Greer Runs School for Wayward Boys and Reprobates

Greer Runs School for Wayward Boys and Reprobates

When I first disclosed to the world that Daniel Greer was a depraved child molester, he gave a sermon to his followers in which he blasted me and called me a “reprobate.”  The word reprobate has its roots in Calvin Christian theology and refers to a sinner who is predestined to damnation.  None of the goat’s followers understood what the goat was talking about, except for one congregant who told me about the sermon.

This congregant has long abandoned the goat, along with most of the locals from New Haven.  Another man and his family just left the goat yesterday.  I ran into him at a local synagogue.  He had enough of the goat’s shenanagans.

The only New Haven people left at the goat’s house of horrors are the following:  Actor Bruce Altman and his wife Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw, Glen, Jerry Paley and his wife, and gun toting Gary Lynes.  I ran into Mr. Lynes and asked him why he still patronized a child molester.  He didn’t want to talk about it.  I guess child molestation is a taboo subject.  Probably the reason so many depraved goats get away with it for so long.  I am unclear about local printer Lou Goldberg.  Most of my sources have dried up at the compound, as nobody is left.  I try to verify all information on this web site.  I believe in unfair and unbalanced reporting.

Jerry still follows the goat because the goat set him up with his second wife, who used to be married to the rabbi in the Newport RI synagogue where the goat is a long time member.

Sources have told me that Gary still follows the goat because the goat got him off on some kind of gun charge, but I cannot verify this. I know that Gary was outspoken in his support of the goat when the goat organized his Edgewood Park Defense Patrol back in 2007, as reported by the New Haven Register.  Gary was always known as packing heat in the compound.  I never saw his gun.  The goat never tried to molest Gary. The goat was probably afraid of Gary’s gun.  The Rebbe who runs the Lakewood Yeshiva in the compound should issue guns to each student, in order to protect themselves against the goat.

I have heard that these wayward boys, who were kicked out of yeshivas in Lakewood, have been straying from the compound.  They have been causing havoc in the local Jewish community.  These boys were caught at 2 am using the local mikveh ritual bath as their own private hot tub.  They were caught trying to steal alcohol from a local synagogue.  So far there have been no arrests.  The local Jewish community has been cutting them a break.

These boys have been spotted with marijuana and smoking cigarettes.  They sound like typical public high school boys.  I can’t believe that the goat would allow such behavior to go on inside the compound.  This is the same depraved goat who still rails against the moral decay of secular society.

I heard that the goat and his wife have been spotted walking together to the compound on the Sabbath.  The happy couple.  It will be interesting to see what the wife of the goat, Sarah Greer, has to say about the goat at her deposition, which is scheduled in January in Federal Court in Hartford.  She will probably take the Fifth Amendment, just like the goat.




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    1. Ok, ok, but please watch the language, I am trying to create a family friendly website, for the whole family to read and enjoy…

  1. Have the parents and New Haven’s Board of Education been notified about the behavior of these students at Greer’s Yeshiva? They are under the guardianship of the Greers. Are they not????? They are under age for drinking. I have also heard they were trying to steal alcohol from a local synagogue. What needs to be done here? To the Jewish community, we all need to become the ” light” now, particularly during this time of Chanukah. I am not afraid.

  2. LN
    Please stop writing crazy posts about prison etc.
    Instead continue you do what you can to protect children—- thats the only priority

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