Greer Partner Doris Zelinsky Constructs “Spite Fence”

Greer Partner Doris Zelinsky Constructs “Spite Fence”

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(August 25, 2016)  For many years Greer has surrounded himself with unsavory business partners.  A few months ago Larry Noodles blogged about Greer’s recently deceased business partner attorney William Gallagher.  William Gallagher stole millions of dollars from his clients.  His crimes were revealed after his death when his client files were turned over to a trustee.  His office was located around the block from Greer and was recently foreclosed with his office furnishings strewn across the sidewalk.

A few days ago Larry Noodles blogged about Greer business partner Doris Zelinsky, who got sued with Greer over real estate dealings.  A judgment lien was filed on one of their properties.  It took Greer and Zelinsky ten years to pay off the judgment lien. Larry Noodles reported that Doris is married to a prominent Yale law school grad, law professor and tax expert Edward Zelinsky.  Zelinsky has testified before the Congressional Judiciary Committee on legislative matters. Yet the prominent Ed Zelinsky is on the Board of Directors with child rapist Greer on the non-profits that were sued by child rape victim Mirlis.  Professor Zelinsky accepted service of the lawsuit paperwork on behalf of Greer’s non-profits.

So far the very public figures named Doris and Edward Zelinsky have made no comment to the press about Greer.  Ed Zelinsky is a law professor at Cordozo Law School, part of the prestigious Yeshiva University located in Manhattan, an Orthodox Jewish university where Greer’s wife is also a teacher.  You would think that a prominent law professor of the most prestigious Orthodox Jewish university in the United States would have something to say about child rapist “Rabbi” Greer.  The silence is deafening.  There is a good reason the Zelinskys have  invoked their right to remain silent.  The Zelinskys have been involved in a number of nasty lawsuits over the years.  The Larry Noodles legal team is currently reviewing the Zelinsky State and Federal court files, and will provide a detailed analysis in the coming weeks, unless Zelinsky, Greer or Hillary Clinton shoot Larry Noodles first.

The story of the Zelinsky “Spite Fence”:    Doris Zelinsky owned waterfront property in scenic Cape Cod in Well Fleet.  The small plot of raw land was located next to very expensive houses.  The picture you see with graffiti scrawled all over the fence is not  a photo Larry Noodles snapped in the hood next to a crack house on Whalley Avenue in New Haven.  What you see is a picture of the lot Zelinsky owned in bucolic Cape Cod.  Artistic credit for the graffiti should be given to Doris Zelinsky or one of her cronies.   She got in a feud with the neighbors because the town zoning board that wouldn’t grant her a variance to build on her little lot.  Zelinsky retaliated and created an eyesore in the neighborhood of million dollar waterfront homes.   Her fence was purposefully built to block a nature walking trail.  The locals called the fence the “Zelinsky Spite Fence.”  Zelinsky makes Greer look like a decent guy.  Greer would never do such a thing to one of his properties.   Greer takes pride in his eight foot drab green and olive colored fences. You really have to be a lowlife if your behavior makes Greer look good.

The Well Fleet townsfolk ended up raising money to buy the lot from Zelinsky.  A town conservation trust was formed and recently paid  $420K in December 2015 to buy this plot of land in order to rid themselves of this madwoman.  Zelinsky made a handsome profit when she sold her lot to the town conservation trust.  She only paid $120K for the lot.  The little town had to ask the State of Massachusetts to contribute to the fund to buy out Zelinsky.

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