Greer Partner Doris Zelinsky Rats Out Her Neighbor

Greer Partner Doris Zelinsky Rats Out Her Neighbor




(August 26, 2016)  Greer business partner Doris Zelinsky purposefully maintained a blighted plot of waterfront property in order to spite her neighbors in Cape Cod.  The source of her Greer anger and Greer style tactics was an unfavorable ruling from the local zoning board who wouldn’t permit her to build on her little lot.  Its not clear whether it was Doris Zelinsky who personally sprayed red paint on the “Zelinsky Spite Fence.”  Larry Noodles is currently conducting a handwriting analysis of the lettering on the fence in order to determine the identity of the graffiti artist.  The current suspects are Doris Zelinsky and her husband, Yale law grad and Law Professor Edward Zelinsky.  Greer went to Yale Law School and Princeton undergrad.  Doris went to Yale undergrad and Princeton grad school.

The Greer and Zelinsky  parents could best be described as tiger moms, a phrase created by  Yale Law Professor Amy Chua who is married to Jewish Yale Law Professor Jed Rubenfeld.  She authored the controversial book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and the controversial Wall Street Journal article, “Why  Chinese Mothers are Superior.”  Greer and Zelinsky are proud parents of many Ivy League children.  Chua’s older daughter, Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld defended her mother’s abusive parenting methods and told the New York Post that she and her sister were not oppressed by an “evil mother”. She said, “If I died tomorrow, I would die feeling I’ve lived my whole life at 110 percent. And for that, Tiger Mom, thank you.”

Greer and Zelinsky are cut from the same cloth as Chua.  Yale tends to breed egomaniacs.  But most  Ivy League egomaniacs are peaceful and keep to themselves, and don’t rape children or create blighted properties.

If you have ever spent some time in prison, you quickly realize that nobody likes a “rat.”  A rat is someone who rats you out to the cops. Larry Noodles got ratted out by many people before he got indicted.  The cops today rely heavily on rates in order to make their case.  Some say this country has become a “snitch society” to the point where it is hard to trust a snitch, after all the only reason the person is snitching is in order to curry favor with law enforcement or collect money as a whistle blower.

In the case of  Doris Zelinsky v. Building Inspector of Wellfleet, 66 Mass.App.Ct. 1111, No. 05-P-894, the Court of Appeals of Massachusetts rejected the appeal filed by Doris Zelinsky. Zelinsky filed a lawsuit against the building inspector of the little town where she owned a plot of land.  The building inspector had denied Zelinsky’s request to build, which was upheld by the Zoning agency and the courts.  Zelinsky’s neighbor started to build on his lot.  Zelinsky tried to stop her neighbor from building by filing a lawsuit in which she accused the building inspector of acting improperly in allowing him to build but not allowing her to build.  In other words she tried to rat out her neighbor.  The neighbor had a building permit issued ten years prior, long before the Zelinsky tiger came to town.  The courts ruled that Zelinsky’s lawsuit was filed long past the statute of limitations, she should have objected to the neighbor’s building permit at the time it was issued.  Plus Zelinsky didn’t file the proper administrative appeals to exhaust her administrative remedies before going to court.  In other words, Zelinsky filed a totally frivolous case against the building officer.   Not much different from her partner Greer who filed a totally frivolous defamation case against Larry Noodles.  These lawsuits could best be described as “Spite Lawsuits.”

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