Greer is Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Greer is Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


May 8, 2016

It has been reported that the Greer school for teenage boys is back in session.  Classes were held Sunday with the two students who still attend the Greer yeshiva.   Meyer Seewald, of the Jewish Community Watch, an organization that investigates child molesters in the Orthodox Jewish community, has been notified of the allegations against Rabbi Greer.  I have been told that his organization has started an investigation of Rabbi Greer.

The parents of the two brothers who are still enrolled in the Greer yeshiva have been notified of the Federal lawsuit, yet refuse to believe that Rabbi Greer is guilty.  The parents have defended Rabbi Greer.  They have referred to Rabbi Greer as “Moshe Rabbenu.”  They are saying Moshe Rabbenu is under attack by Rabbi Muroff (the rabbi who told Larry Noodles about molestation allegations), Eli Mirlis (the former student who filed the Federal molestation lawsuit), and Larry Noodles, who are collectively referred to as the Biblical rebels “Korach, Datan and Aviram.”  But that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  The parents of these children are part of a rebellious subgroup of Lubavitch Hasidim, a subgroup that believes that Rebbe Schneerson is the Moschiach, ie., the Messiah.  Why these Lubavitch parents sent their children back to a school run by child rapist Rabbi Greer, a man who is part of a completely different Jewish sect, and who is highly critical of the Lubavitch Hasidim is a mystery, especially when there is a thriving Lubavitch yeshiva located right down the street from Rabbi Greer’s House of Horrors. Rabbi Greer’s own grandchildren left the school in the middle of the semester.

May 6th, 2016 was Rabbi Greer’s first Shabbos since he was served with a Federal lawsuit accusing him of child rape.  Rabbi Greer read from the week’s portion Leviticus 18:22, “You shall not lie down with a male, as with a woman: this is an abomination.”   Ironically, back in 2002, Rabbi Greer cited this same verse to the legislature of the State of Connecticut when he testified before the State Capital in opposition to gay marriage.  Rabbi Greer submitted a copy of the passage of Leviticus 18:22, and marked it “Exhibit B.”  Rabbi Greer testified, “I wish to reiterate Judaism’s longstanding opposition to any same sex relationships. A historic opposition, which is shared by classical Christianity, and again, Islam. The Torah perspective on homosexual relationships is informed by biblical disapproval, a strong disapproval. Leviticus 18:22 – again, that’s set forth as Exhibit B, where that negative injunction follows a detailed list of prohibited sexual associations. It is worth perusing.  I quote, ‘Do not lie with a male as you would with a woman since this is a disgusting perversion.'”

Rabbi Greer’s most loyal employee on the Greer compound is a gay man.  Over the years Rabbi Greer always had a few goyim working in the compound doing odd jobs.  But nobody ever lasted very long working for Rabbi Greer.  Nobody can put up with Rabbi Greer’s erratic and abusive behavior.  But this young handsome Eastern European gay man has worked there for many years, and continues to work at the Greer compound to this day.

At one point a newspaper reporter from the New Haven Advocate appeared at the Greer synagogue.  Rabbi Greer did not like the articles this reporter was writing about Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Greer has a camera directed at the front entrance to his school / synagogue. You cannot get into the Greer synagogue / school without looking at the camera and getting buzzed in.  Rabbi Greer saw the reporter in the camera.  Rabbi Greer slammed open the front door and physically pushed the reporter down the front outside stairs and yelled at the reporter.

Rabbi Greer barely got a minyan for Shabbos services this past Shabbos. The Greer children were all out of town.   Since the filing of the Federal lawsuit Rabbi Avi Hack has disappeared.  Paragraph 13 of the Mirlis Federal lawsuit alleges the following:  “During the years prior to his sexual molestation of Eli, Greer sexually abused, molested and exploited at least one other minor boy.”  Mirlis must be referring to Rabbi Avi Hack.  Rabbi Muroff told me that someone settled a molestation case against Rabbi Greer “in the millions of dollars.”  Is it possible that Rabbi Muroff was referring to Rabbi Avi Hack? Has Rabbi Avi Hack been paid hush money for years by Rabbi Greer?  The answers to these questions should come out in the Federal lawsuit.  Rabbi Greer has no choice but to fight the lawsuit to the bitter end.  If Rabbi Greer settles the lawsuit and pays money to Mirlis he will be admitting guilt.  Rabbi Greer could then be facing criminal charges.

Rabbi Avi Hack’s father has not left New Haven like the rest of the Greers and Hacks. But Hack Sr. did cut off ties with the man who raped his son.  For at least 35 years, Hack Sr. sat within a few feet of Rabbi Greer in the Greer shul / synagogue, and prayed with Rabbi Greer, and was involved in Rabbi Greer’s business dealings and non-profit organizations.  Hack Sr.’s daughter married Rabbi Greer’s son.  Did Hack Sr. know that Rabbi Greer was molesting his son?

Hack Sr. had a brief encounter with Larry Noodles on Friday night. As Larry Noodles walked to a historical shul in New Haven, Hack Sr. was down the street and waved at Larry Noodles, not fully recognizing Larry Noodles in the distance.  Larry Noodles waved back.  As Larry Noodles got closer, Hack Sr. recognized the infamous blogger.  Hack Sr. immediately turned around and ran away, like one of Greer’s goats being chased out of the compound.  Larry Noodles was not  insulted.  As Larry Noodles walked into shul congregants congratulated Larry Noodles for publicly exposing the corruption of Rabbi Greer.

It takes a lot to offend Larry Noodles, especially after having spent 18 months in federal prison in Otisville New York.  Prison was no vacation. 18 months of harassment by fellow inmates and officers, sleeping on a two inch mattress, and eating food that isn’t fit to be eaten by a Greer goat takes it’s toll.  Rabbi Greer never attempted to visit or contact me in prison.

Many rabbis tried to contact me, visit me, and send messages and blessings to me.  It was difficult to get permission to get visitors.  The visitors have to fill out a form, submit copies of identification, which all gets reviewed for several weeks, before the visitor gets on your “approved” list.   Many times the officers lose the paperwork, because they don’t like having to spend the time processing your forms. If you only have six months to go on your sentence the attitude is that you don’t need any new visitors, if they were so important you should have put them on your list when you first checked in.  It was a lot of effort to get someone on the visitors list, as if the person was asking permission to visit President Obama.  Yet the Feds have very little security in the visitors room, other than armed guards.  There are no metal detectors.  Nobody gets searched.  You just waltz into the visitors room, present your identification, and hug a thug.

Larry Noodles got a number of prison visits from Rabbi Greer’s sons.  Some people have asked why Larry Noodles has been so critical of the Greers after they made prison visits.  Larry Noodles will explain.  Back in 2015 rumors were swirling around New Haven that some kind of allegations were being made against Rabbi Greer by a former student. About this time Rabbi Greer’s sons stopped speaking with Rabbi Greer.  Larry Noodles was locked up so he had no idea what was going on.  It was about this time that Larry Noodles started to get visits from the Greer brothers.  Larry Noodles looked forward to visitors, as does every prisoner.  A prison visit takes a man out of the prison and transports him home, if for but a brief moment.  It is an uplifting experience you will never experience unless you are actually locked up.

The Greer sons never told Larry Noodles about the turmoil that was going on in the Greer compound, which would have been natural to discuss between “friends” who have known each other for many years.  The titanic was sinking and yet Larry Noodles was told that everything was fine in New Haven.  Larry Noodles was told that things were going so well that a new kollel that was being started up in the Greer yeshiva.

The only way to fully understand the warped Greer brain is to look at Aesop’ fables and the Torah.  Aesop’s fables make reference to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  Rashi says of evil Billam’s request to bless the Jews, “I don’t need your honey and I don’t need your sting.” And then you have Jacob the “sheep” dressed in the clothing of Esau, the “wolf.”   In my case I was dealing with “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

The Greer family knew for many years that their father was a very sick man, yet they did nothing about it.  The Greer family also knew that I was a parent, and I naturally care about children, and knew many of the children at the Greer school, including the Greer grandchildren, who were also subjected to the verbal abuse of Rabbi Greer, which I witnessed first hand. The Greer family knew that I spent 18 months in jail for a crime that paled in comparison to the one man Greer crime wave.  I pleaded guilty in a case where I made about three thousand in attorney fees in seven closings, the Feds conceding that I knew nothing about fraudulent loan applications, blown out buildings & massive bank fraud perpetrated by guys who either never got indicted or guys who got short prison terms for their “cooperation” with the Feds.

It is possible that the Greer sons were worried that I, as a parent, would come out of prison angry at a legal system that lets a child rapist freely walk the streets. It is possible they were concerned that I had information that could be used against them in this recently filed Federal lawsuit.  Either way, I do not need the Greer honey and I don’t need the Greer sting.

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