Greer Gremlins Exposed

Greer Gremlins Exposed


Martin Luther King once said, “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”  The real tragedy is when decent people remained silent while Blacks got lynched.  Similar to when Larry Noodles was getting violently attacked by Greer.  Decent people in the synagogue stood silent while Noodles was getting pummeled by a little old man who calls himself “Rabbi Greer.”

These decent people make light of child molestation.  A mockery of child rape.  They know Avi Hack.  They watched him grow up.  They know the entire extended Hack family.  They now know that Hack was repeatedly raped and sodomized by Greer.  Hacks entire family has been devastated.  Yet these decent people bring themselves to the Greer compound every day and smile and laugh with the psychopath who repeatedly raped and sodomized Avi Hack.  Are these people brain dead?  Or on heavy drugs?

Lou Goldberg:  This man has known the Hack family for years.  He is the owner of a printing company called Goodcopy.  Greer has hired Lou for years to print materials for Greer’s annual fundraiser, the Gathering.

Gary Lyons:  Korean War Veteran.  He has known the Hack family for years.  In the Korean war he was a firsthand witness to man’s inhumanity to man.  He probably witnessed soldiers rape women in Korean villages.  Yet he supports a sick, perverted rapist named Greer.

Jerry Paley:   A short, stocky man who likes to talk about money all the time.  He claims to be one of the richest men in New Haven.  But during his divorce case he claimed he was flat broke.

Menachem Mendel:  Not sure what his real name is, but he is renting an apartment in what is known as the Greer Bat Cave.  This apartment has had a bat problem for years, which Greer has intentionally refused to resolve.  Tenants have come and gone, only to be terrified by the family of bats that lives in the attic.  Greer gives the bats a discount on their rent in order to frighten tenants.  Greer gets pleasure in causing others pain.  Menachem Mendel is probably afraid that Greer will kick him out of the Bat Cave.  But this man should heed the words of his Rebbe, and Meyer Seewald, of Jewish Community Watch, who posted the Rebbe’s video on line, in which the Rebbe said:  “Why is everyone preoccupied with everything else and this critical issue is brushed to the corner, and when they are prodded on the issue they respond with a sigh, they conduct a meeting, draft a resolution…You must do something!  You are preoccupied? Surely if G-d was able to designate time for all your other matters, He will certainly give you the time to rescue a Jewish child… The excuse that you already drafted a resolution or organized a meeting….. We need action!”

Yekcheskiel Schlilingingbaum:  This man has the most difficult name to pronounce, or spell for that matter.  This man rents a Greer apartment.  He would be out on the streets, along with his valuable collection of used automobile tires, if he dared to cross the Greer dictator.

Mark Roffman & Arnie Rogoff:  Friends with the Hack family.  Shame, shame!

Glen:  Larry Noodles was unable to find any information about this mystery man.  He is in his 60s and wears three piece suits.  Larry Noodles has met this man many times and has been unable to get anything out of him.  Larry Noodles suspects that he is either a Russian spy or a CIA agent.

Greer has somehow convinced these decent people that he is the victim.  Have these people gone mad?   David Koresh led a cult in which he raped and molested children.  The Branch Davidians. People could have left his cult at any time.  Yet they stayed.  They were hypnotized by Koresh.  They became his slaves.  Koresh caused the death of 80 of his followers.  Jim Jones poisoned the Kool Aid and caused the death of 900 of his slaves.  Before you drink the kiddush wine at the Greer compound, you may wish to have a Greer goat take the first sip.

Don’t be intimidated by Greer.  Don’t be a spineless slave to your Greer master.  If you leave the compound nothing bad will happen to you.  In fact good things will come of it.  The more you stay with Greer, the worse things will get.  Greer will drag you down, just like he dragged down his entire family.  If you have any backbone, or any sense of compassion for the Hack family, or the Greer children and grandchildren for that matter, you will leave the compound immediately.

The Greer gremlins who stood by while Larry Noodles was physically attacked by Greer will be publicly exposed further.  The Greer gremlins are on notice.  There is still time to repent.  So far Larry Noodles has spared the women and children of the gremlins…. So far….



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