Goat was charged with Sexual Assault and Risk of injury to a minor:

(a) A person is guilty of sexual assault in the second degree when such person engages in sexual intercourse with another person and: (1) Such other person is thirteen years of age or older but under sixteen years of age and the actor is more than three years older than such other person;

(b) Sexual assault in the second degree is a class C felony or, if the victim of the offense is under sixteen years of age, a class B felony, and any person found guilty under this section shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of which nine months of the sentence imposed may not be suspended or reduced by the court.

(a) Any person who (1) wilfully or unlawfully causes or permits any child under the age of sixteen years to be placed in such a situation that the life or limb of such child is endangered, the health of such child is likely to be injured or the morals of such child are likely to be impaired, or does any act likely to impair the health or morals of any such child, or (2) has contact with the intimate parts, as defined in section 53a-65, of a child under the age of sixteen years or subjects a child under sixteen years of age to contact with the intimate parts of such person, in a sexual and indecent manner likely to impair the health or morals of such child, or (3) permanently transfers the legal or physical custody of a child under the age of sixteen years to another person for money or other valuable consideration or acquires or receives the legal or physical custody of a child under the age of sixteen years from another person upon payment of money or other valuable consideration to such other person or a third person, except in connection with an adoption proceeding that complies with the provisions of chapter 803, shall be guilty of (A) a class C felony for a violation of subdivision (1) or (3) of this subsection, and (B) a class B felony for a violation of subdivision (2) of this subsection, except that, if the violation is of subdivision (2) of this subsection and the victim of the offense is under thirteen years of age, such person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of which five years of the sentence imposed may not be suspended or reduced by the court.


6 thoughts on “Greer Gets Busted By New Haven Police

  1. Larry Noodles is doing such a superb job reporting that more than one Daniel Greer was arrested this week for identical crimes!

    Indiana State Police report a Gibson County Deputy Sheriff is in jail after being arrested Monday afternoon on three child seduction charges. Officials said the arrest comes nearly one month into an investigation centered on a complaint against 29-year-old Gibson County Sheriff’s Dept. Deputy Daniel Greer, of Princeton, Ind. The investigation was launched by ISP detectives in early June 2017 at the request of the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department.

    The information alleged that Greer had sexual relations with two male juveniles.

    You might be thinking there is a difference as the Connecticut criminal is a White goat & the Indiana criminal is a Black goat.

    But Larry may have unwittingly uncovered another conspiracy here in that the Black goat may be an uncover Russian agent

    Authorities should look into whether the Indiana Greer is a KGB plant to interfere with the elections, a goat who previously worked inside Russia for the Interior Ministry:

    Russians Insult Barack Obama by Naming Black Goat After Him


    MOSCOW — A Russian safari park has adopted a black goat named “Obama,” calling the newest addition to their menagerie a “rare, exotic animal.”

    “Goat” in Russian is an insult used for obtuse, obstinate and headstrong people.

    The Primorsky Safari Park obtained the animal from a farmer in Sochi who had named it after the U.S. president.

    Officials first tried to take the creature to one of Vladimir Putin’s residences but were informed the Russian president “holds no meetings with goats,” according to a statement from park director Dmitry Mezentsev.

    He added: “It took a while to prepare the paperwork for Obama’s move [from Sochi to the park]. Guarantees were required that Obama would bring no pests, that Obama has no tapeworms etc.”

    President Barack Obama is not a popular man in Russia. Restaurants throughout the country have said they would ban him, should he stop by, and he has unwillingly lent his name to a brand of chocolate ice cream.

    Primorsky Safari Park earned headlines around the world last year after one of its tigers struck up an unlikely friendship with another goat.

    In November, Timur the goat was sent into Amur the tiger’s cage as lunch. However, Timur rebuffed Amur’s attacks and settled into the tiger’s enclosure.

    When the goat’s harassment became intolerable to Amur, the tiger literally lashed out at the animal and they were split up in late January.

    1. Of course not! Only Larry Noodles gets persecuted for asserting his rights under the First Amendment


        Larry should start wearing one of these & the cops will take him more seriously, even if they’re not afficionados of Spiderman comics.

        In any case, many Police Depts will not lay charges against reporters & process servers no matter how badly they behave on private property because District Attorneys often decline to let the charges stick.

  2. WTNH picked up an AP report on June 9th that the State Dept of Children & Families gave the Goat an unspecified deadline for the Goat & Notis schools to obtain all required government approvals or else the Dept is taking the Goat to court.

  3. Who is gonna be the trial judge cuz most goyim are fully aware that….

    “Where a suit arises between an Israelite and a heathen, if you can justify the former according to the laws of Israel, justify him and say: ‘This is our law;’ so also if you can justify him by the laws of the heathens, justify him and say to the other party: ‘This is your law;’ but if this cannot be done, we use subterfuges to circumvent him.”
    Baba Kamma, Folio 113b, Soncino Edition
    The “Holy” Talmud

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