Greer Lashes Out at Hack & Greer Family Members

Greer Lashes Out at Hack & Greer Family Members


Just when you thought Daniel Greer could not sink any lower.  Court documents reveal that Greer is a lot sicker than anyone could have ever imagined.

Avi Hack’s attorney just filed a motion asking the Federal judge to stop Greer from asking Hack questions about the personal lives of Hack and Greer family members.

In the motion Avi Hack’s deposition testimony was summarized:  “Aviad Hack was a student at the Yeshiva for a number of years before Eli Mirlis.  Greer also sexually molested Hack many dozens of times while Hack was a minor under Greer’s care at the school.  After his graduation, Hack returned to the school and became its assistant principal, serving under Greer.  Greer’s sexual relationship with Hack continued for a number of years while Hack was the assistant principal.  During Hack’s tenure as the school’s assistant principal, he knew that Greer was sexually molesting Mirlis, but he failed to report the abuse or do anything else to stop it…”

Hack’s attorney argued in the motion, “Attorney Ward’s questions of Hack were nothing more than thinly veiled intimidation.  These questions sought the names and addresses of Avi Hack’s father, mother, two sisters and brother.  The effect of which was to let Hack know that his family members were going to be deposed…. Attorney Ward asked questions about conversations Hack had with Greer relative to Hack dating or marrying Greer’s daughter… ”

Why is Greer asking questions about the personal lives and whereabouts of Hack and Greer family members?  These family members, which include Greer’s own family members, have nothing to do with the child molestation case.  Avi Hack’s sister married one of Greer’s sons, making her his daughter in law.

According to Avi Hack’s attorney, Greer is asking for the addresses of Hack family members as a “thinly veiled intimidation” to “let Hack know that his family members were going to be deposed.”  Or to let Hack know that backyard bully Greer knows where Hack family members live.

There is nothing to fear from the degenerate named Greer.  I live a few blocks from Greer.  I am not afraid.  I sometimes spot his gremlins walking around the neighborhood heading to the Greer asylum.  Greer is not a made member of the Jewish mafia.  Greer is a spineless coward.  Greer only picks on helpless children.

Greer is asking Hack questions about Greer’s own daughter, whom Avi Hack apparently was interested in dating and / or marrying.  Has Greer lost his mind?  Is it any wonder that nobody from the Greer family has come to New Haven over Rosh Hashanah to visit Daniel Greer?

I wonder which daughter Greer tried to set up Avi with.  The daughters didn’t stay too long in New Haven anyway.  They all left as soon as they got their drivers licenses.

Greer spent the Jewish New Years holiday with his adopted family, which includes brain dead misfits Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Robot, Arnie Rogoff, Mark Roffman, Jerry Paly, Lou Goldberg, Yecheskiel Schlingingbaum, Glen, and random teenage boys from the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in Queens.  Greer pays the teenage boys.  For some strange reason the Yeshiva in Queens is still sending teenage boys to the Greer asylum.




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