Greer Pleads The Fifth

Greer Pleads The Fifth


Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal was a big time Jewish mobster who ran the casinos in Las Vegas.  He was played by Robert DiNiro in the movie “Casino” as Ace Rothstein.  When Congress conducted hearings investigating organized crime in the gaming industry Lefty asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination 37 times.  Lefty refused to even answer the question of whether he was left handed.

Greer is no mobster.  But Greer is left handed.  Greer held his left fist to my head and threatened to punch me if I didn’t vacate the Yeshiva of New Haven.  He then kicked me down the stairs.

Daniel “Lefty” Greer, much like Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, also pleaded the Fifth Amendment when he was asked questions about whether he raped and sodomized teenage boys.  Court paperwork was filed today in which Greer asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.  Greer has refused to answer questions about whether he had sexual relations with teenage boys.

When someone pleads the Fifth Amendment you know he is guilty.  Cicero once said, “Though silence is not necessarily an admission, it is not a denial, either.”   A civil court is entitled to draw an adverse inference against a party who “pleads the Fifth.”  Justice Brandeis once said: “Silence is often evidence of the most persuasive character.” Every lawyer knows that “pleading the Fifth in a civil case is never helpful, is rarely harmless, and is typically very damaging — indeed, it’s often fatal to the party’s claims or defense.”


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