Greer Lures More Young Men into the Compound

Greer Lures More Young Men into the Compound

June 19, 2016

Rabbi Greer strikes again!  Most likely with the assistance of Rabbi Rafi Nemetsky, Rabbi Greer lured three unsuspecting young men from New York into the compound this past Friday afternoon.  Rabbi Greer’s yeshiva school closed down for summer vacation last weekend.  Yesterday would be the first Shabbos of summer vacation for Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Greer used to spend most of his weekends in the summer at his condo on the water in Newport, Rhode Island.  Newport RI, is a different world from the hood of New Haven where Rabbi Greer resides.  A restful retreat from the sound of gun shootings in the hood.

This past Shabbos Rabbi Greer did not go to Newport, RI.  Instead, Rabbi Greer spent Shabbos in the hood, making sure he had a minyan for his sinking synagogue.

Three weeks ago Rabbi Greer lured three unsuspecting Lakewood Boyz into the compound (see blog dated June 14).  The three Lakewood Boyz were tipped off as to Rabbi Greer just before they arrived in New Haven, and were on guard when Rabbi Greer tried to massage their shoulders.  The Lakewood boyz escaped from the compound and found refuge in a New Haven Chabad Jewish community on the “other side” of Whalley.

This Shabbos was different.  The three boyz from New York were not tipped off as to the firestorm engulfing Rabbi Greer.  An unnamed source has revealed to Larry Noodles that these three boys were totally clueless as to who Rabbi Greer was.  They must be living under a rock.  The unnamed source spoke briefly with the NY boyz and advised them to “google” Rabbi Greer.  The conversation was not very long.  Larry Noodles is not sure whether these boyz had time to google Rabbi Greer before sundown Friday afternoon.  Religious Jews are not allowed to use cell phones after sundown Friday night.

Larry Noodles was granted an exclusive interview with the unnamed source who ran into the three New York boyz.  The interview did not cost Larry Noodles one shekel. The unnamed source described the three New York Boyz as in their late teens, early twenties.  The unnamed source said the boyz looked younger than they actually were.  The unnamed source described the young men as typical “snags.”  In the Orthodox Jewish world the term “snag” is used to refer to “Misnagdim”, a sect of the Jewish world in which Rabbi Greer identifies. 

Larry Noodles has been unable to determine who these three young men were from New York, and whether Rabbi Greer attempted to molest them.  The investigation continues.

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