Greer Gets Reported to the New Haven Police Department

Greer Gets Reported to the New Haven Police Department


On August 24, 2016, New Haven residents Kaitlyn Cadoret, Steven Goodwin and Kenneth Cadoret reported Greer to the New Haven Police Department.  These people are sharing an apartment that is owned by Greer’s non-profit corporation known as Friends of Hagan, Inc.   There is no such corporation registered with the Secretary of State named Friends of Hagan, Inc.  There is a non-profit Greer corporation registered as F.O.H., Inc. and another one called Yedidei Hagan (Friends of Hagan in Hebrew).

The old goat purchased 249 Ellsworth Avenue in the name of Friends of Hagan, Inc. in 1997.  After he purchased this property he filed a “Declaration of Affording Housing Covenant” in volume 5157 page 284 of the New Haven Land Records.  The Declaration states that “Friends of Hagan AKA Yedidei Hagan, its successors, and assigns, declares that said premises will only be used for affordable housing.  Affordable housing for this purpose means that more than 50% of all units will be rented at or below prices which will preserve it as affording housing for persons and families…”

The tenants in this two bedroom one story apartment are paying $1,400.00 a month, utilities not included, to live in the Greer hood across the street from Walgreens and behind a Chinese take-out restaurant, where prostitutes used to walk the streets.  Greer calls this affordable housing.  These people are paying a premium to live in the Greer ghetto with the old goat about to be registered as a sex offender.

The old goat is violating the affordable housing covenant. This is a two family house and Cadoret is not paying a below market rent.  Cadoret represents 50% of the tenants in this house.  More than 50% of the units in this house are supposed to be rented at below market prices.

Cadoret should demand that the old goat reduce her rent to below market.  Cadoret should file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the old goat’s status as a non-profit.  The City of New Haven should do the same.  The City is losing thousands of dollars a year in unpaid property taxes because the old goat took his properties off the tax rolls.

This is the same area where the old goat posted pictures of guys who solicited prostitutes.  Greer posted flyers with the “John of the week.”  Ironically, it is now Greer whose face needs to be posted on flyers as the “Chomo of the Century.”  Cho-mo is what child molesters are called in prison.

Kaitlyn Cadoret recently reported the old goat to the New Haven Police Department (NHPD).  She signed an affidavit in which she stated:  “Utility fraud / electrical meters swapped / labelled incorrectly… illegal shut off.  landlord had knowledge of electrical issues and switched bill addresses and meters without telling tenant.  Abate Electric verified that the meters have crossed wires.”

Abate Electric is a real electrical company located in East Haven.  Not to be confused with Abate Pizza on Wooster Street.  Abate determined that Greer crossed the electrical  wires and the electric utility company was charging Cadoret for the first and second floors, even though Cadoret only lived on the first floor.

Kaitlyn Cadoret also filed a housing code enforcement action against Greer in Housing court.  Greer hired his usual attorney who handles all of his evictions, local pit bull Stuart Margolis.  Margolis filed a motion to dismiss the case based on a technicality, claiming that Kaitlyn did not follow proper procedures when she filed her housing code violation complaint.  But nowhere did Margolis deny in legal papers that Greer was not guilty of playing games with the electricity.  Once again, the guilty old goat took the Fifth.

Cadoret, Goodwin and Greer’s attorney went to a housing court hearing on 10/27/16 and hammered out an agreement.  When they first filed the lawsuit, the tenants paid rent to the court and not to Greer.  The agreement provided that the court would forward rents to the old goat as long as Greer switched back the crossed wires.  Greer’s attorney agreed to the following:  “Electricity to be verified so that upstairs is not on Cadoret and Goodwins meter.”  The agreement did not address the crossed wires in Greer’s brain.

Greer has been playing this game with electricity bills for many years.  The house on Ellsworth used to be occupied by Rabbi Muroff on the first floor, and the Yeshiva high school boys on the second and third floors.  Rabbi Muroff was involved with Torah Umesorah in getting the old goat to shut down his yeshiva, after Muroff was told of the child rape allegations.  The old goat reopened his yeshiva the next day with two students from the Lubavitch sect, whom the old goat was probably paying to attend his school.

Rabbi Muroff was probably paying the electric bills for the second and third floors without even realizing it.  This is the same honest man who made national headlines when he returned $98,000.00 that he found in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist.

Another family also had problems with their electric bill.  The Rappinger family occupied the first floor of a Greer three family building known as “the bat cave.”  This building had a bat problem for many years, which the old goat refused to acknowledge.  There was a young couple on the second floor of the bat cave who ran out of this building terrified that they had to share their living space with bats.

The Rappinger family lived on the first floor of the bat cave and had very high electric bills.  They used to complain to Hack Sr. about these bills but got a shrug of the shoulders and the brush off, “Tell your kids to stop using the microwave oven!”  Hack Sr. was always there to defend the old goat, for some strange reason.  But what about the 100 watt outdoor halogen lights that illuminated the 8 foot fences surrounding the Rappinger’s backyard?  Who was paying for that electricity?  That would be the old goat’s responsibility.  But if the old goat was crossing wires, the Rappingers would never know it.  The Rappingers ended up moving to Israel a few years ago.  Many people have come and gone, but the old goat, unfortunately still remains in New Haven.


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