Greer Looking to Recruit Jewish Family to Run Real Estate Empire

Greer Looking to Recruit Jewish Family to Run Real Estate Empire

(August 18, 2016)  Rabbi Greer has dug his heels into the compound, even as his own family abandoned him. He has a new family now.  A few odd characters who live in New Haven.  A few out of towner’s who come in just to get paid to attend religious services. The only family member supporting Greer is his wife, the Rebbetzin.  Similar to the Penn State coach Sandusky case.  One of Sandusky’s children came forward after Sandusky was busted for child rape and said he was also molested by Sandusky, his own father.  Sandusky’s wife of 47 years claimed not to know anything.  She supported him through the trial.  The Washington Post reported that in many of these cases, such as Sandusky, the wife may know what is going on but is in denial, for fear of causing turmoil in the family.  The Post described Sandusky as a psychopath, incapable of remorse or caring about the feelings of others.  Sandusky was in the bathroom with a young boy when his wife knocked on the door.  She announced her presence rather than barge in on him, almost as a warning that she knew what was going on.  But she didn’t do anything to stop what was going on, nor question her husband about it.  Most people are weak and unable to stand up to psychopaths like Sandusky or Greer, which is extremely distressing for victims who finally get the strength to come forward.   The victim feels enough shame as it is.  He now must endure additional shame and humiliation from those who support psychopaths like Greer.

Why anyone would support a psychopath like Greer makes no sense.  Join the Save the Whales Foundation.  Sign up to be a volunteer fireman. There are plenty of causes out there that could use your support.  Take a pass on Greer.  Do something constructive with your life.

It’s business as usual at the Nightmare on Elm Street.  But it doesn’t look like the Greer religious school is going to reopen anytime soon.  Reliable sources from deep inside the compound have shared information with Larry Noodles:  the one family who had their young boys in the school may not be coming back for the fall semester.  Greer’s own children abandoned the school many months ago, leaving a void in a school that used to be buzzing with the sounds of Greer grandchildren.  Yet most of the time these grandchildren were getting yelled at by their Zaidy.

The school just lost it’s dean, ie., the Rosh Yeshiva, who escaped the compound and moved to Pennsylvania.  The Rosh Yeshiva used to be the school cook, but Rabbi Greer gave him a promotion after everyone else abandoned the school. He didn’t want to stay any longer than he had to.  It takes time to move and set yourself up in a different state.

There have also been reported sightings of Rabbi Avi Hack, a victim of rapist Greer, packing up his bags and getting ready to move to Virginia.  He may have already moved at this point.  Larry Noodles is waiting for more information.  There is some kind of dispute between Greer’s lawyers and the lawyer for the Plaintiff in the Greer rape case going on pertaining to Avi Hack’s deposition.  It is not clear from the Court records what is going on, but Larry Noodles will get to the bottom of it.

Rabbi Greer is continuing to pay people to come to the compound every Sabbath to stay for the weekend.  There has been reportedly eight young men, yeshiva students, who have stayed for a two week period.  This must be costing Greer a lot of shekels.  Each weekday Greer pays $25 per person, multiplied by eight makes $200 a day for weekdays, and on the Sabbath Greer is paying $50 a day, multiplied by eight is $400.00.

It was also reported that Rabbi Greer is looking for a replacement for his son to run the Greer real estate empire in New Haven.  Greer is looking for someone to bring his family to New Haven  to run the Greer real estate empire, and support Greer.  A substitute family to replace Greer’s own family.

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