Greer Holds Annual Fundraiser at Haunted House

Greer Holds Annual Fundraiser at Haunted House




June 22, 2016

Every summer Rabbi Greer holds an annual fundraising event called the “Gan Gathering.”  The event usually attracts hundreds of people.  The Gathering attracted such political big shots as Senator Dick Blumenthal, the Mayor of New Haven, the Police Commissioner of New Haven, New Haven Senators and New Haven members of the House of Representatives, and the Probate Judge of New Haven. This year the fundraiser was scheduled to be held on June 7th at the Yale Law School and feature big time New Haven developer Robert Landino as the guest of honor.

But Eli Mirlis ruined Rabbi Greer’s plan for his big fundraising event.  Mirlis filed a Federal child rape case against Rabbi Greer right after Greer mailed out invitations. The original event was supposed to be held on June 7th, but was “postponed” by Rabbi Greer.  Sources have reported to Larry Noodles that the event was held last night at 6 PM.  Larry Noodles was told that the event did not have hundreds of people showing up. Rabbi Greer was lucky to get a dozen or so people.  Dignitaries who usually showed up at prior events abandoned Rabbi Greer this year.  The only people of any status at the dinner were actor Bruce Almighty and the New Haven Probate judge.

The dinner started at 6 PM and ended just before 8 PM, leaving Rabbi Greer with enough time to go back to the compound and conduct evening religious services.  That is hardly enough time to have a bite of sushi, drink a shot of Scotch, and ask Rabbi Greer how the child rape lawsuit was going.

It is not clear why Rabbi Greer held the Gathering.  Was he looking for donations to start a legal defense fund?  Or did his giant ego get the best of him.  Was this a chance for Rabbi Greer to relive the glory days?  Or did Rabbi Greer have to prove to his followers that he is innocent, and that some day he will rebuild the compound?

Larry Noodles heard that the event was not held at the impressive Yale Law School building, where the event was orginally scheduled.  (See Blog dated June 7)  Speaking of Yale, Larry Noodles heard from reliable sources that Yale’s main Jewish organization has cut off all ties with Rabbi Greer.

This year the Greer Gathering was held at the Yale Betts Mansion in the Prospect Hill section of New Haven. The Betts mansion was built in the 1860s and looks like a haunted house.  The Betts mansion was supposed to be the setting for the The Addams Family movie, but part of the mansion was destroyed by a fire so the movie was filmed in Los Angeles. It makes sense that the Greer Gathering was held in a haunted house that was supposed to be the setting for a movie with freak characters telling bad jokes.   It sounds just like the Greer compound.

Larry Noodles heard that a scuffle broke out during the Gathering and a man was taken away by the New Haven Police Department.  Larry Noodles is still not clear about what happened.  Larry Noodles received a phone call last night from a concerned citizen who was wondering if Larry Noodles was the one who was arrested at the Gathering.  Larry Noodles assures readers that he was not arrested at the Greer Gathering.  Even if Larry Noodles was locked up, he would figure out a way to blog from prison, as he did in the past, to provide readers with the kind of news coverage that “mainstream” reporters ignore.

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