Greer House of Horrors

Greer House of Horrors

(May 3, 2016)

Connecticut Penal Code

Sec. 53a-94: (a) A person is guilty of kidnapping in the second degree when he abducts another person…. (b) Kidnapping in the second degree is a class B felony for which three years of the sentence imposed may not be suspended or reduced…

Sec. 53-21. (a) Any person who (1) wilfully or unlawfully causes or permits any child under the age of sixteen years to be placed in such a situation that the life or limb of such child is endangered, the health of such child is likely to be injured or the morals of such child are likely to be impaired, or does any act likely to impair the health or morals of any such child… shall be guilty of … a felony …

Sec. 53-20. (b) (1) Any person who, having the control and custody of any child under the age of nineteen years, in any capacity whatsoever, intentionally maltreats, tortures, overworks or cruelly or unlawfully punishes such child… shall be guilty of a class D felony…

It was common practice for Rabbi Daniel Greer and his enforcer Rabbi Avi Hack to lock up misbehaved students in solitary confinement.  Rabbi Greer had his own Special Housing Unit (SHU) for students who misbehaved.  Rabbi Greer and his enforcer, Rabbi Avi Hack, frequently locked up a student for many days at a time in the SHU. In each class, which usually consisted of about a half a dozen students, there was always one weak teenage boy who was bullied by the other boys.  Rabbi Avi Hack encouraged this bullying.  Eventually the other students would physically beat the weak one.  The weak one was the class “punching bag.”  The punching bag would eventually go berzerk, much to the sick pleasure of Rabbi Greer and Rabbi Hack. This student would proceed to act out and misbehave because of all the abuse he was taking.  Rabbi Hack’s solution was to lock the student up in the SHU, which would cause even more psychological damage to the boy.  Eventually the boy became so mentally ill that his parents would pull him out of the school.

It was very rare that a student lasted more than a year at the Greer House of Horrors. One student went so berzerk that he entered the elementary class taught by Rabbi Greer’s wife and yelled profanities at her in front of the little children.  This student’s wrist was broken when he was thrown into a wall by the other students. This student spent many days in the SHU.  Another former student reported to me that he was placed in the SHU with a mentally deranged student.  Rabbi Avi Hack placed a knife on the table in the room and then locked the student in with the deranged boy.   The student was smart enough to quickly grab the knife and hide it.

Other than threatening Larry Noodles with a lawyer letter, Rabbi Daniel Greer and Rabbi Avi Hack have made no attempt to publicly deny any of the child rape and abuse allegations made by “the most honest man in America“, ie., Rabbi Muroff.   And the most honest man in America has made no attempt to publicly come forward and report what he knows about the Greer House of Horrors.

Rumors are swirling around New Haven that Rabbi Greer’s two sons are planning to leave Dodge.  They are packing up and moving out of New Haven, rather than stay and support their embattled father.  If the child rape allegations are not true you would think that your two loyal sons would come to your defense. They are abandoning ship.

The Greer sons have been trying to get the old man to step down from his high perch for the last two years.  The sons want to run whatever is left of the school and synagogue, as Rabbi Daniel Greer is about as popular in Jewish religious community as Mel Gibson. The sons rarely speak with the old man.

Old Man Greer is stubborn.  He will never step aside.  He came to New Haven to build his real estate empire, run a yeshiva for teenage boys, and start an elementary school with him as the head of everything.  A doctor who frequents the Greer synagogue refers to Rabbi Greer as “His Royal Highness.”  Not a medical doctor, but a science PhD, an eccentric doctor similar to the character from “Back to the Future.”  I will call him “Doc 1.”

The only way Rabbi Greer will step aside is if the New Haven police physically removed him from the Greer compound and charge him with child rape.  So the Greer sons may pack up and leave town.  How much abuse can one take living under the thumb of a dictator all these years?

Rabbi Greer doesn’t care much what happens with his sons.  The rest of his family abandoned him a long time ago.  He still has about ten local guys who continue to patronize his synagogue.  But Rabbi Greer must call them almost every day and cajole them to come to daily prayers.

The Greer elementary school consists of Greer grandchilden, who won’t be there for long if Greer’s sons leave town.  So Rabbi Greer will continue to operate a synagogue in a building built for hundreds with ten locals guys, some of whom he has resorted to paying for their loyalty.  That’s right.  Rabbi Greer must pay people to be his friend.

In spite of my blogs calling attention to Greer’s depravities, Rabbi Greer was able to attract a new family into the Greer House of Horrors.  But Rabbi Greer must pay this family to appear at the “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Rabbi Greer put a man by the name of “Doc 2” on the Greer payroll.  Rabbi Greer pays “Doc 2” to show up at the Greer House of Horrors.  Doc 2 is not a medical doctor.  He is also an eccentric science teacher.  But Doc 2 doesn’t own a DeLorean automobile.  He has his time machine locked up in his green minivan.

Doc 2 used to be a sworn enemy of Rabbi Greer.  Doc 2 was a board member of the now defunct Young Israel Synagogue, which was located a block from the Greer House of Horrors.  For many years Doc 2 went to the Young Israel podium with Young Israel Rabbi Joshua Cypess and lambasted Rabbi Daniel Greer as “pure evil.”  I was there.  I witnessed Doc 2 and Rabbi Cypess publicly accuse Rabbi Greer of mistreating children at the Greer House of Horrors, and about children eating lead paint in the Greer buildings.  There was talk about reporting Rabbi Greer to the State Department of Children and Family Services.  I don’t know what proof or evidence that they had against Rabbi Greer at the time.  They were not specific, but I remember they were very irate, and publicly warned people to stay away from the Greer compound.

I also remember when Rabbi Greer started a kollel in the Greer compound a number of years ago.  A “kollel” is a group of rabbis and their families who move to a small town in order to strengthen the Jewish community.  A kollel usually consists of very learned rabbis who selflessly devote themselves to the Jewish community, with very little monetary compensation. Strongman Greer rented these young rabbis and their families apartments in the Greer compound.

At some point in time Rabbi Greer decided he no longer wanted a kollel in New Haven.  He told the young rabbis and their families that they had 24 hours to pack up and leave town.  Rabbi Greer offered them a cash settlement to break their leases.  One of these rabbis consulted me for legal advice at the time, as I was an attorney working out of New Haven.  I was shocked.  So were the other New Haven attorneys whom these kollel rabbis consulted.  The young rabbis had no choice but to take Rabbi Greer’s money and leave town.  They had no money to hire lawyers to fight Rabbi Greer.  They had no jobs, as Rabbi Greer cut off whatever little  financial compensation they were receiving as kollel rabbis. They found their way back to their places of origin and were supported by family and friends.

Fast forward to the year 2015.  Rabbi Greer wanted to start another kollel in New Haven.  Rabbi Greer went looking for young rabbis in Lakewood, NJ.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  The rabbis who were kicked out of the previous kollel publicly warned the Orthodox Jewish community about the danger of getting involved with madman Rabbi Daniel Greer.  Rabbi Greer’s response was to send lawyer letters to these rabbis threatening them with defamation lawsuits.  Talk about chutzpah!

Not long after the Young Israel synagogue got a cash infusion of about a million dollars the synagogue was bankrupt.  Just as Rabbi Greer ran his synagogue and school into the ground, Doc 2 sat there and watched Young Israel run into the ground.  But at least Doc 2 is not a child rapist.  He is very well liked by his students, unlike Rabbi Greer.  Although the high schoolers at the normal school where Doc 2 worked gave Doc 2 the nickname “Salty-ballz-nick” Doc 2 would never dream of touching a teenage student, unlike Rabbi Greer.  Yet, Doc 2, coming from a bankrupt synagogue, became good friends with the morally bankrupt child rapist Rabbi Daniel Greer.  Some guys will do anything for money.  Don’t pimp out your family to child rapist Rabbi Greer!   Shame on you Doc!

Addendum to this posting:  It has been now been reported, as of 5/5/16, that Doc 2 no longer is affiliated with the Greer House of Horrors.  Doc 2 has abandoned the Greer compound.  Mazel Tov Doc 2. May you live long and prosper.  You may wish to make an appointment with a head doc as you are probably suffering PTSD after being exposed to the Greer House of Horrors.  It is not clear whether Doc 1, who still refers to Rabbi Daniel Greer as “His Royal Highness” still patronizes the compound, this blogger will keep readers informed of the latest developments….

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