Greer Goes Dark

Greer Goes Dark


The last time Greer or his attorney did anything on the Federal child rape case was back on Halloween.  It was Erev Halloween when the frightening old goat appeared for his deposition in Federal Court in Hartford.  I filmed this monster taking the perp walk into Federal Court.

After the Greer deposition the attorney for Mirlis filed a number of motions in Federal court to address Greer’s refusal to comply with court orders.  One motion asked  the Federal judge to sanction the old goat and pay the Plaintiff’s attorneys fees.

When the rape case was first filed Greer’s attorney William Ward filed quick responses to any documents filed by Mirlis.  Yet now, Mirlis has been filing motions for the last month and Greer hasn’t filed a single response in Court.  What’s going on here?  Radio silence in the compound?  Is Greer going dark?  The old goat went to the dark side 30 years ago when he decided to lead a life of crime repeatedly raping and victimizing innocent children.

The old goat has not gone totally dark.  He is still posting articles on the website  He, or one of his gremlins, recently wrote the following:

“Daniel Greer founded Yeshiva of New Haven in 1977 after having spent several years in Israel before moving to Connecticut from his home in New York City. The school began as a nursery and slowly grew until it encompassed a complete elementary program.”  The Greer gremlins failed to mention that the elementary program shut down.

The gremlins further wrote: “Daniel Greer sees it as his mission to support Orthodox families and understands the challenge of adhering to a Torah way of life in a secular environment. As an undergraduate at Princeton College, Greer was consigned to eat alone in his dorm room with food he brought each week from home. Eventually, he convinced others to join him and founded what then became Princeton’s kosher dining option, renting an off-campus location, and hiring a cook. Today, Princeton boasts a vibrant kosher facility.”

Greer never founded a kosher dining hall at Princeton.  The old goat ate alone because nobody at Princeton would talk to this degenerate.  The old goat had nothing in common with the other students at Princeton.  The old goat can only relate to people he can control, manipulate, intimidate and abuse.

Greer’s gremlin further wrote on this website:  “The Yeshiva of New Haven functions as a primary center of Torah learning, holding daily and Sabbath services, presenting classes in Liturgy, Bible, Jewish Law and Jewish History. As a person well-versed in Jewish calendrical calculations, Daniel Greer teaches his congregants at Yeshiva of New Haven the interesting calibrations of the yearly Jewish holiday cycle.  The affiliate elementary school, Yeshiva Elementary, offers a dual curriculum in Judaic and General Studies. The synagogue and elementary school are under Orthodox auspices and welcome Jewish families.”

The old goat loved to talk about the Jewish calendar.  But he no longer “teaches his congregants.”  His New Haven congregants have all left, except for a few remaining brain dead gremlins.  His children have all skipped town.

The only people who walk the dark halls of the Nightmare on Elm Street are the riffraff from Lakewood.  Teenage boys who were kicked out of Lakewood yeshivas.  Their parents are too embarrassed to send them to public school.  What would the neighbors in Lakewood think? Hasvesholom!  Is it better to expose your kids to an old goat trolling around looking to score some jail bait than send your kids to a public school?

The locals call these boys living in the compound “the Lakewood rejects.”  Greer treats the Lakewood rejects to “three hots and a cot.”  In prison lingo this means the Lakewood rejects get to eat and sleep in the compound for free, courtesy of the old goat.  The old goat is hoping, in exchange, that he will get to sodomize one of these boys.

Greer’s radio silence has caused a lot of speculation in New Haven.  Is the old goat planning to skip town and flee to Israel?  He may be planning to move to Har Nof, the city of refuge for rabbi child molesters.  The old goat has nothing keeping him in New Haven.  His family has disowned him.  He has no friends.

Or has the old goat stopped paying his attorney.  Greer is known to be miser.  There are judgment liens on his property from local hospitals in which he refused to pay a couple hundred dollar medical bill.  It is possible that Greer’s attorney stopped filing paperwork because the old goat has stopped paying his legal bills.

Or could the old goat be facing a criminal investigation?  If he feared an impending indictment or arrest he wouldn’t care too much about a civil lawsuit.  If the old goat were facing criminal charges he would definitely flee to Israel.  He would hide behind complicated extradition treaty laws that would delay his arrest for years.  He may have already stashed away money in Israel.

The old goat should be reported to the FBI on their on line website.  Mirlis attested that the old goat took him across state lines where he was sodomized.  Avi Hack stated on many occasions that he was taken on overnight trips alone with the old goat to Rhode Island when he a teenager, where he was undoubtedly sodomized.  While Avi was being sodomized in Rhode Island, Avi’s father was back at the compound defending the old goat against his many critics in New Haven.

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