Greer Pal Zelinsky Gets Sued By Beneficiaries of Multi-Million Dollar Trust

Greer Pal Zelinsky Gets Sued By Beneficiaries of Multi-Million Dollar Trust





Prominent Yeshiva University Cordozo Law School professor, Yale Law graduate, & tax law expert who testified before the Congressional Judiciary Committee, and husband to Doris Zelinsky, the brainchild of the infamous “Spite Fence”, was sued in 2013 by beneficiaries of a multimillion dollar trust.  The civil complaint alleges that Zelinsky grossly mismanaged a multi million dollar trust.  In a 25 count complaint the plaintiffs basically claim that Zelinsky breached his fiducary duty, engaged in self dealing, comingling, false representations, and civil theft, from the trust he was entrusted to manage.

The case against Zelinsky is currently pending before the Superior Court in Waterbury and is scheduled for trial on the date of June 5, 2018.  Rabbi Greer’s child rape trial is scheduled for April Fools day of 2017.  Allegations made in either case could be the basis of a criminal compliant, but at this point there are no warrants out for the arrest of Greer or Zelinsky.  Zelinsky’s case could be difficult to prosecute as it involves complicated financial transactions that a jury may find difficult to understand.  Prosecutors would have to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a higher standard than that used in civil cases.   A criminal case against Greer would not be difficult to prove.  The State would just have to present the testimony of rape victims Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis, and Greer would be convicted in a New York minute.

It was previously reported that Rabbi Greer’s close pal Attorney William Gallagher was a crook, having died on Xmas Day 2013, leaving a million dollar hole in his client’s trust accounts. But Gallagher cannot be held accountable for his crimes, as he is currently residing six feet under ground and is not breathing.  Zelinsky was sued in a case involving William Gallagher in 2011, in the case of J. Truitt Bell v. Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories, et al, CV11-6024648-S.  Gallagher represented one of the witnesses in that case.   Greer was probably attempting to rape one of his students at the time.

In Greer’s child rape case, Greer tried to get his insurance companies to defend him and pay for any monetary judgment rendered  by a jury against him.  Greer’s insurance complanies declined coverage on the basis that insurance policies do not cover for intentional acts of rape, they only cover for negligent acts.  Greer could not argue to his insurance company that he accidentially raped young boys.  Greer was forced to hire Attorney William Ward, who works out of his basement in Litchfield.  Greer could not get a high paid insurance company lawyer to defend him.

Zelinsky should have had a malpractice insurance policy to cover him for this lawsuit.  But Zelinsky is being represented by Attorney Stuart Margolis.  Margolis is not known to represent insurance companies.  If Zelinsky loses this case at trial, and he doesn’t have insurance, then he would be exposed personally to dunning letters, collections, wage executions, property foreclosures, etc…  The plaintiffs could even try to repossess his wife’s spite fence, although I doubt the spite fence has any value. Zelinsky’s insurance company may have declined coverage becuase of the nature of the allegations.  Insurance policies only cover for negligent acts, not intentional acts.  If the plaintiffs make claims of intentional fraud, then the insurance company could have a basis to deny coverage.  Or the insurance company is paying Margolis, Zelinsky’s lawyer of choice, which doesn’t happen often.

Margolis is the same attorney Greer uses to evict impoverished and elderly Jews from the compound.  In one of the lawsuits a defendant wrote in her court paperwork that Margolis told her that if it was up to him he would try to work something out but he was ordered by Greer to throw her out on the street.  He was just following orders.  At one point Attorney Margolis sent Larry Noodles a threatening letter on behalf of Greer demanding that Larry Noodles cease from defaming Greer.  Larry Noodles filed said letter in his circular file and never heard from Margolis again.   The next threatening letter Larry Noodles got was from Attorney William Ward, who operates out of his family farm in Litchfield.

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