Greer Hides From Federal Marshal Miller

Greer Hides From Federal Marshal Miller


A copy of the Federal marshal’s “return” that was just filed in Federal Court in the child rape case of Eli Mirlis v. Rabbi Greer shows that Marshal Miller attempted to serve Rabbi Greer with legal papers related to the Federal lawsuit but was unsuccessful.  Marshal Miller went to the Greer school / synagogue located at 765 Elm Street, on May 17, 2016,  “knocked on the door and a woman came to the door asked me who I was I told her I was Marshal Miller and that I had a paper to serve on him, and stated that he was not there, I did in fact see his car parked in the driveway.”  What is Rabbi Greer trying to do?  Hide from Federal Marshal Miller?  Is Rabbi Greer too important to get served with legal papers from Marshal Miller?  Why was he hiding in the compound?  Marshal Miller said he saw Greer’s car in the driveway.  Rabbi Greer’s beat up old car stands out like a sore thumb.  Even though Rabbi Greer is worth many millions of dollars, free money that he got from suckers stupid enough to donate to his many non-profit organizations, he is a big time miser.  He drives around in a beat up old car with a bungee card holding the back bumper together.  He no doubt was hiding out in the compound, and sent his poor secretary out to meet with Marshal Miller.  He probably barked at her, “Go out there and tell him I am not around!”

Greer made the marshal come out the next day looking for him.  This time Marshal Miller went to Rabbi Greer’s private home on West Park Avenue.  Marshal Miller “saw a van in the driveway, then knocked on door, no one answered.”  Rabbi Greer doesn’t own a van.  Whose van was parked in Rabbi Greer’s driveway?  I wonder if it was the New Haven legal services van.  Was Rabbi Greer consulting with the legendary New Haven personal injury attorney Irving Pinsky to hire him to defend him in the Federal case.

Attorney William Ward, who made statements to the media defending Rabbi Greer, has still not filed any documents in court saying that he will be representing Greer.  Maybe Greer is shopping around for another lawyer.  Or maybe Greer doesn’t want to pay his legal bill.  Greer didn’t pay two hospital bills, forcing the Hospital of St. Raphael and Yale to sue him and attach judgment liens on his house.

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