Greer Gremlins Threaten To Rat Out Larry Noodles to the Feds

Greer Gremlins Threaten To Rat Out Larry Noodles to the Feds


The few Greer gremlins left in the compound are upset with Larry Noodles.  One wanted me to post his comment warning potential trouble makers to stay away from the Greer asylum.  I guess he, or she, was worried about copycats following the lead of Larry Noodles.  I will not post such a warning.  In fact, I encourage readers to go to the compound and rebuke master Greer and his gremlin slaves.  I do not condone violence, unlike Greer who violently attacked me.

The most vocal Greer defender has threatened to rat me out to the Office of the United States Attorney.  Yet she was one of the many witnesses to Greer violently attacking me.  She didn’t rat out her Master Greer Rat to the authorities.  When did it become a Federal crime to walk into the Greer asylum?  This Greer gremlin has been trying to bully me, saying she was a former prosecutor who worked for the legendary New York Prosecutor Robert Morganthau.  She may have crossed paths with Greer, as Greer worked as an attorney for the Lindsay Administration back in the 1970s. New York prosecutors, such as Attorney Charles Hynes, have been accused for years of protecting child molesters in New York’s large Hasidic community in exchange for political favors.  I am not frightened of 97 year old Morganthau.  Nor am I frightened of Mayor Lindsay, who is buried at St. John’s Cemetery in Oyster Bay.  Greer is going to need more firepower than these prosecutors to shut me down.

The Greer defender barraged me with strong arm threats and insults.  I can see why she gets along with Greer so well.  She does Greer’s bidding like a good gremlin.  She is married to actor and film star Bruce Altman.  Altman could care less about Greer, but the gremlin calls all the shots and forces Altman to attend services at the Greer asylum.  But in the television series Mr. Robot, Altman calls all the shots.  Altman needs to man up and stand up to Greer, the Greer gremlins and the Greer goats.  Just don’t poison the water, like you did in Mr. Robot as executive of the evil E Corp.

After numerous threats and insults, this gremlin demanded that I take her picture down from my blogs, and apologize.  In one of her tirades she said that since I pleaded guilty, I am guilty, unlike Greer who is only accused of a crime, and is innocent.  Innocent until proven guilty she said.  Ten years ago I pleaded guilty to processing mortgage documents for the criminal enterprise known as Wells Fargo Bank.  What choice did I have?  You can’t fight the Feds when they are looking for a scapegoat for the 2008 housing crash.   Greer is accused by two different men of forcible rape and sodomy while they were teenagers.  I would rather be guilty of causing the housing crash than to be accused of raping children.

Greer always surrounded himself with backyard bullies who felt they are above the law.  Greer pal attorney William Gallagher robbed his clients of millions.  Greer pal attorney Ed Zelinsky is being sued for theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from an estate.  Greer pal Doris Zelinsky purposely created a run-down property and spite fence in Cape Cod in order to spite her neighbors.  Greer pal New Haven Police Chief bully Dean Esserman resigned in disgrace after he was sued for contempt of court for failing to pay his ex-wife over $100K in alimony.  Greer pal New York Police Commissioner William Bratton resigned in disgrace amid a police corruption scandal.

Why this particular gremlin chose to hitch her wagon to Master Greer’s decrepit goat is anybody’s guess.  She is also close to Yale Reform Rabbi Jim Ponet, who officiated the wedding of Chelsea Clinton.  Ponet told her to stay away from Greer and his goats.  This Greer gremlin doesn’t practice Orthodox Judaism.  Greer too does not practice Orthodox Judaism, he breaks every rule in the book.  But you would think the gremlin would listen to the wisdom of Clinton Rabbi Jim Ponet, who has known Mr. Robot for 3o years.  She just met Greer a couple of years ago. Does Greer have magical powers over people?  Does he hypnotize his goats?

The gremlins won’t listen to Ponet.  Ponet is very well respected throughout the Jewish community, and the non-Jewish community.  The Clintons are not Jewish by the way.  I heard that if Hillary becomes President, Jim Ponet will be appointed the Chief Rabbi of the White House.  If Greer and his gremlin friends tried to get into the White House, Ponet will order Secret Service to give Greer, his gremlins and his goats the boot.  Secret service is allowed to use violence, unlike Greer.

In other Greer news, it was just reported to me from a reliable source that that Greer’s number one son has taken on a full time rabbinical position in a synagogue in Long Island.  Mazel tov.  I hope he doesn’t violently throw me out of his shul if I happen to drop by.  I am very upset with this man.  I am doing all his dirty work trying to run the old goat out of the compound, and he doesn’t even call me to thank me.


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  1. I’m surprised she as an atty would bring up the innocent until proven guilty standard. This standard, as most lay people even know, is applied in the court of law and not in the court of public opinion or prudent practices. She should know better than to support an accused child rapist who has multiple accusers and whose own family is not supporting him.

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