Greer Running Kosher Food Scam

Greer Running Kosher Food Scam

In 1902 twenty thousand Jewish women rioted in the streets of the Lower East Side after butchers raised the price of kosher meat as part of a scam to monopolize the kosher meat market.  In 2016 Rabbi Greer is trying to pull a similar kosher food scam in New Haven with an expired kosher certification that is hanging up at the Stop & Shop bakery on Whalley Avenue.  Larry Noodles hopes that the Jewish women of New Haven will start a riot at the Greer compound over this kosher scam Rabbi Greer is trying to get away with.

Rabbi Greer and his gang used to provide kosher supervision and certification at the Stop and Shop Supermarket located in the hood on Whalley Avenue.  Rabbi Greer never used to shop to the Stop & Shop on Whalley Avenue.  Greer never liked the inner city element. Greer used to feel more comfortable shopping at the nice Stop & Shop located on the border of suburban Woodbridge.  Greer knew more shoppers at the Stop & Shop in Woodbridge.  But since the rape case broke Rabbi Greer has been shopping in the hood on Whalley Avenue.  Greer must be embarrassed to be seen in Woodbridge.

Ever since the Mirlis rape lawsuit Rabbi Greer’s gang has disbanded and no longer provides any kind of kosher certification at the Stop and Shop in the hood, or anywhere else for that matter.  Yet Stop & Shop still displays a big sign in the bakery indicating that the Greer gang is providing kosher certification.  Stop & Shop also places Greer’s kosher stickers on food that is baked in the Stop & Shop ovens.  These same ovens may also be used to cook non-kosher products such as shrimp and lobster.  As reported a few weeks ago in this blog, Larry Noodles ran into Rabbi Greer at this very Stop & Shop, and Rabbi Greer did nothing to remove the sign or instruct Stop & Shop to stop putting Rabbi Greer’s stickers on the baked food.

The Greer kosher sign prominently displays the name of Rabbi Daniel Greer as the “Nosi,” which in Yiddish means “President” or “Leader”  or “His Royal Highness.”  This sign clearly has a typo, and should list Rabbi Daniel Greer not as the “Nosi” but as the “Nar” which in Yiddish means the “Fool.”  The sign also lists a Rabbi Greer son as “President”. This is the same son who swims in the cesspool occupied by local politicians, shamelessly ingratiating himself to Mayor Harp every chance he gets.   He is a chip off the old block.  Another Greer offspring is listed as “Rabbinic Coordinator.” The Rabbinic Coordinator skipped town and was reported to be living in New Jersey with his in-laws. Rabbi Avi Hack, the man who is a rape victim of Rabbi Queer is listed as “Vice President.”  Rabbi Hack also skipped town and was reportedly living with his in-laws in Rhode Island, but Hack is packed and ready to move to Virginia.   And finally there is a man by the name of Rabbi Yechezkel Auerbach, who is listed as “rabbinic consultant.”  How many rabbis does it take to check whether a poppy seed bagel at Stop & Shop is kosher?  Does Rabbi Auerbach know that his name is being dragged into the mud by being associated with Rabbi Queer?  Rabbi Auerbach doesn’t even live in New Haven.  He lives in Lakewood, NJ.  Larry Noodles asked around and nobody in New Haven has ever heard of Rabbi Auerbach.

Larry Noodles has consulted with New Haven’s Rabbi Noodles, who has issued the following rabbinical proclamation:  “The food being sold under the Greer kosher symbol is not kosher and should be avoided, along with child rapist Daniel Greer, who should also be avoided at all costs.  For all those who still patronize and lend support to the Greer compound, you are reprobates and sinners, and will eventually be exposed by Larry Noodles. You know who you are.  You are hereby placed on notice.  You will be outed, just as Rock Hudson and Roy Cohn were exposed.  This is not a threat.  This is a warning.  It is not too late to change your ways.  Repent now!  Run from the compound before it is too late.  Don’t become another victim of the Larry Noodles’ blog.”   (This has been a rabbinical public service announcement and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Larry Noodles)

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