Greer Released In Order To Get COVID Vaccine

Greer Released In Order To Get COVID Vaccine

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Convicted child rapist Daniel Greer was tried and convicted just before Rosh Hashana of 2019. Mr. Greer wore an ankle bracelet to his 2019 Yom Kippur services, where he had recruited, and paid young men from the Rabbi Notis yeshiva in Lancaster, PA, to travel to New Haven, stay in Greer’s three family properties, and make his minyan at the Yeshiva of New Haven. In the summer of 2019 Greer’s attorney Willie the Dow tried to get Greers trial date rescheduled until the Spring of 2020, but was unsuccessful. Had the trial date got extended to the Spring of 2020 the trial would have never happened because COVID19 broke out in the Spring of 2020, and courts started to close down. Judge Alander and the State’s Attorney pushed to have Mr. Greer’s trial finish just before the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur of 2019.

After the Jewish holidays in 2019 Mr. Greer was sentenced to 12 years in jail, and was incarcerated. After the COVID outbreak in the Spring of 2020, Mr. Greer filed a number of motions in 2020 asking that he be released due to his risk of contracting COVID19 in jail. In 2019 and 2020 Greer was incarcerated, released, re-incarcerated, and then released again. Mr. Greer is currently released and on house arrest.

On January 25, 2021 Judge Alander ordered Greer out of his jail cell in Cheshire in order to get vaccinated and “for immunization to take effect.” (see copy of order in the attachment below). Greer is due to be back in court before Judge Alander on March 16th, just before Passover. Mr. Greer will get to spend Purim at his abode at 133 West Park Avenue. Be sure to drop by and give Mr. Greer and his lovely wife a Purim basket. You may run into Mr. Greer’s son Ezi Greer, who submitted a letter last summer begging Judge Alander to release his father because of COVID19. Ezi wrote: “I am Daniel Greer’s youngest son and the father of 9 of his grandchildren.” Ezi didn’t refer to his father as “Rabbi.” Ezi continued: “I am terrified that if again he is incarcerated and he contracts COVID19 he may not well survive… Reincarceration for my father is a death sentence… I pray that the court will allow him to remain on house arrest… Thank you for the opportunity to share my feelings about my father…” Sincerely and respectfully, Eliezer Greer. See copies of his signed letter in the attachment below. Ezi Greer drove his father to court, accompanied by his mother, when Mr. Greer had been ordered to turn himself in to the marshals for incarceration.

Ezi Greer was mentioned in the civil trial as having been raped by his own father. If Ezi was raped I’m sure all the other kids were also raped. Why would Ezi submit a letter to the Court asking for mercy for his father? Ezi is married to Harold Hack’s daughter. Harold Hack is the father of Avi Hack, who testified in the civil trial, via videotape, that he was raped as a child by Mr. Greer for many years. Avi refused to show up at either the civil trial or the criminal trial, dodging subpoena after subpoena. Harold Hack was Greer’s right hand man, spokesman, and sycophant for more than 30 years. Greer got Harold a job with the City of New Haven. Harold retired years ago and will be collecting a full pension, from a bankrupt City of New Haven pension fund, until the day he dies. Harold was the last to leave the compound, he hung on to his mentor, and benefactor Greer, until he sold his house and moved to Waterbury. Harold collects a City of pension and a salary from Jackson Hewitt, where he is employed as a tax preparer during tax season. Harold also does rabbi gigs. Harold was ordained as a rabbi a couple of years ago.

In the Greer compound, run by cult leader Daniel Greer, Ezi Greer’s children were referred to at the as half Greer – half Hack, or “Gracks.” These nine Gracks should form their own township with their own zip code. Most of the Gracks have never even met Grandpa Greer, or are too young to remember him, although exposure to Mr. Greer is traumatic at any age. Ezi and his brother Dov skipped town back when the civil child molestation lawsuit was filed in 2016. Ezi moved to Waterbury and Dov moved to Long Island. None of the other Greer children have ventured back to New Haven to support their pedophile father.

Nobody else from the compound submitted a letter to Judge Alander in support of Greer getting out of jail because of COVID19. Not even 92 year old Rabbi Emeritus Albert Feldman, who submitted a lengthy character letter of support for Mr. Greer at Greer’s sentencing on Westville Synagogue letterhead that he was unauthorized to use. Whatever happened to that guy? I heard that Feldman is persona non gratis at the Westville shul, where he was hired as the Rabbi in 1955. Westville should take Feldman’s name off their website and scratch his name off of any plaques at their synagogue. It will bring mazel to the shul.

The court documents I attached above open a window into the life of inmate Greer, no. 433222, who has been locked up in protective custody in North Block 4 of the Cheshire State prison. Correctional officer Green stated in his affidavit that inmate Greer was released from his cell at 7:30 AM, for “20 minutes to do his morning prayer.” 20 minutes to pray! Back in the day at the Yeshiva of New Haven “Rabbi” Greer’s morning service went on for 45 minutes, after which he spent at least a half an hour with one of his male grandchildren on his lap learning mishna. Is Mr. Greer slacking off on his davening and learning? Mr. Greer’s exposure to the Gentile inmates must be a bad influence on his Yiddishkeit. Mr. Green also stated in his affidavit: “Greer talks to a few different inmates while he is out of his cell.” Has Mr. Greer made friends in the Big House? Is Mr. Greer trying to organize a minyan, a kosher food strike, a break out, a revolt? Mr. Greer should be sent to the green room to think about his behavior.

Mr. Greer submitted his own affidavit in support of his motion to stay out of jail, which is also in the attachment. Mr. Greer stated in his affidavit: “The unit where I currently live is NB-4… I have tried everything I can to protect myself from COVID19. I generally leave my cell to make phone calls. The biggest challenge out of my control is the ventilation system here. I am not a building engineer, but odors travel from cell to cell, and fresh air does not seem to circulate. I am afraid that simply staying in one’s cell will not protect me from COVID19 if it is circulating in the facility. I also interact on a daily basis with various correctional officers – for instance, during mealtimes and any time I leave my cell. The correctional officers and inmates generally wear masks, but not always properly, and sometimes not at all (like when eating). I am terrified of contracting the COVID19 virus, because of my age and the other medical conditions and problems that I know the Court is aware of. When granted release by the Court before I did my absolute best to obey and honor the Court’s restrictions and orders, and if released again, I will do the same. I remain committed to pursuing my appeal.”

Mr. Greer lost his appeal in his civil case in which a jury found him liable to his victim for $15 million. With interest the judgment has risen to $20 million. Greer’s victim has collected a very small amount of money from Greer. The victim obtained a few parcels of land and a couple of hundred thousand dollars, but most of the money probably went to the victim’s attorneys, who have been working around the clock trying to collect on the judgment. Mr. Greer hired top lawyers to object to everything filed by the victim in court. The victim has sued Greer’s non profit entities, under a reverse pierce the corporate veil theory, which is still pending in Federal Court. Recently the lawyers filed paperwork indicating that they were attempting to mediate the case. Mediation is a waste of time with Mr. Greer, who is completely unreasonable. Greer could have settled the victim’s lawsuit prior to it being publicly filed, but refused to offer any money, which led to the $20 million verdict, which then led to his arrest, conviction and incarceration. If Greer offered a decent settlement he wouldn’t be on house arrest right now. Greer has no incentive to offer anything to settle at this point, he is going to prison regardless. Greer’s appeal of the guilty verdict in his criminal case is still pending.

Greer’s compound has been quiet over the winter. There has been no sign of Mr. Greer, other than one sighting of Greer driving in his car. A local told me that she saw Mr. Greer driving around in his car. Greer is permitted to leave his house for appointments with his doctors and lawyers. Greer is also permitted to leave to attend religious services, but no synagogue has extended an invitation to Mr. Greer, at least none that I am aware of.

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3 thoughts on “Greer Released In Order To Get COVID Vaccine

  1. This evasion of payment prescribed by civil judgement is sickening. Unfortunately not new, but disturbing nonetheless. I believe OJ Simpson did not pay a cent. The only ones who pay are corporations. What kind of reform is needed to change this ?

    1. Corporations have insurance to pay lawsuits. Individuals can file bankruptcy, although even corporations have filed bankruptcy in big lawsuits, such as the case of Hulk Hogan v. Gawker, that resulted in a $140 million verdict. Greer’s case is unique, not the run of the mill case, if Greer was broke there would have been no lawsuit to begin with. OJ also filed bankruptcy.

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