Greer Jr. & Hack Sr. Look To Rebuild the Compound in Waterbury

Greer Jr. & Hack Sr. Look To Rebuild the Compound in Waterbury

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Harold Hack is the father of Avi Hack.  Avi became a rabbi about ten years ago.  Harold became a rabbi three years ago.  Harold was the Goat’s biggest supporter and protector while the Goat groomed teenage boys for sodomy and other acts of depravity at his boarding school for the past 30 years.  Harold’s son Avi was the principal of this School of Sodom.  Not only was Avi the principal, but Avi submitted to the Goat’s sick perversions for 12 years, until the Goat found a new victim, ie., Eli Mirlis.  Neither Harold nor Avi ever warned the numerous children who enrolled in the School of Sodom that a depraved Goat lurked about the halls looking to rape young boys.

Avi’s sister married the Goat’s son Ezi.  Ezi currently is impersonating a rabbi in the City of Waterbury.  Ezi posted Youtube videos in which he calls himself “Rabbi Greer.”  Avi Hack and Harold Hack are fully ordained rabbis. They took the tests.  They have the certificates. Ezi never made it through rabbi school, nor did he ever enroll in rabbi school.  Ezi works for the Navarino Property Group.

Ezi’s profile on the Navarino web site says the following:  “Eliezer Greer is the Director of Operations at Navarino Capital. Eliezer, was the chief operating officer at Edgewood Elm Housing Inc., a non profit management company in New Haven, CT, for a decade. As the Chief Operating Officer he managed multiple crews and oversaw the historical renovation, gentrification, rental, and maintenance of 145 rental units, in Greater New Haven. He streamlined the companies operations eliminating waste and inconsistencies.  Eliezer has always been active in the community co-chairing the New Haven Community Policing Task Force as well founding the Edgewood Park Defense Patrol. Eliezer currently resides in Waterbury with his wife, Rena, and eight kids.  Eliezer is a graduate of Brown University.”

Ezi’s wife Rena is Avi Hack’s sister. Did Rena know about the depraved Goat and fail to warn other mothers who enrolled their children in the School of Sodom for the past thirty years?  It came out in the civil trial that Rena’s husband Ezi may have been raped by his Goat father.  The Goat attacked Rena during the litigation, accusing Rena of having had sex with her brother Avi.  Why would the Goat lash out at Rena?  There must be more to this story that only Rena knows.

Ezi Greer left town as soon as Mirlis filed his child rape case in Federal Court.  It was Passover of 2016 that Ezi took Rena and his eight kids and fled the School of Sodom and made their journey to the promised land of Waterbury.  Ezi left so fast he forgot to cancel Passover invitations he had extended to people in New Haven.  Ezi’s father in law, Harold Hack, on the other hand, refused to leave.  Harold stayed in the compound for another year before making his way to Waterbury.  Ezi Greer and Harold Hack spent no time communing with the Creator on their journey to Waterbury.  They spent no time asking the Jewish community for forgiveness for having protected a child rapist for the past 30 years.  Instead, they packed up their minivans with the Gracks (Greer father + Hack mother = Grack grandchildren) got on Route 69, of all highways, and made a b line to Waterbury, never looking back.

Ezi did come back to Mitzrayim one time, just before his father got arrested for child rape.  Ezi went to New Haven City Hall and attempted to curry favor with his old buddies in the New Haven political establishment, such as her Highness Mayor Toni Harp, who was appointing the new Chief of Police.  Her Harpness, along with disgraced former Police Chief Dean Esserman, spent many hours at Goat fundraising events to help raise money for the School of Sodom.  Front page news showed a picture of “policing activist” Ezi Greer shaking hands with the new police chief, while his Goat father was under investigation for operating an unlicensed and unregistered School of Sodom for the last 30 years.

Greer Jr. and Hack Sr. have set up shop in Waterbury.  Hack Sr. recently purchased a house in Waterbury.  Greer Jr. still owns his house in New Haven but rents a place in Waterbury.  His New Haven house remains vacant.  Who is paying the mortgage, taxes and insurance on this empty house?

Hack Sr. hosted a BBQ this past Sunday and invited a number of people from the compound in order to celebrate the purchase of his new home in Waterbury.  I was told by local confidential informants (CI’s as the Feds call them) that former Goat supporters Otis and lounge singer Gary Lynes, who in 1957 co-wrote the song “Love Me Forever” which hit 87 on the top 100 songs of 1957, were at the celebration. I heard that Gary wrote a little lullaby for the occasion. I assume Quick Draw McGraw and Mr. Robot were also invited to the festival, and may have even attended this celebration. But I cannot confirm any information at this point.  I assume Avi Hack and his siblings were also at the party, along with the Grack grandchildren, who do not speak with the Goat, or his Ewe for that matter. Ewe will not replace the Goat.  Til death Ewe us part.

I wonder how rape victim Eli Mirlis, and the other victims, spent this past Sunday?  Mirlis was probably wondering how he would ever get paid on the $21 million verdict.  Eli is going to have to give one third of every dollar he recovers to personal injury attorney Ponvert and another one third to collection attorney Beatman.  The Goat hired an army of high priced lawyers in order to delay and hinder the collection activities of Mirlis’ attorneys.  The Goat is even trying to get the verdict overturned.  Attorney Ponvert, who represents Mirlis, just notified Judge Shea of a recent similar case decided by the Connecticut Supreme Court which upheld a $41 million verdict against a private boarding school.  Ponvert was the attorney who worked on this case, his name appears in the decision. In the Munn case the Supreme Court stated:   “The defendant invites us to examine the verdicts returned by other juries in other cases and to engage in an exercise of comparing which plaintiff’s injuries are worse.  We decline this invitation.  No one life is like any other and the damages for the destruction of one furnish no fixed standard for others.”

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