Greer Gets Served with Child Rape Lawsuit

Greer Gets Served with Child Rape Lawsuit

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May 23, 2016

An updated “return of service” was filed by Marshal Miller in Federal Court.  The return says that Marshal Miller served Rabbi Greer individually by leaving copies of the lawsuit at Rabbi Greer’s place of abode, ie., home on West Park Street.  Marshal Miller served Greer’s non-profit school by leaving the papers with the attorney who is listed as the “agent for service” at the non-profit.

The name of the Attorney who is the non-profit’s agent for service is Matthew Woermer, of Watertown.  Rabbi Greer made Marshal  Miller drive all the way up to Watertown to hand Woermer a few papers.  Rabbi Greer could have accepted service on behalf of his non-profit by letting Marshal Miller personally hand him the papers.  Marshal Miller had to drive almost an hour up and then an hour back just to hand off paperwork, polluting the environment with his Marshal mobile.  Rabbi Greer claims to be an environmentalist.  The City of New Haven has given Greer many thousands of dollars over the years to plant trees in New Haven.

Attorney Woermer is not the same attorney who spoke to the media on behalf of Rabbi Greer.  According to Attorney Woermer’s website, Woermer provides free consulations and financing for most legal services.  Rabbi Greer may be shopping around to get a better deal on attorneys fees.  Rabbi Greer should spare no expense in hiring a lawyer.  This is a high profile case.  Greer could face a jury verdict in the millions of dollars.  Hugh Keefe is one of the most high profile attorneys in New Haven who defends guys like Greer.   Larry Noodles recommends that Rabbi Greer hire Hugh Keefe.  Unless Rabbi Greer prefers high profile attorneys who wear bow ties.  It such a case Larry Noodles would recommend Atttorney Ira Grudberg.  Ira Grudberg is a fellow member of the Hebrew Tribe. Rabbi Greer could try to recruit Ira to help make his daily minyan for his prayer servies.

But Rabbi Greer can’t hire Hugh Keefe.  That would be a conflict of interest.  Hugh Keefe’s law firm is currently suing Rabbi Greer on behalf of Amy Yamaguchi.   Amy was injured when a Greer family owned rental building burned down.  Amy’s lawsuit claims that Greer didn’t have working smoke detectors in the house. Her lawsuit says that she had to jump out of the third floor to save her life.  Her friend on Facebook posted:  “My friend Amy yamaguchi was hurt in this fire. She was found unconscious when she and her dog kaila were rescued by firefighters on a second floor roof. She is out of the hospital and recovering at her sisters home, however she lost everything. Please pray for her.”   According to NBC News five people were hospitalized because of the fire.

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